Creating a Facebook Group for Affiliate Marketing: Run Your Own Facebook Group For Bigger Influence

in this video I want to show you how to
make a Facebook group and why you should make a Facebook group so if you’re
running any affiliate marketing offer or this affiliate business in a box
duplicatable system it would be smart to be building your personal brand and
getting people to connect with you on social media and getting them into a
Facebook group because it’s great that they’re on your email list but it’s even
better if they’re also connected with you on social media so to make a new
group we’ll just go through that really quick just beyond the homepage of Facebook
click groups and create a group you have to have one person in your group for it
to work but I’m just gonna call it tests and I’m gonna add my assistants in it
and have it be a Close Grip not everyone can join but people can see it pin it to
your shortcuts create you don’t want to be adding a bunch of people to your
group let people add themselves like a little icon and then upload a photo so
this one I just made in canva just black background with some photos
of me and the top online marketers and then I am promoting something this I
shouldn’t even promote anymore like I don’t want people to go to that link I
want them to go to my affiliate business in a box link so I’m gonna switch that
out great idea and then add a description and add tags so in my
description this is a support group for people getting into affiliate marketing
and building their multiple streams of income then I go on motivational rant
about their no babies allowed you don’t have to be like that I want you to be
yourself you need to be yourself and that’s what’s gonna attract people but
you know some people are attracted to my tough love and if they’re repelled by it
then that’s good too so just be yourself let them know that there’s no spamming
you though can promote offers who’s your group so start giving them some offers
put your free duplicatable system link right here if you have anything else
that’s available with that link in there but you don’t need to you can just have
your duplicatable system and then okay let’s see
I have my virtual assistants do this but you don’t need that in the beginning but
I have questions that people have to answer you know they don’t answer the
questions they’re not gonna get approved and they have to be in under 250 groups
I’m just going to leave this in here for my VA s to approve or later a decline
and then to add the questions click more click manage group and it is not there
more edit group settings some tags that would be a better I don’t know
tags if they get your great SEO I heard it’s better not to link a page or other
groups you get better group SEO because you’ll get cold leads two people might
join your group that are not on your list yet so we want people to be
everywhere and then you can make a short URL for your group and only admins can
in moderators can approve people and then the questions ask questions I’m
letting them know you must enter the questions what are you looking to get
out of the group are you interested in coming on the live calls do you promise
not to spam and then they answer that oh okay what’s a post in the group let’s go
to the discussion I post everything I post my progress I ask people what
they’re working on I say congratulations to people what are you guys working on
here’s everything I’m working on and very transparent it’s not just a group
for me to coach people it’s a mastermind group I take screenshots of things I’m
working on because if I am posting things it will encourage other people to
post if I am NOT seeing anything no one else is going to
pose look at this I missed some things got a reply to people at nope this was
all copy and paste from the pre-written clickfunnels affiliates swipe copy yep
but releasing David training right now you will do we have access to this I
will show you exactly where to get it in a vid I just made will upload in the 15
because I did just record that video I’m gonna upload it to youtube and then post
the YouTube video I also live stream straight into the group screenshots this
was saying congratulations to everyone taking action so it is mostly me posting
so that’s what your groups gonna be like but people are gonna see the likes see
the comments and you could do event too you can do mastermind calls or scheduled
live streams so I do one once a week these are all the zoom calls that I’ve
done and I put like a car a quilt car as the photo every time so i really suggest
you guys start a group you can call it affiliate marketing for entrepreneurs
with and then put your name i would put your name in the group put your picture
and perhaps in the banner this is going to grow your personal brand grow your
know like and trust factor grow your influence so you have higher conversions
and help more people okay I’ll talk to you guys soon

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