Crowd Mountain Bootcamp Module 04 Step 03: Finding Affiliate Partners

>>Michelle MacPhearson: Criteria for selecting
an Affiliate Will they pay out to you (if they use Paypal,
you may not have that in your country), will they work with you, do they work outside of
the USA? 1. Does the program payout make it worth your
while to link to them? To take time and space to promote a product, the payout to you must
be worth that effort. Mind you, products that pay out well may not
convert as well, so that has to be considered. If it’s a low payout, but there’s a market
buzz, you may make up for this in volume. 2. Is there an incredible relevance match
from your affiliated product to your target audience? It must solve the problem that people
in your niche have. Take for example the juice cleanse site I could sell heaps of things about health
and alternative medicine because often people interested in cleanses are interested in that
other stuff. However it’s not going to work. It’s not going
to make the amount of money I want to. I need a laser targeted product for people
who are looking for information on juice cleanses. I can sell a physical product like a juice
cleanse package or I can sell information in the form of an eBook or hard copy book. Don’t vary from the target niche and target
problem and the answer that you’re going to provide. If you provide them with the particular specific
information they’re after they will buy much faster from you. In your Module 4 workbook, there is a worksheet
to use to make notes of possible affiliates for you as we go through this video. The Clickbank Marketplace You may already have a program in mind here
from when you did your initial market research. I’m searching for juice cleanse in Clickbank The first one up is Master Cleanse Secrets
I have information on this on my blog. Click on view pitch page so we can evaluate
the sales page. This is a traditional long sales letter. You need to scroll through to get the angle
of this page and see what people looking for juice cleanse will get when they come to this
page initially. • The book is updated to 2007 and that’s
a little outdated. • We’ve got some bonuses
• 2 options for purchase I’m not thrilled with the sales page, but
we can see back at Clickbank that the average sale is $17.58 (put that in your worksheet
notes). For concerns, I’m going to make a note that
the graphic for the eBook is outdated – I don’t like that. The gravity is a high number so at least it’s
doing well in the Clickbank marketplace. The second choice is a colon cleansing product. (After scanning the pitch page, I find that
this is not specific to juice cleansing, so I’m going to skip it.) Looking at another Master Cleanse site, although
it has very poor gravity, it’s a more interesting site. I like their copy more. It looks a little
more professional. More testimonials, but with such a low gravity, that’s pretty awful. The money per sale is comparable to the other
master cleanse site and I don’t know why the gravity would be so low. I’ll make a note of the details of this site
and it’s appearance and gravity The other interesting one is EZjuice. This product turns out to be just juice recipes.
Not close enough. Commission Junction is like a big affiliate
warehouse First you need to join up and once approved,
come to the home page and click on get links From there you want to search products for
your main keyword and click the find button. Related products will be show to you Let’s look at the Goji juice. Here’s the product information page. Click on product destination to see what your
visitor would see if they clicked through to this program from your site. Phone orders, live help… looks like a reputable
site. Expensive. If I had a category just about Goji juice,
this could be good, however I didn’t find that as a keyword when I did my research. I’m not that interested. The other product from Commission Junction
is Aloe Vera Juice. That’s just going to be based around Aloe
Vera, which again, I didn’t get keywords for, so I’m not interested in that. Because I have a keyword that has different
permutations I’m going to do another search on juice detox. This may be relevant to your keyword as well.
(Remember dog training and dog obedience I referred to in an earlier video?) But I don’t come up with an exact match for
juice detox either, so on this occasion, I don’t find what I want in Commission Junction. It’s very important to have an exact match
for your affiliate programs or you won’t make the sales. This is Pepperjam They do a lot of different sites and types
of programs as opposed to a straight affiliate program. They also have cost per action, where they
pay you for each person you send to their site. Click on the find partners link at the top
of the page. And I search for my keyword. Pepperjam doesn’t
have a great search feature, so I’m going to try just cleanse. It comes up with Dual Action Cleanse This pays $32. It’s a cost per action – anytime
someone goes to that site and completes a form there, you get $32 Looking at the actual site, we want to make
sure it’s relevant. This is pills for a cleanse, not juices, so
it doesn’t apply. Let’s also do a search by category. I’ll go to Health and Beauty Although this returned many more results,
none of them are totally relevant to my niche, but you may well find something for your niche
looking around Pepperjam. Amazon is the Granddaddy of affiliate marketing They have a product for just about any niche. Do a search for your main keyword and see
what comes back. Using categories is also a good search and
books are a huge area to look at. You can also find some interesting products
to sell people. This is a Master Cleanse Kit. Keep in mind that Amazon’s referrals are only
about 7%, but anyone you send to Amazon, if they buy anything there within 24 hours, you
get the commission on it, not just on the product you sent them to. This Master Cleanse Kit is incredibly relevant.
I’ll make a note of that on my affiliation worksheet. Now let’s look specifically at books and I’m
going to sort by bestselling to see what other people in this niche tend to buy. The first 2 books are right on target and
I’ll make a note of them on my worksheet. You should be able to find a book or two that
suit your niche very well. Keep browsing around Amazon till you have
a list of products that answer the question your visitors will have when they come to
your website. Do a Google search to find affiliates Do a search in Google of +”your main keyword”
+affiliates This search will help you find the “in house”
affiliate programs that aren’t part of the bigger networks. Just scroll through and check out the ones
you think could be interesting. What you’re looking for is affiliate links
at the top or bottom of the page. Below are the top sites I found for my niche. In this case of Juice Feasting, it’s similar
to but not close enough to my niche to get involved. The next site has a Detox your World book,
but the book is out of stock! So I don’t want to send customers there. This iZO site is one I really liked when I
found it in the research phase but couldn’t find an affiliate program I like it because it gets out of the information
realm and actually delivers a solid product to homes that costs $150. People can pursue their interest in a juice
cleanse with this product. Because I can’t find an affiliate link, I’ve
used their contact number and left a message. Sometimes you will get a response and sometimes
you won’t. It doesn’t hurt to make this contact. I’ll try the same search with +”juice detox”
+affiliates If you get results on Ezinearticles or hubpages,
you’ll often find a marketer who is linked to an affiliate program that you can join.
It’s a good idea to look at any social media sites you find. Checking out a result at hubpages, I find
a comment by Raw Chef Dan who I’ve seen before. So we’ll go check out his site that he mentions
in his comment. At his site I find his sales page, but the
product is free. Bummer! He’s probably selling something on the backend but we don’t know
what that or his affiliate program is. If you come across this sort of thing, put
in your name and email address and see what they try to sell you later and you can affiliate
with that. After I get his free product, I get a sales
page for another product and when I hover the mouse over the buy now button, I find
the site While the link redirects to Paypal, I can
take myself directly to where I find an affiliate program. I’m going to look for the product Chef Dan
is selling in here. I’m searching the Marketplace from the dropdown
menu I’ve found the product and scrolling down,
I see there is a Raw Chef Dan affiliate program with a 25% commission for the fast and juicy
cleanse. I’ve made a note of the program and the commission
on my worksheet. Here’s an Ezinearticles article linking to
a site. So we check out their site for an affiliate
program. This is an ebay affiliate program, judging
from the logo. If we wanted to we could affiliate with ebay ourselves and pick up the products
from there. I’ll now check Google for +”juice fast” +affiliates because that’s another interchangeable
word in my niche. When searching like this I generally don’t
go deeper than the second page (the top 20 sites returned by Google) Doing all this I
have found 8 potential affiliate sites for my program so far. I have given you a list of other affiliate
programs in your workbook for Module 4 for you to check for potential products that exactly
suit your niche. Now you can either move on if you have already
found products you believe will suit you, or you can detour via the workbook to check out some more possible affiliate partners.

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