Đại diện Shoppe Vietnam nói về Affiliate và ACCESSTRADE | Affiliate Marketing

I am Tin – Head of Online Marketing at Shopee Why does Shopee use Affiliate Marketing channel? We have some difficulties in other online marketing channels of E-commercial. At recent, Shopee is investing in some popular online channels such as Google, Facebook But they have a threshold in new customer growth and can not pass it Therefore, Shopee is considering using Affiliate Marketing Channel in order to reach to long-tail customers in market. And we can expand our market share What is different between Affiliate and other Marketing channels? The different between Affiliate and other Marketing channels is The other online Marketing channels need a lot of resources to optimize A big team in-house for operating, optimizing every day, even every hour But Affiliate Marketing channel has many Publishers who have much experience and do it for us And we can reach the niche market as we want. And the other advantage of Affiliate Marketing is the cost we need to pay for this channel is base on the last price of orders. It helps us to save our Marketing cost The Potential of Affiliate Marketing in E-commercial market Not only Shopee, but also other E-commercial Websites Affiliate is a essential Marketing channel Therefore, Affiliate is channel that Shopee has wanted to develop sice long time ago. In the beginning of 2018, we have made a big investment in Affiliate And ACCESSTRADE is the first Affiliate partner we work with The growth of revenue through ACCESSTRADE channel is very impressive After using ACCESSTRADE channel The amount of order from Affiliate channel grows 300% per month. We are very happy with it. What do you think about ACCESSTRADE team? ACCESSTRADE has a very professional team members in giving us the consultation and collaborating. Every campaign we run with ACCESSTRADE they support Shopee’s team very well and optimize campaigns every hour, every day to have the best results and reach our goal. That is what I have experienced when working with ACCESSTRADE team.

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