Digital Marketing News 3-30-2018: Is your B2B ready for GDPR?

on this week’s digital marketing news
roundup new stuffs happening in LinkedIn video Instagram BIOS and Google AdWords
and Facebook’s getting rid of one of our favorite things as marketers Plus is
your b2b organization ready for gdpr welcome to the digital marketing news
I’m Tiffany Allen and with your first story is Josh Nite hey that’s me hey
yeah neat you know it’s not so neat what well a lot of things but first off
Facebook has decided they’re gonna suspend temporarily at least the ability
to estimate your audience reach for custom audiences so this is a tool that
is pretty valuable to marketers to be able to see to put a bunch of
demographic information in and then see about how many people we can expect to
hit but it turns out that that is somewhat exploitable and for some
unknown reason Facebook is a little concerned about people’s privacy right
now so they’ve somebody demonstrated that you could have an audience that was
right at the edge of the like rounding up to the next tier and then you could
add an email address in there and go oh look the male portion of the
audience just went over the rounding hump or oh the female went over so you
could do that presumably with any of the 1,200 things that you can
demographically adjust for so Facebook is a little freaked out about it they’ve
pulled the ability to do that they stress that nobody had actually as far
as I know been data mining that way it was just possible but for now as they’re
working on a fix we’re gonna have to be shooting a little blind with our
facebook custom audiences fair enough I guess privacy is definitely worth taking
a step back and evaluating whether or not that is worth doing yeah yes well in
other news Josh I don’t know if you’ve been in the Google Adwords Keyword
planner lately but they’ve made some pretty cool aesthetic changes I love
aesthetic changes they’re my favorite kind of changes it’s much prettier now
it actually matches the overall aesthetic of Google AdWords itself and
they’ve added some new features which are awesome so the first one you can
bulk upload keywords and then use the data within the platform to forecast
over time all in one place you don’t have to click around to find that
information anymore and you can also estimate keyword new keywords will
affect your actual performance long-term and your max CPC which is great in terms
of figuring out what keywords to add to new campaigns if they’re worth it or not
without actually testing with live data and live money oh that’s me yeah
absolutely aesthetic changes are my favorite kind of changes in bulk uploads
are my favorite kind of really oh that’s fair who doesn’t love
it you know what I’m gonna step over here and I’ll give you my next story
excellent hey I’m over here and Tiffany’s gone
that means it must be time for my second story what’s happening right now is our
by the way hashtag client LinkedIn has rolled out some new options for video so
these are being called kind of snapchat esque abilities to layover text and
filters onto your video there are things like specific events you’ll have a
filter where you can put a little thing at the bottom of your video that says
hey I’m at this thing there are also things like on the air for live
recordings a sticker that says work high-five in case you need to high-five
somebody work and one that says side hustle in case you want to alert your
employees that you’re making money doing something else on their time so the big
takeaway for this though for me is not that they’re adding these new features
which are cool and maybe we should play around with them some but the statistic
that came with it was that video content on LinkedIn is
being shared at 20 times the rate of other content so whether or not you’re
making it pretty whether or not you’re offering people work high-fives I think
this shows that LinkedIn is not only is doubling down on video but because
people are really intensely digging it so we may have thought of LinkedIn as
more of a professional button-down text-based thing but it looks like video
is hitting it in a big way so get to filtering and get shooting and get busy on
LinkedIn Tiffiny why don’t you hit us with your
next story thanks Josh in other news there’s great news out there for you
instagramers you can now link to hashtags and profiles in your Instagram
bio where before you could type in a hashtag and it wouldn’t hyperlink
Instagram is now allowing those hashtags to hyperlink in your bio and actually
suggest trending hashtags that you could use as well other news is that you can
now tag Instagram profiles in your Instagram bio without adding the HTTPs
colon backslash backslash stuff you can just type the @ symbol and the handle
and it’ll link and then Instagram notifies whichever handle has been
linked in that bio so in the event your handle is linked for something that you
don’t recognize or don’t want to be linked to you can you can request that
Instagram unlinks that as well so there’s not as many privacy concerns
there but it is a cool feature especially if you’re running a different
campaign if you want to link to your brand’s handle or anything else from a
marketing standpoint back to us thanks Tiffany and this is us so feel
free to start crying at any moment what I understand about that show is to be
true yeah. Fair enough. Our final story this week is about the gdpr as you know that’s the
general data protection regulation which has such a rhythm to it I kind of want
to use it in a hip-hop song so stay tuned for that but this is a regulation
that’s coming out of the EU that is all about protecting people from data
breaches making really putting an onus on business owners to make those
breaches happen less often so that includes having mandatory reporting we
have a data breach and some pretty substantial fines like up to 2% of your
profit I think is what it was for having a data breach so these rules are coming
to happen coming to be in the EU and probably something similar in the u.s.
but I don’t think we’re ready. do you think we’re ready no I think you know up to
15% of b2b marketers had said in Forrester research that they are not
ready for gdpr compliance and only 20% of respondents the same survey said that
they were spearheading the gdpr preparations and with you know
marketing’s function is doing a lot of external communication but something
that marketing leaders should definitely be factoring into their plans working
with legal counsel as well as the regulations are a little bit ambiguous
in terms of what needs to be done the punishments of
course are very strict there needs to be sort of a multifunctional taskforce of
leadership marketing and legal to make sure everything is compliant yeah what
we read about it was that you should put a tiger team together which I was super
excited about until I realized that that just means a team full of people who are
specialists in various areas is one tiger
yeah and make sure your team is great it’s a tiger team you know exactly what
marketing it is this is marketing’s job i feel like because we are is
responsible for collecting a lot of that data and storing it so if you think
about your email lists and your profiles and all those things we’re collecting
and we’ve got to keep them safe so I think regardless of whether you’re a
global organization or not this is something we need to get on probably a
minute after the day before yesterday yep yeah absolutely and you know there
are benefits to marketers for the GDPR our compliance especially when it comes
to double opt-ins you’re having a more engaged audience to communicate to and
ultimately if you have folks on their list that maybe didn’t want to be there
don’t remember signing up they’re not gonna engage with your content so it’s
going to make your campaigns more effective as long as you’re being
compliant and knowing your audience and more security is just a good thing for
everybody online so let’s get on it let’s GDPR are all right for this week
we’ll be back next week with more marketing news if you need more in the
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