Create Your First Amazon Affiliate Link

Create Your First Amazon Affiliate Link
The most easy way to do this is to add the “Site Stripe” to your Amazon. What this does, is add kind of toolbar to
the top of the Amazon store. And when you find any product you want to
promote, you can click on the toolbar/stripe and instantly create a link to that product. 1. Click on the “Links and Banners” tab on top
of the Amazon Associates account 2. Scroll/look at the end of the page where you
see “Site Stripe” and Click on the picture or “learn more”
3. Turn on the stripe
4. Stripe will be on the top of the window when
you enter Amazon store Now go to the Amazon store and find your favorite
book, movie, song, or whatever you want. Found a product? Great. * Take a look at the top of the screen, there
is the “Site Stripe” we just activated. * On the top left, you see “link to this page”
option – click on it. * You get taken to a “Customize and Get HTML”
screen: 1. Choose a link type (Text, Image or Text&Image)
2. Highlight and copy the code that is automatically
generated. 3. Place that link to your post (HTML side, not
the Visual WYSIWYG editor) 4. Now you have a referral link on your post! 5. Publish or update your post. For your Free Guide & more Social Media Traffic
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