Credit Score Factors🙋‍♂️

Hi friends, today we’ll talk about what
makes up a credit score. As we all know in buying a home, it is crucial that you
have a good credit score. Typically the higher the credit score, the lower the
interest. Before anything else this is a disclaimer that I’m not a licensed loan
officer nor a credit repair financial analyst, I speak based on my experience
from having a 600 credit score, jumping all the way to a perfect 850. It is not
overnight, maintaining a good credit score is achieved by discipline and a
change in lifestyle. Mind you, I changed my lifestyle. There are also credit repair companies that you can reach out since not all
situations are the same. Credit repair companies can assist you with common
errors like late payments, judgments and collections. Some folks may have
difficult issues that it’s neither your fault nor maybe erroneous,
so whatever the case may be if you cannot do this on your own or need help
in this area I’m partnered with reputable companies who can assist if
needed. So feel free to reach out to me you’re never alone. We’re here to help
this is Jennifer Yoingco of Texas home group Realtors you are my priority for
anything real estate. So now let’s check out the five main factors that make up a
credit score.


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