Digital Marketing Apprentice – Arch Apprentices

Hi my name is Faizah Din, I’m 19 years old,
I live in west London and I’m currently on a digital marketing apprenticeship with
TSL Education. I started with Agilisys Arch back in April 2013. They placed me with TSL
Education and TSL Education is a global teacher’s network, where teachers are able to share
their resources for free on the website via a website called TES Connect. My daily tasks
at TSL are managing and maintaining marketing campaigns. Gathering data and analysing data
for those marketing campaigns. Coming up with some suggestions to how digital marketing
campaigns can be better in the future. As well as, handling some email communication
for the business. At TSL my line manager is Somik Halder and I must say he’s a brilliant
line manager to have. I’m Somik Halder, I’m the digital marketing manager at TSL
education. So Faizah’s been helping me in the whole range of digital marketing campaigns.
She hass been great in that respect, shes learnt very quickly, shes taken all the process
on board and shes shown great enthusiasm for the role. All the people here at TSL Education
are so supportive, whenever I’ve asked for help, they are always there for me. This digital
marketing apprenticeship has meant a lot for me. Its been a big stepping stone to a much
more successful career ahead.

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