Day 3 Funnel Bait ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

hey there it’s Stacia Kennedy in this video I
want to share with you day three of my hundred eighty click funnels affiliate
bootcamp I actually went live inside of my private group with some more thoughts
but I’m going to do a quicker overview with actual tutorial of what we’re doing
in day three so in day three we he actually the hunt click funnels
affiliate bootcamp just to recap day one was basically an overview for the clip
funnels affiliate bootcamp it goes over you know basic stuff get
your your affiliate link if you want to make money with affiliate marketing
promoting their program you get 40% Commission when you get to promote all
of the different types of programs that they have click wait actually it’s the
or funnel bait the different programs that you can offer for free that they
offer like books and trainings different types of webinars to promote and they do
the selling for you right okay so in day two they talked about basically more of
that same thing is when you get someone on your list which you can build a
landing page and that’s what click one of this so they are teaching you how to
use the program and day three we actually create a funnel bait with one
of the programs that they have so actually let me go into my click on a
affiliate account so what I did is they have a whole bunch of different programs
and that you can promote so there’s lots of different books Russell Brunson who’s
the founder of click funnels wrote a few books that are really good I mean if you
want to know about my online marketing you gotta get dot-com secrets yeah I get
expert secrets if you want to make money and create a movement around what you
already know these you’re an expert so I’m gonna go into my click one of the
count and click affiliates this is where you grab your affiliate link so sorry if
I’m repeating a lot of myself I’m gonna try to go quick here but I wanted to
show you I’m being real here day 3 I’ve just made another Commission yet the
other day this week I’ve only been really focused on this for about a month
as well as I’m running my full-time job and being a
mom and wife so just the total transparency I only have three
subscribers right now so this is what my really a back office looks like go to
affiliate tools and you’re gonna get all of your different links for all the
different programs you get 40% Commission reoccurring Commission’s on
the clip funnels products some products and with the actual you know click
funnel software you get 40 percent commission reoccurring lee so there you
can see I have three members that much close there to to 100 and 200
subscribers active members so when I go down here and this is where you can sign
up for the affiliate bootcamp and share it with other people so there’s a link
for my affiliate bootcamp you know if you want to join me doing this challenge
and all the other different things your dream car videos the 14-day trial link
so basically take this whole long link and you share it with people you can
pick what what lining page you can put sub IDs here basically you can track
where you’re putting your links obviously you want to have a link
tracker like click magic which is what something that I use to track all of my
links and they give you the copy they give you everything so sorry I’m talking
real fast because I’m actually trying to get to what what they go over in day 3
is creating a funnel bait so there is all of those different types of things
here in the clip on old affiliate different things you come out we go back
here but I wanted to show you that they also have it here it is the books
different books 300 108 split test comm secrets and so what I did you can create
a funnel bait for each of these different things that they have to offer
and I started off with the dot-com secret book so I grabbed my link for the
dot-com secret book and I created a this is my page I created a video basically
just says who I am but you know what I do what my
credibility is what I’m offering here and how they can get it why it’s
important to them and how they can get it and then a call to action to enter
their name and email address they want to generate more leads and sales without
bugging their friend the family gotta get this book you got to understand how
marketing works online if you want to create massive you know gross and your
business you got to get this book so I enter your name and email address and
the way I have it set up is that once they enter the name me mother I’m
capturing the lead now that is my traffic that’s my traffic source they’re
in my list and then it automatically goes into my affiliate link so I have my
clickmagick link as well so I can track who’s coming
from opting in to my affiliate link so this is my click follows account so I
created a page and go edit and in the day 3 they go over this whole thing but
I’m going over what I did so I created this a while ago but like I said if
you’ve been following I’m going through the hundred a challenge to see what it’s
kind of updates they did it’s still a little buggy you need some updates but
this is what they tell you to do in date 3 create a funnel bait I did this one
for the dot-com secrets book it can be even more simpler it can eat only would
have to do a video I just did one because I think video is very powerful
so you can have one where it just has this stuff and a picture of the book and
then you’ve got you know ask them to enter their name email address I can
have to share you give you this funnel too if you want to just duplicate it and
do your own video I will create a link for that so I just go to settings of
course you want to integrate your email so I have a weber and i integrated my
email in there and then I go here to general and this is where I put my
affiliate link so like I said before I used the I use a cloaking tracker link
tracker called like magic so I put my affiliate link
from where I got it here where I showed you here so I go to this one for the
dot-com secrets book so I went in here and grabbed my field link put in the
code that I wanted to like I said like comm secrets or whatever I like wanted
to put the actual ID so I know where it where it came from I copy this long link
you never want to give people this long link copy that link and I go in and
click magic I’ll give you a link to this too and I go in and click magic and I
create a link for it so I’m not going to go through the entire walk theater with
your click magic I just want to tell you what date three consisted of and how to
do it in clickfunnels I go over this whole training with the click magic and
you can duplicate my entire box my affiliate business in a box
that’ll get you fast results show you how to get traffic how to get leads for
your 4 click funnels and and this is one of the ways to you can create a you can
duplicate this funnel so I’m gonna do a funnel for all the new different
products this is just one of them like I said comm secret
they have expert secrets they have clicked on auto scripts they have
different webinars that promote you know promote click funnels so this is where
where to start though there’s a lot of things to do I know I’m talking about a
lot of different things and it can get overwhelming but focus on one thing so
the one thing on big 3 is create something like this clicks make some
kind of a funnel bait that goes directly into your affiliate link get click magic
to cloak your link your affiliate link so you can track things again you can
try to go through if you’re an advanced person go through the hundred day
challenge with me if you want more simplicity and want coaching from me go
through the bonus affiliate method comm and that is my free affiliate business
in a box that you can duplicate ok thanks for watching this video so so
appreciative of you guys being here and holding me accountable
108 challenge big 3 in the books Byam thanks for watching much love and aloha


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