good , good , good you ask me since quite some times but to day it is the épiosde 3 of the code affiliates I remember you the concept we will go on about ten site or we will hold of win of knifes ,of a m4 vulcain and all its free thanks to code affiliates and then in 2,3 week i remake a vidéo about of the code affiliates or I’ll exactly play with all the gains that I received thanks to you with my code and suddenly all that will gain will make a good fat giveway for you the first site it is “cs go case ” and then we will start enter code the code ans we have 150 tokens Then we can play what thanks to that we will put all in it win so we have 300 we will go on the slots we will put of the blow 300 here we go oh no ok we have lost the 300 next site ” CSGO role” so it in on the top is on the left so its idem ans this 50 centimes So it’s not bad we will put 50 on the green It would do 7€ if you win 7€ not bad Go “hop” 50 centimes in green green green no foo far too too for go “hop” next site we are now in “CSGO speed” so this a good site that I like and suddenly The sound is at recruits below i think and here the code this it Anyway it is in description we will try a Revolver is that its going to walk ok here we are It’s a little bit like a flip corner We soon come whe are the next we have 4% to win kill him ok the next site is “chef case” so the same and the code and we win how much 1€ 1€ still 50 centimes go one key plizz a little key 1 key , 1 key oh yeah oh yeah go Good I think death one little key the next site its “farm skin” it’s a site of case opening again ans this again So I have how many 1$ 1$ it’s cool oh the sound ah it’s bad it’s very bad 44 44 centimes of the blow buy 36 centimes i don’t buy oh yes 29 ok awp safari mesh i think that it will than 29 centimes i believe a next site the next site is “CSGO bounty” top right free coins the code all in green i have a time ? Is what I am in i’m in yes I have no idea Anyway it was purple is that I was in oh yes i’m in oh fuck anyway i loose we are now on “CSGO miami” free coins here the reference code has been used appropriately in green i think it’s cool then we double it on the red double on black all that and maybe a knife it would be cool we must touch green stop yes , yes , yes It goes too fast it’s 5 in red the next site “skin king” eu here we have 50 centimes still we go when try the gold X14 If you win we will put its in end in addition it’s a long time it is not falling ok it’s good plizz gold it’s cool the gold too far too too far .fuck and now the end site i think that you all know him CSGO fast And so its going to be in refill balance refill the code good this time if i will not go on the green anyway 10 it is 10 centimes it’s not 1€ or 10€ you see i think 10 centimes we choose a black on the other hand tells me not green frankly tell me not that green it’s black ,it’s black we are at 20 20 centimes fucking its going to take a long time for a knife and now the 20 centimes we go the meters on the black go the black agains yes Is that its going to be still black i think that black train red , fuck i think it’s red it’s red We have nothing more it’s good it’s end


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