Digital Marketing News 1-25-2019: The State of Social Media Marketing and More

welcome to the digital marketing news
I’m Tiffany Allen and with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite
yes you are you know like a lot of people I would say that I’m interested
in things oh yeah are you interested in things at all sure how much stuff maybe
not so much so if you were gonna market – Tiffany you would market one of the
things less the stuff one and we’ve been able to do this on sites like Facebook
and Twitter for a long time you know like people can look at my thing and go
oh he likes nachos and he likes my Chemical Romance
so if I come out with an emo line of Kasem he’s the guy that I want to market
weird to me that you like Mike and war can’t go romance I don’t get it
well the fact that you believe that is not okay for the three people that got
that but what is cool is that those of us in the b2b space can now get into
this because LinkedIn is finally introducing interest targeting
correct now they’ve rolled out 200 different professional interest
categories over 200 actually Wow could be 201 we don’t know but these are going
to enable you to choose for example this person is interested in finance and
economy content or this person combined with say the knowledge that they have
this level of education and this interest then you might go oh that
person would be interested in my certification program my artificial
intelligence virtual reality nacho farm right yeah so this is the kind of thing
it’s still well within the area of professional interest but with this you
can tailor your campaign of course your messaging content make it a little more
relevant drive that brand awareness and of course better targeting is always
better for marketers so this is an exciting hop on there figure it out yeah
hey did you see Josh that Edelman Trust Barometer was released this week
Allegro story it’s a big day I mean you get to learn about what people trust
online how they feel about certain things and of course there are always
great key takeaways such as there’s some good news for search marketers despite
some of the mistrust that’s been described lately in the news and that
sort of thing trust in traditional media and search
media is at sixty-five percent so 65 percent of respondents say they trust
that that’s the highest historical levels so that’s great
not so great for social so trust in social media especially as a new source
remains low at about 43 percent globally in other news 43 percent of people are
wrong about how much they should trust social media they are fair fair there’s
also really good news for publishers engagement and news skyrocketed 22
points since 2018 with 72 percent of people saying they consume news about
weekly or more and share news several times a month or more yes and there’s
good news for Purpose Driven organizations as well I do love a
purpose so 76% of respondents said the CEO should take the lead on change
rather than waiting for the government to oppose it impose it rather or oppose
it either way sign but that’s an interesting thing for organizations that
are leading initiatives of purpose giving back to their communities making
themselves more appealing to that millennial market as well that’s sort of
an expectation at this point so get on the bandwagon I think that I also saw in
there that that leads to people are having more trust in their employer than
ever before so if you’re a Purpose Driven organization you have those
initiatives and your employees know about it they’re gonna trust you and
they’re gonna tell people that’s yet another form of marketing yes sir you
know where they might take you to tell people whether they trust it or not is
it the Internet it’s the Internet but it’s specifically Twitter Oh got it
yes Twitter as you might know it has just rolled out a new web interface
they’re testing it with some people got some new features for all of us who are
still tweeting manually and one of those is a dedicated emoji button no yep that
is gonna make it easier for us to smiley or heart shape or you know like the one
that kind of looks like it’s crying but it’s laughing it’s my favorite one
I mean that’s usually my emotional state but I’m still not sure exactly how to
use it it’s for everything anyway this is good stuff they cleaned up the
interface we’ve gone from three columns to two they’ve got some keyboard
shortcuts that are gonna make it easier to do stuff without having to touch the
mouse which is good when you’re eating chips and they have a little upgrade of
the search entrance to make it easier to find what you’re looking for and that’s
good for marketers and that’s good for people who are using it as well so all
three of you who aren’t just buffering your tweets on HootSuite or buffer this
is gonna be a nice new interface for marketers I like it maybe I’ll do a
tweet just one just one go crazy okay in other news there’s some news from France
oh maybe yeah yeah it’s not great news for Google but it is news something than
the less so Google is not the recipient of the largest fine yet handed out under
gdpr yeah so there was a fifty million euro
penalty imposed because Frances data regulator said the company was not
sufficiently transparent about the use of personal information and didn’t
obtain specific consent for ad targeting purposes oh yeah not so great so this
was issued as a result of an investigation starting after complaints
were filed in June of 2018 against Google and Facebook and one of the
complaints was basically a forced consent meaning that you had to give
consent to access the services that were being provided even though you didn’t
necessarily know what the consent was for so they take away do your due
diligence on what consent means under gdpr be as transparent as you possibly
can might be a good time to get a legal team involved at some point if you are
doing targeting and serving personalized ads overseas definitely can’t do too
much research or you could wind up really paying for it right and I do
think that even if you’re not overseas right now if you’re only in America
getting ready for this kind of stuff to come across the pond is probably the way
to go to in privacy matters mm-hmm real privacy and trust some one thing I’ve
heard the Internet is global to you so this is something everyone should think
about at least not me I only use the internet that
right in my neighborhood right yeah of course right it’s the the Fridley wide
we’ll call it so I wouldn’t know much about social media at large but you know
who does who buffer I’ve heard that those guys they know a lot of stuff and
little they actually went and took a survey of 1,800 marketers and they
rolled out their buffer state of social 20:19 so they asked how marketers are
marketing where they’re putting their budget where they’re investing and how
successful they are if they are investing in specific channels yeah so
we have some cool stuff to cover real quick Facebook and Instagram stories mmm
everybody knows everybody’s using them but maybe not quite yet 62% have not
invested in those ads yet some marketers 57% though who are using them say that
they are effective okay so you got a better than half chance if you want to
get in on the Facebook and Instagram stories that’s more disposable click
content for people to consume and a lot of people aren’t really hitting their
feet anymore yeah stopping it stories so another way that social media is
changing is of course my favorite dark social so mysterious right messaging
apps are dark social you know what’s apps your messenger even slack counters
start social now so 72% of the people who responded said they don’t have any
plan for advertising marketing on messaging apps fifty percent said
they’re not even planning on it in the next year Wow
I think this is a huge opportunity for marketers this is a spot where people
are increasingly taking their conversations and it’s a place where
brands with the right touch with the right non promotional content can get in
there and really make a difference yeah another interesting thing video being
used on a hashtag client LinkedIn Wow only 32% of marketers are posting video
on LinkedIn interesting but video and LinkedIn is being shared 20 times more
than other content on the platform yeah again another huge opportunity that
we’re seeing in this report you know there’s other opportunities like
influencer marketing I’ve heard of influencer market I feel
like we should I want to make that a focal point of our agency’s expertise
it’s where they’ll be doing that topic marketing is already using
influencer marketing but only 37% of the marketer surveyed said they have worked
with influencers oh no it is so low but 68% of those who had say it’s effective
and 88% of those who have planned to continue to invest
that was weird oh did you feel that I did weird weird well that’s our show for
today it’s actually our one hundred and fiftieth news episode no way of all time
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