Cruise Shopping at the Dollar Tree!

hey friends today I am sharing all of my
Dollar Tree hacks for crews we’re going shopping for crews at the Dollar Tree welcome to freedom in a budget I’m Kelly
and I am all about living a full life on a budget I paid off $23,000 of student
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cash which was $25,000 and we are currently saving $100,000 at for a down
payment on our first home and Skylar is excited so today I’m teaming up with my
girl budget girl Sara she is such a dear friend of me I have been binge-watching
her channel for about four years now I watched her Channel for hours and
hours and hours when I was on my debt free journey and this past September I
actually met her it was so much fun just to meet her in person I felt like we had
been friends for years and it was so cool just to just to spend
some time with her and get to know her really well which was incredible so
today we’re gonna team up and we are talking about our favorite dollar tree
hacks so if you haven’t checked out budget girl go check out her channel
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you know if you like and comment down below please let me know your favorite
cruise destination or dream cruise destination and I would love to hear
from you guys on what is your dream cruise ours is a Norwegian cruise
through the fjords of Norway I am Norwegian and so that is something
that is just we’re so excited for but an Alaskan cruise is probably second top
we’ve been on the couple Caribbean cruises in they’re so much fun but I
live in South Florida so Caribbean cruises it’s very similar to my normal
lifestyle we live at less than a mile from the beach so you know it’s
something that we see every day but the mountains like that is just crazy to me
so I’m so excited for the glaciers and everything we’re gonna go dogsledding
we’re gonna do on a whale watch there’s a train that we’re gonna do we’re going
to go to I think it’s British Columbia and there’s like this tulip thing it’s
I’m so excited it is gonna be such a blast so we are pumped I’m pumped for
our cruise and Sarah is going to Mexico which is also a really fun destination
it is her first cruise so we are teaming up together on our ways to save a little
bit cruises can be expensive yes I know that they’re expensive but I love that
cruises are all in one you know you can see different parts of the world and and
our country which Alaska is part of our country and see different parts of you
know the world in our country and have everything included in the price you
don’t have to worry about rental cars you don’t have to worry about hotels you
don’t have to worry about foods it’s all in one price so they are expensive but a
great way to have that is by shopping ahead of time at the Dollar Tree so I
will also have a full blog post at for you guys down below in the description
at freedom in a budget comm where I’m gonna have some more cruise tips for you
and more hacks that I didn’t get into this video so go check that out also on
my Etsy shop I have a vacation up budget template for you guys which will show
you line by line how to budget for your vacation and everything that you don’t
want to forget and how to do it and how to stay on budget and make sure that you
do not go over budget so that is not something that you want to do so let’s
get shopping you we are guys dollar tree let’s go find
some deals for the cruise you’re gonna get to know your room attendant really
well so we always like to leave thank-you notes and just cards of things
just to just appreciate them and let them know that we care and just a
handwritten note to the room attendants really really goes a long way they super
appreciate it and you know they’re pajamas they’re a
stuck on a ship for six months at a time so something handwritten like this just
means a lot to them decorating they’re doing so much fun it really helps kids but they’ve worked great for putting on
the door all the doors are magnetic so super cute different things you can do
to decorate the door and it’s open to walked in the island know exactly which
stores yours and to have something fun to come back to them to every name if
you’re going on a cruise you’re on a certain holiday you can find different
things like this these are all for Easter but if you’re going around fourth
of July or different holidays these would be so cute for your door they’re a
little just kind of cardboard a type of pieces that you can hang with magnets or
painters tape and they are just adorable so no fun to celebrate birthdays or
holidays on the ship these are also great for decorating the door and it’s
something that the kids can color themselves and do as an activity and
then hang up and then they’re so proud of their own artwork they have all
different kinds here and there’s so much fun here are some really cute dry erase
boards that would be perfect for the door and leaving loose they are magnetic
so they’re going to stick on the door as well as the walls in the cruise room so
here are some one different colors that would do orange and this is great for
like just reminders of don’t forget sunscreen tomorrow or don’t forget this
or tomorrow is formerly doing things like that
so fun to leave notes for your spouse you’ve kids anything like
that or just a have fun tomorrow type of thing here is so helpful so these
clothes pins are really really great for hanging up clothes they need to wash or
bathing suits that are wet hanging on the shower or something like that
these Jumbo clothespins these are amazing these are good for your towels
and clipping them onto the back of the beach chair at the pool or import we’ve
used these many many times and they’re really sturdy and really really good
these storage bags are awesome they help with minimizing space in your suitcase
and you can just kind of roll out the air we’re gonna be using these for our
big down coat for Alaska because it’s going to take up a lot of space but this
really helps to save that space here are some many containers of Dawn dish soap
as well as Palmolive if you want to get the soda package they give you a
reusable cup but I always like to wash it out and it just makes me feel better
of having some legit good dish detergent to make sure I’m cleaning it properly
before taking it out and filling it with my photos they have lots of different
dish soaps here here’s another dawn one here
Palmolive oxy so they are great quality and they’re great travel size so super
convenient these medications are a game changer just to have on hand if you get
something with you know they with HIV it bit somewhere you need that to the
tylenol advil PM some migraines and sleep beds some allergy anything like
that we’ve even taken these hot cold patches that you know if you’re climbing
up something and doing something super you know stressful on your joints or
different things like that or your muscles and having this is really
helpful to have just kind of leave that pain at night and acid all of these are
so so helpful to have on ship having a liquid hand soap is a
game-changer for me all they have in the rooms is just bar soap and I don’t like
to wash my hands with bar soap so I like bringing this antibacterial soap and I
just feel better I feel more clean and it’s just something that I like to have
in the bathroom always on ship these at travel
antibacterial wipes are really nice to have on hand and just have them in your
tote bag or have them in the room just to wipe down different services wipe
down the remote the remote has so much germs is disgusting we keep them so that
if we eat something poor after you know handling an animal or different things
out in the port we can just wipe our hands and have it super easy mess free
they are awesome these shower caps are really great for covering your shoes in
the suitcase we put them kind of upside down so that hold your shoe and doesn’t
get your suitcase our clothes all dirty from your dirty bottoms of your shoes
they have individual ones here that are a little thicker or more plastic ones
four to four dollars so super great deal on shower caps earplugs are vital
freeing on a ship especially if you are not used to sharing a room with your dad
or bowsers Owen and they snore they’re really great to have or if you’re close
to the engines depending on when you’re coming in and out of Port it can be
really loud so definitely have earplugs just in case you need them these little
mini laundry detergent are awesome they are perfect for bringing on the
cruise I like to wash like two or three items typically just because I need some
extra shorts or different things like that or things get dirty or spilled on
so having this and using the clips to hang them up in the shower just makes it
so easy and convenient at night the rooms get like a pitch black so having a
night light it’s really helpful for that they do also have these super cute kid
wands if you have kids that are so fun toy story Peppa Pig and they are awesome
so having these night lights can really help make it different and just making
it easier if you do have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and
not just tumbling and tripping or waking up everyone else
super super convenient instant coffee to me is really important I do not feel
like it’s in coffee but I do need coffee and just like one cup in the and the
main dunya is not enough for me any two or three cups in the morning and I don’t
know about other cruise lines but world– Kirby and you only get a coffee
maker in your room if you are in a suite so we learn that the hard way and our
last room did not have a coffee maker so we were without coffee so instant coffee
and then they have these little powdered creamers which are really easy to use in
different french vanilla and regular flavor as well so instant coffee it’s
definitely helpful my dollar tree has tons and tons of hygiene items with
toothpaste never even like that they even have a lot with the toothpaste
right there for you and it’s a little travel kit and ones for adults they have
ones for kids they have so many different types as well as the flossers
I have forgotten floss on a cruise before and it was miserable not having
cloth so those are really great super convenient to have flossers and
everything right there for you I don’t think I realized how expensive sunblock
was until I became an adult but it is very expensive and the Dollar Tree has
really great price support sunscreen so this is SPF 50 for four ounces they also
have it for kids they have thirty thirty sport different ones like that those are
really great also sunglasses sunglasses are great from the Dollar Tree of just
having around the pool the easy if you lose that you are not concerned such a
great investment to have extra extra extra sunglasses on accrues also goggles
goggles are really great to have bring it for yourself for the cruise for your
kids in the pool area they also have a lot of toys and everything if you’re
going into port and going to the beach these are great they are kind of small
and compact and you can just blow them up on the beach with tons of bubbles and
different toys are really great for playing around in the pool a lot of
times at night they will have different things with glow sticks and they sell
them on ship but they’re so expensive so bring your own glow sticks to walk
around with and have your kids is so convenient would they have the necklace
ones the bracelets the wand all different types of glow sticks which
your kids will just absolutely love even if there are the only kids they will
feel like the coolest kids on the whole entire ship all right guys I hope that
was fun it was so much fun to go shopping and check out all the great
finds of Dollar Tree has now some dollar trees are different than other different
dollar stores Dollar Tree Dollar General all of those can vary a little bit
depending on where you are in the country in the world but that was my
local Dollar Tree and I hope this was helpful let me know down below some of
your favorite crew tacks whether they be from Dollar Tree or just other cruise
hacks in general as well as your dream cruise destination let me know down
below also please leave the cruise ship emoji if you made it to the end of the
video I would love to hear from you guys alright I will talk to you later bye


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