Curvy Girl Hacks! How To Stop CHUB RUB in Summer!

– Hey guys! It’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. And today, I’m gonna be giving
you some tips and life hacks on how to survive chub
rub in the warm weather. Chub rub, A.K.A., thigh chafing is something that happens
to girls of all sizes. You don’t have to be plus size
or curvy for it to happen. I feel like it’s a pretty
universal struggle. No matter what size I am, no matter how my weight fluctuates, my thighs always touch. It’s just the way that my
body is constructed I guess. I’ve just always had
disproportionately large thighs. Thunder thighs, whatever
you wanna call it. So I am very familiar with the struggle. If you’re new to my channel,
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during the first hour. So, let’s talk about these hacks. The first hack to survive chub rub is, in my opinion, the best
hack in the whole video so we’re gonna start off strong. There are these little
things called bandalettes. They look like this,
they’re just little lacy kind of like lingerie
looking pieces of fabric. And the purpose of them is you put one around each of your thighs, and then when your legs rub together when you’re walking in a
skirt, or short shorts, you don’t feel it at all because the fabric is rubbing against itself instead of your thighs rubbing together. I feel like not a lot of people know about the existence of these. I didn’t even know about
them until, like, a year ago. And once I found out, I
have five pairs of these I wear them all the time. What’s great is that bandalettes have this kind of rubbery substance on the inside so it sticks to your thighs and stays up so you’re not gonna be adjusting it or pulling it up all the time. Now, the only downside with these is that they are pretty
difficult to find in-stores, they’re not super popular. But I ordered mine on Amazon, and I will put a link to
those in the description. I definitely recommend giving these a try. Life saver, honestly. The second option to stop thigh chafing is to just wear a pair of opaque tights. Just a little pair of stockings like this. They’re really thin, and honestly once you’re wearing them you can’t even really
tell that they’re there unless you’re looking at
your legs super closely. I tend to wear tights like this with dresses, skirts,
or more dressy shorts. These wouldn’t exactly
work for short shorts or a casual skirt because I
feel like these tend to be associated with a little
bit more dressy outfits. What’s nice about the
bandalettes versus the tights is that these can’t be seen because they’re only covering that small part of your thighs, whereas these are covering your whole legs so they will be a little bit more visible, even though they are pretty opaque. I tend to go for the really, really cheap dollar, or two dollar
pair of tights like these because they are pretty prone to ripping so I don’t like to waste
a lot of money on them. I usually just get them from CVS or whatever drugstore I’m at. But you can also order
them online, super easy. Option number three is to just wear a pair of long, nude biker
shorts under your outfit. These work best with longer options like maxi skirts or maxi dresses because they are pretty long,
they hit to about my knees so you wouldn’t want to wear
these with a mini skirt, that’d look pretty weird. Similar to the tights, these are gonna cover your whole thigh so you don’t have to
worry about any slippage. They’re gonna cover everything, you won’t have to deal
with chub rub at all. But what’s nice is that they
are a little bit shorter so with a knee length skirt or something, you won’t have anything covering your legs like you would with the tights. So those were more
clothing related things. Hack number four is to use Body Glide, which is an anti-chafing product. It just kinda looks like this, like a little stick of deodorant. I’m pretty sure that Body Glide was actually originally made for athletes to stop chafing during sports. But I find that it’s super, super helpful especially in the summer
when it’s really, really hot and maybe you don’t wanna add extra layers by wearing tights, or shorts, or whatever. You don’t actually have to wear any extra layers with this, I just take the Body Glide and I apply it pretty liberally to
the inside of my thighs so that the whole surface area is covered. It does do a really good
job of stopping chafing, but the only problem with Body Glide is that it can get a little bit sticky, so if you’re in shorts,
your legs might start to get a little bit uncomfortable
on a really hot day. And if you’re having a
really bad chafing problem and you don’t have Body Glide, or tights, or any of those other things, try using deodorant on
the inside of your thighs the same way you do with Body Glide. The main reason that chafing happens is because of the moisture, which is why it happens
more often in summer because you’re hot and sweaty. So most deodorants have
antiperspirant in it which will dry out your
legs, keep you from sweating and make the chafing a
lot less of an issue. In the summer, I find that
I have the most issues with chafing at the beach or at the pool because you go in the
water, you get all wet and then you’re in this wet bathing suit, probably not wearing pants,
walking around on the beach, probably stay in your
swimsuit for a while, and that can just cause some really uncomfortable thigh chafing. So what I like to do is
wear a pair of beach pants. I will insert a picture
of what they look like. I got these ones from Swimsuits For All, again, link in the description like all the other products I’m showing. But what’s great about these, is most swim suit coverups are dress style so it’s actually not gonna
help the chafing at all even though it kinda covers you up more, but with the beach pants,
I just wear my swimsuit top and then they’re high
waisted so it kind of works as an outfit anyways if
you’re walking around. They’re super lightweight so they’re not gonna make you hot and they stop the chafing
so you can walk around on the beach, or hang out, or
get lunch after going swimming and not have to worry about
that uncomfortable chub rub. In the same realm as the beach pants, consider wearing flowy
pants on really hot days instead of short shorts or skirts. What’s great about palazzo pants, or flowy pants as I usually call them, is that they’re really lightweight so they’re not gonna make you any hotter like jeans or capris might. When I go to music festivals,
or amusement parks, or anything where I’m gonna be doing a lot of walking in the summer, I pretty much always wear flowy pants instead of shorts, no
matter how hot it is. That way, you don’t even have
to think about the chub rub, you don’t have to deal with it. And if you get a wide leg pair they’ll be nice and flowy and airy. My last tip is to just keep that inner thigh area as dry as possible. Like I said, chafing
happens because of moisture. When your thighs rub
together without moisture, there really isn’t a problem. You get that kind of uncomfortable
rash because it’s wet. Change out of wet bathing
suits as soon as possible instead of sitting around in them. Don’t wear lotion on your thighs, that will just make
the problem a lot worse because that will keep it all… Moist. Ugh, I hate that word. And you can try using Body
Glide or antiperspirant on your thighs to keep
them from getting sweaty. I hope these hacks were helpful to you, I know chub rub can be a huge problem for girls of all sizes, but plus size and curvy
girls in particular. If your thighs are
bigger, there’s gonna be a wider surface area of your thighs touching because they’re bigger. Also, this is kind of weird because usually I film my videos
way far in advance, at least a week or two, but I’m literally filming this on Thursday and it’s going live on Friday. My schedule has been crazy busy, if you keep up with my vlog channel I am moving into a new house right now. Stephen and I just bought our first house and we move in, in two days. So I just needed to film a quick video that didn’t take a lot of editing and I thought that this
would be a good option because this is something that you guys ask me about all the time. I’ll post a picture in a
cute mini dress or something and people will be like, “How do you deal with
the chub rub in that?” Well, now you know. This is how. Anyways, thanks for watching and I will see you guys on
Tuesday with another new video. Oof, I am nervous for Tuesday’s video. Not gonna give anything away, but it is pretty vulnerable and I’m nervous to post it,
let’s just say that much. So, I’ll see you then. Bye! (happy upbeat music)


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