Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics

[Upbeat Music] Hi, my name is David Rogers and I’m a
professor at Columbia Business School Where I teach digital marketing in our
executive education division. I’m passionate about Digital Technology
and Human Behavior. About how Customers and Technology together are transforming
marketing strategy, business models and organizations. At Columbia Business
School, I teach senior executives from around the world who are coming to our
campus for short intense programs that are directly applied to their workplace.
I’m the author of four books including my latest ‘The Digital Transformation
Playbook’. At Columbia I conduct research on digital marketing, big data, mobile shoppers, data sharing and privacy I also founded and helped to run
Columbia’s annual BRITE conference Where each year we bring together CMO’s
of global brands like Pepsi and L’Oreal. Tech companies like Google and Facebook.
Media companies like Netflix & The New York Times to discuss the changing world of
technology and marketing All of this and my own consulting for
client companies gives me a chance to stay connected to the real world
challenges businesses are facing in the digital age.
The three important things you should know about this course First the course is Strategic in Focus.
We look not just at the tools and tactics of digital marketing, we focus
deeply on the strategic questions. Customers, Brands and Value Creation .
The course presents numerous case studies and strategic frameworks that you can
apply to deliver real marketing impact in any business. The course is also Customer Centric
in philosophy Everything is examined through the lens
of changing customer in the digital age. Who is my customers? Are their needs
changing? How is their path to purchase evolving?
By answering these questions we can harness digital approaches the marketing to
deliver value for your customer and your firm. The third pillar of this course is
Action Learning by Design This is not a series of youtube videos
to watch while you eat popcorn. This class will demand your deepest
engagement as we grapple with issues that are critical to your own marketing
career. You’ll be applying every frame working tool through individual and
group assignments, including the capstone project that completes the course. You’ll
participate in a detailed simulation to design and optimize search engine
marketing campaign and apply the latest tools for Facebook advertising.
Throughout, you learn from peers through weekly discussions among your entire
class. At the end I’m confident you’ll leave with as many valuable personal
connections as insights for digital marketing. I look forward to welcoming you to the
next run of my digital marketing program brought to you by Columbia Business
School and the EMERITUS Institute


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