Cruise Power Cube Review Trond Multi Plug Travel Outlet with USB

you’re on a cruise ship and in your
cabin you only have one power outlet as we’ve shown in one of our tip videos but
you’ve got a phone you’ve got a camera or three if you’re vacation impossible
you’ve got a tablet you’ve got a variety of things that you want to power and
this is just one person you generally have two people or more to a cabin and
only one electrical outlet how do you resolve this issue well the people at
Trond recently reached out to us here vacation
impossible with a solution and they were nice enough to send us a sample I’ll
mention at the top here this video is not sponsored but we did get this sample
for free so I’m just now going to open it which they sent us and this is the
cruise power cube which is supposed to be a solution to those cruise power
problems that we mentioned in our tip video where you only have one outlet
possibly two or more people and a variety of devices that you want to keep
charged on your cruise so just opening it up this is kind of an unboxing first
impressions they sent it in this protected bag which is pretty good got
the packing slip there and this is it here my first impression of it this is
the Trond prime nano travel power strip with USB that USB thing I’m very excited
to see that could become very important but one thing that I that I noticed
right away is it’s nice and small you know you think of power strips and
extension cords and things like that and they eat up a lot of space they take up
a lot of real estate in your luggage this looks very compact which I’m
excited about I’ve seen a variety of different things that do this different
people that travel with us have brought different things I already am very
impressed with how compact this is this and it doesn’t weigh very much at all
and it’s not going to take up a lot of space but I can even see from the
picture here that it has a variety of ports and USB which is super useful and
it says here on the side of the box no surge protection which is actually a
good thing because if you have a power strip power bar or something like this
that has surge protection it’s actually not allowed on the cruise ship those
those are not allowed and then of course the very next thing
that it mentions it’s cruise compliant which is fantastic and travel friendly
which it clearly is all right so it’s light and it’s compact I’m excited about that
so we’re just gonna open this guy up and take a look at the Trond Prime nano
travel power strip with USB just opening it up here
and one thing I really like about this packaging is it’s very efficient they’re
not wasting any space here so that speaks to you know being environmentally
conscious which is something I appreciate so this little thing here
says you are in good hands Trond and it’s their customer care
information all Tron products come with an 18-month product warranty and 30-day
money-back guarantee simply email us at cetera etc 100% satisfaction guarantee
sharing is a virtue so they would obviously like a product review I’m
doing a video product review right here right now and so there is a little
welcome guide and again it mentions how it’s cruise compliant I’m obviously not
on a cruise right now but I wanted to open it up and take a look right away
because I’m not going to be on a cruise again probably for a couple of months
and I’m definitely gonna take this and test it out on the cruise ship but I
wanted to give you guys an early look because it’s currently August and you
know holidays are coming up for the traveler in your family this might be a
fantastic Christmas present maybe something to put in the Christmas sock a
stocking stuffer if you will could be really good so yeah this is just some
basic information about the the plugs and what’s included but let’s dive right
in let’s take a look at this guy here cuz I’m excited to get to it and it is
very it’s a little tightly packed but again that’s a good thing because
they’re making efficient use of space which I appreciate probably keeps their
cost down it’s in this bag that actually has a nice kind of texture to it that’s
that’s actually kind of a different kind of bag that’s nice
so you know here it is and look at that that is not very large it is a
three-pronged plug in so if it’s only a two prong outlet that you’re thinking of
plugging this into that wouldn’t work it needs to be a 3-pronged with the
grounding line right there however on the cruise ship that’s always the case I
don’t think I’ve ever seen one that didn’t have the third plug so looking
here they’re making a very good use of space and again look at that that’s
that’s super light that won’t take up much space in your luggage it’s kind of
fun to juggle maybe you shouldn’t juggle it anyways so
looking at it here we’ve got one two three plugins with again all three so if
you’ve got something that needs that grounding wire in there as well
or just two that all works fine here’s the thing that I particularly like is on
the end of it they’ve got two USB ports right there because a lot of things
these days are just the USB port your device will come with for example on
this channel vacation impossible we use our GoPros quite frequently and for
charging our GoPros they come with just a simple USB cord they don’t have that
little box there that converts it to plug into the wall so for something like
that plugging it in here on the end of this that is super handy and we do have
two GoPros that we travel with so here’s that second cord and again just plugs in
nice and easy there’s decent enough spacing here where it’s really easy to
put it in and out and so accessibility accessing that it’s pretty nice and then
you’ve got the plugs all the way around so let’s say for example you’ve also
brought your tablet with you I’ve got my surface which I’m probably gonna be
upgrading soon so got that plug here plugs right in it’s a nice firm grip one
thing that I have noticed on some in some hotel rooms and other places is
sometimes you’ll have like a really loose connection and like I can’t really
simulate it here because this is a good grip but sometimes it will hang slightly
off of what you’ve plugged it into and then possibly even fall out in the
middle of the night and then you wake up leave you’re getting ready to leave your
hotel room and like your cell phone’s not charged when you thought it was that
happened to me recently on a road trip but that is a nice snug fit that’s gonna
stay in there and also with the USB like and keeping in mind that the intention
behind this is for a cruise ship although honestly this would work in a
hotel or all sorts of different places but that this is on a cruise ship the
cruise ship will move a little bit you can get that sort of shaking turbulence
sort of thing everything’s really snug in there but you don’t have to fight to
get it in so I’m really liking that but let’s continue to max this thing out
okay so we’ve got that let’s say you I’ve also got my cellphone so I’m gonna
plug in my cellphone charger as well goes in nice and firm but nice and
smooth again pretty stable there and we’ve got one more port left so let’s
say that we brought our DSLR camera and we’re going to need to charge that
battery after taking a bunch of video and pictures one more thing to plug in
and then it’s in nice and easy so I mean once you’ve plugged in a whole bunch of
stuff it’s not great to look at but look here where it plugs into the wall you
see how that’s nice and clean so you’ll be able to fit that in a lot of places
and adjust like maybe you’ve got the plug going in here you got a table right
underneath it no problem switch that around and you can rest that on a table
and as you can see that’ll plug nicely into the wall so I’m pretty enthusiastic
about this so far I like the weight I like the size I like the shape the design
it’s beautifully designed but of course the proof is in the pudding so I’m gonna
plug this thing in and see how it handles the various devices I’ll plug
them all back in one at a time and we can really test this thing out in depth
you know here at home and then what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take this on my
next cruise and honestly if this works as advertised I’ll be taking this on all
my cruises this is fantastic so let’s juice this thing I’ve got my
own little kind of extension cord here at home so I’m just gonna plug that in
nice firm grip again that is that is on there I could not shake that out if I
wanted to which is really important if you want a reliable thing charging your
devices one thing you’ll notice once it’s plugged in and receiving power on
the USB side opposite of where the plug is there’s a little white light that
turns on so that lets you know if it’s receiving power
I appreciate that quite a bit I have a similar thing on my charger for my
Surface 3 a little light goes on when power’s flowing and that way I know it’s
getting a charge I have confidence in that so let’s start
plugging some things in let’s start off with a cell phone cell phone’s probably
the thing that you’re going to need to charge the most and most reliably so
let’s start with that just gonna plug that in there and hook in the phone and
it is charging you can see on the green light there that’s charging just fine
let’s plug in a few more things shall we gonna go for the GoPros using the USB
connection for the GoPros here gonna go for both of these at the same time I got to
get them out of their protective casing and take the cover off but then I’m
going to connect the USB and we’ll see how that goes
I am confident so far this appears to be a very professionally designed product
honestly the only thing that I could think that would make it better is if
the prongs were retractable on where it plugs in but it’s so small there’s
nowhere for them to go so I just don’t think that would be feasible so going
for one GoPro and going for the second GoPro here and this one start they’re
both charging at the same time the phone is continuing to charge let’s take
things one step further let’s plug in that tablet my Microsoft Surface 3 which
I am in the market for a new travel tablet so stay tuned to this channel
because this is getting a little old a little slow and so I have to replace it
so I’m going to be doing some research and be doing a video series on buying a
travel tablet so that you can get the best tablet for your travels so you’ll
be able to watch videos TV shows listen to music write a blog post play a game
whatever you want to do but in a way that’s cost-effective lightweight and
reliable but stay tuned for that video in the future for now we’re testing out
this and here we go charging immediately so again my phone my tablet and my GoPros all still charging and we’ve still got one port to go so now I’m gonna plug
in the charger for my DSLR batteries and I’m just gonna grab one of those
batteries to put in there so it actually has something to charge and then we can
see this thing in action but so far honestly I couldn’t
more impressed with this this is this is everything that I was hoping it would be
again the only thing that if I had a suggestion to make is if the prongs
could have been retractable but then I think it would have made the device
larger and I think they made the right choice there there you go
that’s charging GoPros are charging phone is charging tablet is charging so
I’m currently charging a tablet a phone a DSLR battery and two GoPros
off of this one attachment by Trond so I’m I am impressed I like this I’m going
to be taking this on my cruise I am probably going to take this on other
trips not just cruises there have been several times when I’ve gone to a hotel
you know you go to like a Hilton or Hampton Inn and they’re great they’ll have
tons of ports and USB ports all over the place no problem to charge something but
you go to like maybe an extended stay motel 6 somewhere else you know or a
boutique hotel you don’t necessarily know what you’re gonna get in terms of
power availability and again if you’re traveling with more than one person or a
variety of devices that you want to keep charged something like this is going to
be really handy to have along this is definitely going to be a thing that
you’re gonna be happy to have had with you and it just it looks great it
doesn’t take up a lot of space so yeah this is fantastic I would recommend this
so far I’m gonna do another video reviewing this in a few months talking
about how it holds up on the road and on a cruise ship but so far I’m completely
impressed you know the price for the price point is very reasonable so you
know for the cost of like a lunch you know well you know maybe two lunches if
you’re if you’re eating cheaply you know something like this it can just
revolutionize and take the stress out of you know the low battery problem or you
know the low tablet or honestly arguing with your cabin mate you’re on a cruise
for an extended period of time in a small space you don’t need things to be
upset about who’s using the power outlet who is not this trond power cube could
be the solution to prevent those unnecessary arguments so I think it’s
fantastic so check the description below I’m gonna have links to both the Amazon
Canada and Amazon us product listings for this and yeah
I recommend this I think this is going to be a mainstay piece of travel equipment for
my future travels probably for years we’re going to put this thing to the
test but so far the first test it’s passed with flying colors I can’t think of a
way to make it better for example even just thinking about that light that
comes on when you plug it in it’s so small that it’s not going to be a giant
light source in the room it’s enough to give you an indication but not enough to
disturb your sleep at night and so I think that is particularly thoughtful I
can’t think of a critical thing to say the only thing to keep an eye out for is
the fact that there will be and you’re going to get this on almost all adapters
or power cubes is you will have these plugs sticking out so that’ll be
something you keep an eye out for in your luggage
but honestly something like this you can stick this in a pair of shoes inside
your luggage it’s not gonna eat up a whole lot of space and again nice and
lightweight so I think this gets the vacation impossible seal of approval
it’s beautifully designed it works it’s light it doesn’t take up much space so
now the question is how is this gonna perform on the road I’m optimistic but
look we’re going to test it out on the road on the cruise ship so please
subscribe to the channel stay tuned so you can see our follow up and putting
this through its paces and see how much punishment it can take as well check out
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the hotel and the cruise ship to hopefully have enough power outlets or
do you have something like this this is something that would that would help you
I can tell you it’s gonna help me I’m looking forward to using this so thanks
so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video


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