Digital Marketing News 8-16-2019: What do B2B Buyers REALLY Want from Vendors?

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I’m Tiffani Allen, and with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite.
Hey, speaking of stories… Yeah, I have a story about stories. Tell me. So, once upon a time there were social media networks where you put your information and your
updates and they went into a feed and then they were archived forever and then
one day a beautiful princess or actually everybody who used the social networks
thought wouldn’t it be better if we could just share what we were doing and
then it would vanish in a magic puff of smoke
perhaps so that’s where Instagram stories born and they were so popular
that everybody including Facebook who owns Instagram decided that they needed
to have stories as well yes so our current situation is Facebook is really
trying to get people to do stuff with stories they just announced that they
are having a carousel feature two stories which always excites me until I
realize that they don’t mean a literal carousel that I can write on and be
happy for once in my short life what they actually mean is a way to have
multiple images in a slideshow that people can kind of swipe through right
now you can do this in stories already if you’re willing to do it one at a time
like our ancestors did with truly shaped tools but now this is an automated way
to do it so what is important for marketers about this I think is last
year Mark Zuckerberg himself said that he believes stories are going to
overtake posts in the feed as the primary way that people share stuff on
Facebook so if you’re a marketer you know that people are starting to really
prize stories you know that you have an audience on Facebook I think it’s time
to look into this stuff and see how these formats will work for you first
person I am never ever going to use them that’s fair seen it happen you’ve heard
about in stories but not my story I have more stories related items okay give me
a story story let’s talk about it okay so according to Ken shoes new quarterly
trends report is in China yes thank you instagrams 4x growth in ad revenue from
last year appears to be leveling off but this is related stories so get there
so there’s roughly the same rate of growth this year for Instagram as
Facebook in terms of ad spend but spend on insta stories at em doubled every
year from 9% to 18% in q2 yeah story ads grew by a hundred and eighty
six percent in spending compared to the same quarter last year and then you know
of course the Instagram feed ad spending slowed to just twenty one percent which
is actually slower than Facebook’s newsfeed oh my okay so maybe think about
as we’re saying doing some Instagram story is doing some Facebook stories but
then again if it starts to get a little bit more competitive in the Instagram
stories world you’re gonna see that price kind of go up in terms of you know
what you’re paying for competition so think about that as well may be tested
organically sponsor it see how it goes but either way it looks like folks are
really engaging with this type of format advertisers are responding to that so
something to consider going forward until the next big thing right which is
everyone going back to just publishing content on their blogs hot-air balloons
hopefully I was hoping for hot-air balloons or carrier pigeons I have been
developing homing pigeons I’ve actually sold the same one 25 times I mean you
can do a Google search for that and if you read some of my quality content on
homing pigeons I might actually get a notification from Google that will give
me some more information on how well my content is doing yeah not just pigeon
related but everybody related so it appears that Google is testing sending
out some automated monthly reporting for their Google search console profiles
this is neat so people have started to see it in various places around the
world seems like they’re doing a very quiet pilot test of course on the
internet nothing is private or quiet so it has become immediately people like
what is this but it looks really cool it’s giving you some Illustrated
statistics on your clicks your impressions pages that have got first
impressions how your content pages are performing your best content pages of
all time so this looks like a great little test pilot program hopefully that
people find it useful enough that it will
part of the regular service that you can opt into otherwise you know do keep an
eye on your analytics from time to time it’s the measurement part yeah that
makes it marketing yeah right it does float though just hope it does so you
know a lot of people trust that Google they do yeah but what else do they not
trust I’m just kidding I do have a great segue that was beautiful the story a new
study on native heads from out brain shows that while 28% of consumers so
that they have clicked on a native app only 22% of those folks say they trust
the content they find when they get there well so like eighth and eighth of
the people who might see your native ad are going to trust the content they see
that extra especially because it’s coming from out brand a native ad
platform but for reference it is better than Facebook’s trust level at 17% okay
so it’s got that going for them but it’s not caused by a fundamental
misunderstanding of the content or anything like that it really is a trust
issue over half of the folks surveyed said that they understand the content
they’re being served from native ads they just frankly don’t trust it so
distrust of content especially sponsored content of course is on the rise but
what can you do as a marketer to overcome that maybe use some backup
statistics data information things that can be easily fact check things relevant
sources and of course avoid gimmicks and tricks because long term that’s not
going to pay off so think about being a good friend to your customers and
showing them information they can realize exactly I keep saying that
instead of thinking about how to attract the attention think how you will earn it
and reward it so if somebody is like oh I was looking for instructions on how to
make a quiche and look it’s a recipe for a quiche without 800 words of backstory
and like frontier Diary for example that would help build your brand’s trust yeah
great happen do you suppose that Trust is one thing that b2b buyers one I would
suppose that that they really really want is that the zigg a zigg me to be
purchasing okay well we do have more stats on what beery buyers want
what they really really want some of them want to be sedated some of them
well know so say Pio research did this report for santa commerce none of those
are words but they are brands and respect that’s the savior research doing
report for santa commerce they found some of b2b buying behaviors always
fascinating to learn about so 41% folks said that email is their lead channel
for communication they prefer that but over half then of the total said that
they prefer email for delivering quotes so if you’re even if you’re
communicating in another way they would prefer to get those quotes by an email
so things that influence buyers what they’re looking at when they are trying
to make a purchase decision 47% said they’re conducting web searches yeah
53% are they’re not conducting web searches so that’s a challenge
okay i’m not a lead mechanism I guess 37 percent said they visit preferred
supplier sites so sites seem to be important they’re 36 percent read
reviews down a little further on that list only 31 percent said that they
talked to external salespeople Wow so of course that model we want to have the
salesperson be the consultative folks that’s not quite hitting for two-thirds
people so still have some work to do there earning people stressed but buyers
do want their info online so only 27 percent said they prefer offline
delivery those are the people who bought my carrier pigeons I’m guessing 50
percent of the respondents a half of them said they expect customer specific
pricing there’s something they want but only 33% said the price was a main
deciding factor so price as a differentiator as always squarely it’s
you know marketing job to create value outside of that price so what do you
think influences the choice of the vendor I don’t know are there like seven
or eight priorities that’s amazing I happen to know the topic in descending
order of importance all right tell me all right well first is the ability to
track online orders or orders online rather at 39% the ability to order
through an online sales portal close a 38% the ability to manage returns online
is 34% to pay online is 30 percent oh now that seems low yeah I
agree references and customer reviews are
equally important they’re at 33 percent online personalized buying experience
which we hear about a lot as marketers 29% product videos 27 and
recommendations from co-workers at the bottom of this list at 26 so it does
seem like what I thought was really interesting is it’s more of a priority
to track orders than to be able to place them right those those just kind of
fundamental aspects will help with that user experience and customer experience
things what it is yeah all right well that is all the news we have for you
this week we’ll be back next week with more digital marketing news if you need
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