Dear “Detox” Teas: Stop Trying to Sponsor Me.

– Do you feel bad about
your body wishing you could spend extra time on the
toilet every single day? Are you looking for a shady
company to take your money without actually giving
you anything in return? Well then do I have the product for you. Pseudo Science Poop Tea can
solve all of your problems while also putting more
money into the pockets of celebrities who endorse
our literally crappy product. Well hopefully after
that all of those detox tea companies will finally get the message and stop trying to sponsor me. Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to another
episode of Sierra Unfiltered, these more casual videos
where I just sit down and chat about something that’s
been on my mind lately and that thing today is detox teas. And the detox is in
quotes because that’s not actually what they’re doing
but we’ll get into that later. So over the past, I’d say
like six months or so, I have received a
sponsorship inquiry email from just about every
one of those detox teas that you can think of. I’m not gonna read any
of the actual emails or even say the names of
any of these companies ’cause your girl’s not trying to get sued but you get what I mean. You know what I’m talking about. All of those detox diet
cleanse teas that claim to jump start your weight
loss and they’re endorsed by all these celebrities
with these super glamorous pictures on Instagram of girls smiling and holding up the bag when in reality fit teas are terrible and
I’m gonna tell you why. Okay, so first let’s
talk about the science of fit teas, detox teas, all that stuff. There’s a lot of different
companies that sell detox teas like this but they all basically
hinge on the same thing and have gotten success
from the same things and that is pseudo
science and diet culture. A lot of these fit teas will
claim that they detoxify your body, that they remove
toxins from your body, that they jump start
weight loss when in reality your liver and your kidneys
detoxify your body on their own. You do not need some tea to do that. Your body’s doing that great. And if your body wasn’t detoxifying itself that would be a serious health problem that would not be solved by a fit tea. Most of these detox teas
are basically just laxatives that are going to make you
dehydrated so any weight that you lose, any numbers
that you see go down on the scale it’s just
gonna be water weight. And as much as these fit tea
companies will promise you the world and all these
results there’s no actual scientific evidence
that backs those claims and, in fact, there are
some studies in the opposite direction that have shown
that these detox teas can be harmful for your body. Now I’m not a doctor,
I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a biologist, I’m not a scientist. I am just a girl who has done my research. I’ve a bunch of legitimate
scientific sources and studies linked in the
description if you want to do some of your own
research on this and hear what professionals have
to say but I’m gonna read you two quotes from actual doctors on some of these sources to give you a better idea of what the deal is with detox teas. So the first one is
from NCCIH, a government health website and
here’s one of the quotes, “There isn’t any convincing
evidence that detox “or cleansing programs
actually remove toxins “from your body or improve your health. “Weight loss on a detox diet
may be because these diets “are often very low in calories. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration “and Federal Trade
Commission have taken action “against several companies
selling detox and cleansing “products because they contained illegal, “potentially harmful ingredients.” And here’s a second quote. This one is from the
Cleveland Health Clinic. This one says, “Makers
of many detox teas target “those who want to lose
weight, so the products contain “ingredients that are
diuretics or laxatives. “This does not facilitate
increased fat burning, “and just temporarily decreased weight due “to loss of body waste and water weight.” So even those these detox
teas claim that they will help you lose weight all you’re
really doing is dehydrating yourself and losing water
weight because you are pooping out all the stuff that you’re drinking. So there is some background on the science of detox teas and now let’s
talk about why I specifically hate them so, so much. These detox tea companies
are just profiting off of your insecurities and
profiting off of your desire to lose weight and be
thinner when they’re not actually going to help you
with that in a healthy way. There are no actual health
benefits and, in fact, they can be really harmful to your body. And no dietician or doctor or nutritionist would ever recommend these
as a way to lose weight. Even though I’m in a
really good place on my body positive journey right
now I haven’t always been like that and I actually have tried these detox teas in the past. When I was in my senior
year of high school and my freshman year of
college I was in a really bad place with my self-image
even though that was one of the thinnest times
I’ve ever been in my life. I just was so obsessed
with calories and food and the way that I looked. I was never gonna be happy. I would never be good enough
and I saw one of those ads on Instagram for a detox
tea, a cleanse diet that would help you burn
more fat and slim down and have less bloating, all those things that they promise, and
I tried one of those and it made me feel like crap. I think in the end I
only ended up using it for four or five days because
I felt shaky every single moment of every day. My body was not getting the
nutrients that I needed. I was incredibly dehydrated
and at this time I wasn’t even drinking enough water to begin with because I was so worried
about looking bloated that that made me even more dehydrated. I felt terrible. If definitely didn’t help
me at all and I just gave this company my money
because they were preying on my insecurities and promising
me all this weight loss and just not relying on any
actual scientific evidence and making me feel like crap. So with all that being
said you can see why I am so frustrated by all of
these detox tea companies reaching out to me and
wanting me to endorse their product and sell it to you guys. And I’m not the typical kind
of person that these detox tea companies would go after
to endorse their product. So at first I didn’t
really get it because most of their endorsements are
from really thin girls, girls who are really
fit or their Instagram or their YouTube is all
about health and fitness and that’s definitely not me
and my channel and what I do. Yeah, I talk about health
and working out sometimes but it’s not the focus of my channel. I don’t have a body that
people are gonna look at and be like oh my gosh that
fit tea is working for her. I should get it. But I think I figured
out why these companies want to work with me so bad. So a lot of what I do on the internet is about confidence, right? I talk openly about my body struggles. I talk openly about my confidence
journey, my insecurities. I give tips on how I’ve
been able to work through those things and become more confident so that would be a whole
new market for them, a whole new angle. Even though I might not
be giving the drink this so that you can look like
me, with me I think they were going for drink this so
you can feel like me. They’re trying to sell
confidence with their fit tea. Drink this so that you can
finally feel good about yourself, so that you can be confident in your body and feel good in it. And I don’t care how much
money these companies offer me. They could literally write
me a million dollar check and I would turn it
down every single time. I will never, ever, ever promote a product that is harmful to you, that
is something that I don’t actually and would never
use, and that prays on your insecurities to try to get
you to give them your money. My morality is not and never will be worth the outrageous amounts
of money that they give to these celebrities and influencers to shield their product. Shield, shell, what’s the word? I don’t know, these
videos are never scripted. I don’t know what to say. But seriously, the brands
that I partner with on my channel, because
I do sponsorships a lot, but I only work with companies
that I genuinely love and use and love their message. I’ve worked with BodyBoss
before and their nutrition guide and their workout
guide have absolutely changed the way that I think about
my body and my fitness and my nutrition. Just a couple of videos
ago I worked with Clinique. I love Clinique products. I love the way they make my skin feel. They make me feel beautiful and confident. I love it. I worked with American Eagle and Express who I genuinely love their clothes. They make me feel more confident. They fit my body right. I love doing sponsorships. It’s a great way to be able to make doing YouTube my full-time job but that doesn’t mean
that I’m just gonna sign a contract with any
brand that comes my way. So dear fit teas please
stop filling up my inbox. I am never going to promote your product, never in a million,
million, million years. And one last thing I wanna
say I know that those fit tea companies are
super enticing especially if you’re just getting
into fitness and health. From all their advertising
it seems like a great way to jump start your
fitness journey, detoxify, feel light and not bloated and good. So if you really wanna lose some bloating and feel detoxified I would
recommend cutting fast food, cutting soda and cutting
back on processed foods. You don’t have to eliminate
those things altogether if it’s something you enjoy. But if you’re really
trying to jump start that and feel more vibrant and
less bloated cut those things out for a few weeks and see how you feel. Eat more natural foods,
more fruits and vegetables and drink a ton of water, like seriously, drink water all day. Drink a gallon a day. That’s a great healthy and
natural way to jump start your health and fitness game
again, if you’re just getting back into into it, that
doesn’t require you buying some BS tea product. So this video was a little bit more sassy than I usually go for. This is something that
genuinely makes me mad and I just feel really bad for
people who buy those products and fall into that trap
because I was that person. I have bought and used those products and they did nothing for me. And I really, really hate
when I see celebrities and influencers who I look up
to promoting these products just for a quick buck. I know it’s easy to do and it’s easy money but it’s just not worth it. Just don’t fall for it. Anyways, I love you guys so, so much. Thank you for listening to
me rant, I appreciate it. Sometimes I just need to
get all those feelings out. And if you like the
Sierra Unfiltered videos there is a card right there
or a link in the description where you can binge watch that playlist. And make sure that you are following my Instagram for lots of body
positive encouragement, outfit pictures, all that kind of stuff. I post on my Instagram
pretty much every day. I do live sometimes, post on my story. But anyways I will see
you guys on Wednesday with another new video. Bye. (upbeat music)

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