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All right, good afternoon to September 27 2019 take five of Learn Digital Advertising this internet marketing trends Holy Hell Juan Has Video Your host Rick Maggio welcome back guys. I’m Juan and joining us today are Billy. Ash the chief digital officer of Today’s Business Hi, Billy. Hey Rick. Thanks for having us today. You bet and Forrest Old, the senior SEO strategist at today’s business. Thank you as well, sir Thanks for having me All right so we uh what we do in this segment is we basically Aggregate some recent stories and identify internet marketing trends and we just want to throw some stories that we’ve reported on recently To you guys and get your feedback, you know from the agency standpoint as well as just in general with you know The way Internet is going and marketing is going so, you know one you want to finesse through some of those stories Yeah we set up a couple of topics here to come up with you guys and see what your thoughts were and The first topic we got here is web privacy really big for 2019 a lot of companies taking a strong direction in Web privacy and it looks like the the first topic though a news article we want to talk about is how Firefox bought cookies essentially blocking Google Analytics by default in the browser and also how Google rebuttal to that and and asking for a fair set of guidelines to be able to have some sort of Agreement amongst all the different browsers and keeping the internet. That’s the natural way of Free content and cookies and gave monetize that way for Google as far as uh your thoughts on that for us I know you’ve given us a couple of thoughts on it already, but you give us a good idea. I mean ultimately Let’s start with Mozilla first. So we’re talking about browser that once was one of the biggest ones chrome comes in about ten years ago Has really just taken over the market for virtually What 60 70 percent of people in the United States? So we’re looking at in terms of short term use Chrome is still going to hit the pejorative people. That’s Google’s baby They’re not going to disable things for digital marketers because they’re going to shoot themselves in the foot Meanwhile with Mozilla we have about 6 to 7 percent market share. It’s that as a browser This setting is only default for new Insull So right now we’re looking at what half a percent of users at the very most it might be actually hiding themselves from digital marketers So in the short term, I’m not really that concerned now as things go along we’ve seen gdpr come out last year We’ve seen things with Facebook. We’ve seen things with Firefox now We see browsers and search engines come together before for things with schema to work together on a Standard set of guidelines. Google’s all obviously proposed something I’m sure that there will be some modifications coming along but Google’s too powerful Digital marketing is too important to modern-day Use that we aren’t going to be able to do something with whether it’s keeping cookies and just hiding Users in some new way or if it’s developing a new sort of pixel technology Which satisfies these privacy concerns that people have but ultimately As things go down the line if we’re seeing less information come in and we have a harder time of reporting to clients It’s on us as the strategists to Convey the significance of this to our clients. It makes things challenging but we saw at one point that Google Analytics used to have keywords now you basically see What two or three keywords and 97% of that’s obscured but we have certain tool. I I’m not too concerned about this We just have to see how things evolved and make sure that we’re on top of it. Of course Anything I’d add to that force is that it just makes us as marketers It makes the data that we are able to control the email addresses that we’re acquiring And really all the information we’re able to acquire from our users by them finding it to us makes that more More prevalent just because controlling the data that they can’t take away from you is definitely something we should be moving forward towards Yeah all good points And then Billy to like specific to Facebook now Facebook is recently Enabled users the ability to see sort of who’s tracking them as well as to clear You know specific cookies And in addition to that to just block them all together as far as any sort of tracking with regards to Facebook You know, what are your thoughts on the advertising end and also just from the long-term trend there? what impact do you think that’s going to have our users just going to go gung-ho and just Just say now. Don’t track me anymore. Or you know, what do you think? Well, I’m not doing that and I know that you like that Rick as well I’m always been a big believer and send me targeted advertisements. I’d like to see things. I’m interested in not things I’m not um, you know in regards to the Facebook pop policy I think this obviously comes down to all the government issues that have been coming to play Definitely plays a large role in what Facebook is trying to do with their PR arch. We’ve all seen the commercials lately If not, you’re not watching any TV But you know everybody everything within Facebook is we’re going to be transparent. We’re going to show you everything If these books reputation sheds anything they’re gonna tell you that and then they’re gonna manipulate the data some other way to market to you So as a marketer I’m kind of a little bit scared because last year They took away one third of my targeting options because they said we were all Racists and then this year they said that were just trying to pinpoint everybody and market to one specific users So, you know Facebook made a huge change with when they eliminated eliminated those Targeting options and invested a lot into the pixel. So the cross The fact that Facebook’s allowing. This just makes me believe that they have other ways to make sure that if you visited that website That you’re gonna see those tailored advertisements and that could be based on profile information All the other apps that they’re beginning to grow are beginning to own or their Display Network, so I really It’ll make change some things but Facebook’s got to produce that money one way or another now. They’re not gonna block us from Having any ROI on our advertisements so that kind of my summary Just to jump in there one more thing like when really think about user behavior How many people do we really think? Are going to go in and edit their privacy settings I mean no offense to certain demographics, but I know some people just don’t know how to navigate that stuff or don’t pay attention to it and some of this has been Sensationalized and it’s been part of politically for instance. Does it have an impact? Absolutely. We very seen it have an impact but Will this potentially die down? it’s something that we also have to consider that is this just the flavor of the month thing where we see things digitally just move forward in a different way and the people who are making the rules just have another two years to catch up and understand so in some ways I’m I’m not concerned. But in other ways it’s It’s to be determined I guess yeah, would you say of course you made a big point on there is Truly who’s going in and doing that if you’re able to go in and figure out how to block your Facebook advertisements Which they’re not making easy to do You’re probably the person that this isn’t affecting My mom who I would be sending all my facebook advertising to because they makes the purchase decisions and the house has no idea how to change your email let alone to Get rid of all of our Facebook advertising so I think we’ll be pretty safe Until at least our generation gets to be the older group. I Didn’t want to name-drop my mom Sorry Donna no all really good points and I think as marketers we all can agree that you know, we hope this gets sorted out – Billy’s point about you know, the lawmakers being two years behind, you know We hope that the industry themselves the Facebook’s the googles can all sort of get along and come up with sort of that Common good, you know privacy to protect privacy but you know at the same time keep ads relevant and most importantly for the end user keep content free and that’s Hopefully where we’ll end up we’ll see where it goes So, let’s jump into some SEO changes here I guess I can lead with this one the you know recent changes to SEO Specific to you know, snippets and rich results, you know, I got this example I wanted to pull up quickly here. And this is a a Double stacked snippet here. And this is something that Juan actually found And you know I haven’t seen anything double stacked like this before And it just led me to think How much of our content is going to end up completely on Google and off our websites? You know how much of it? You know, how much control are we going to have and you know recently Google has released Sort of some guidelines for how to control that a little bit So within the HTML of a web page, you can actually control, you know, how much character-wise you know The snippet could be taken or whether a snippet could be taken it all from a certain page or video or image So, I mean this whole new set of controls for webmasters to control what gets pulled into the SERPs You know, what? Does this say to you as far as where we’re going? you know both on the client side and Immediately like what? What do we do about it now for our clients and then going down the road? You know, what is what are the surfs gonna look like in in a year or six months even from now? How is this gonna change three thoughts a night guys? Yeah, I mean I jump in I think the The role that Rich Snippets have played in the last year is obviously continued to grow I think this is really in line with a Conversation I was having the other day about a rich snippet that we had and received that On we didn’t answer the question things like that happened and I think this is Google’s Combat to that. Hey, I want to listen my top five things and I’m getting a paragraph within Within my rich snippet, that’s not great. Hey, how do I Fundraise and I’m getting five ways to download your app. That is fundraising, but it’s not really answering the question Those are type of the things that I think Google is really trying to combat with this and just make sure that the information They are providing is correct In regards to keeping people off the site. I think this plays a huge role in what people consider and I mean This is the most cliche marketing term is over, but the thought leader within the industry I know I know. I know I have everybody Listen, I think The whole thought leader of having and controlling a rich snippet means something People don’t understand things people understand one thing about Google if you show up number one. You must be right I used to be like almost like the old pricing model like oh if you have the highest pricing product You must have the best product. It’s not always true. I would say seventy percent of time it’s not but I think us as marketers kind of just have to make sure that the snippets that we are retaining or relative I have believed that me this is really Google’s combat to make sure that we aren’t trying to manipulate that and we are providing those users and the last thing that I’ll say about this is Google’s been trying to keep everybody on site for at least the last year everything that they’re doing within the discover discover phase amp amp integration which we’re going to get to everything is really going Towards stay on our site We’ll answer your questions and we’ll provide you to the correct direction so as marketers Yeah, I think it’s about making sure that our snippets are correct I know we’ve talked about different things like manipulating snippets how we can do those things Ron was talking about that a little bit before in our previous conversations But III think there a lot that we can do there. But yeah For us were your thoughts on that? for me, I mean ultimately this is kind of google, asking for help for a little bit like as Billy said Featured snippets. How often are they? Really? Right, it just kind of speaks to where Google’s AI is and where its algorithm is. I can look up a sports team and see that for the sport teams players We’re seeing players who haven’t been on the team for about ten years There’s work to be done. And so they’re looking for help with From the webmasters and the SEO s of these sites that are truly competitive to Help curate better content for the young user and as marketers we have that incentive if we help Google out if we’re doing things right, we’re making it easier for them to Display a better result We’re likely going to be displayed more Consistently and having things which we want to display correctly whether it’s a picture whether it’s the logo of the company These are things which having greater Granular control over or having the right content within an article get displayed that we had in mind I think that it’s mutually beneficial now when it comes to everything living on Google I Just look at it. This way is that there’s going to be an antitrust suit against Google would then the next ten years, so Will everything living who you’re giving them a lot of time on that? I will say that there will be a legitimate antitrust suit by 2022. I think that there’s already kind of The stirring of the pot by Trump and like it’s already been happening over in Europe But some of the things that are going to be enough during this sort of process It’s how much Google actually controls so will we see more of a democracy? democratization of the Results, I think it’s very possible Yes Definitely and the most definitely those propagated a bit. So with that Amplification in the background in in regards all of that. Definitely. I can see that 2022 happening for for Google there so I mean as far as moving forward with the SEO changes like there are some topics that recently came up as far as like an algorithm ship as far as news content and Focusing on the latest news instead of I mean on the original news instead of the latest knows so Google Tensor wants to give you the freshest information, right so and that has led to a lot of misinformation I would say because of the competitiveness of wanting to be the first the next one up the next one to get the clicks So their algorithm they take a shift toward original news. Um What kind of impacts do you think? I mean, it’s not a large scale Effect as far as like traffic maybe but maybe in the general terms of this whole fake news situation What what kind of effects do you think that’ll have on the future term? What do you think? Oh, Yeah, as a former journalist this one sake let me know I I think that ever since really Time Warner brought at CNN Journalism has been the green and somebody who was a journalism major seeing Half a stories come out and just kind of like that Sensationalization of the newsfeed and just every single little update being what you see If this update means that better quality stories are being written I’m very happy of that from a consumer standpoint now as a Marketer and working with our clients. I think that it’s not going to impact that many people because how many people are actually putting out news on a regular basis, which is really going to Stand tall it’s just going to be publishers for the most part for these publishers hopefully it incentivizes them to spend a little more time get their extra sources and put something together, which everybody wants to read So it’s it’s to be Determined because this is just the pendulum swinging in the other direction for Google trying to get that right balance with the results for the users but It remains to be seen if consumers will like it if they don’t well, we’ll see it switch back That’s a marketer. You know, I agree with Forrest completely as an end consumer, but as a marketer, I’m very interested I mean, obviously we’re doing an Internet news show now. We are reporting back on all those news All of the news is all the news that we didn’t directly report on so Where’s the lines? I don’t think we’re gonna be reporting fake news here. We’re just talking about some algorithm shifts Like is that I that’s where I’m trying to play where does it end? I have a lot of b2b companies here that we Continually put out industry updates We want to make sure that there’s a latest news about the industry. So and so in a store remodeling we do a lot of B2b for story models. That’s something that we report back on Those are things that we included in amp pages so that we could show up in those That news section. How does that defer to us when it’s not a political news section III would imagine based on Where I would be if I was Google I put all my efforts into the trap people really care about of original sources and the political world I’m being interested to see sports I run a fantasy football website for affiliate marketing if I write about LeSean McCoy getting injured this week Do I have an opportunity to not or am I never going to show up now? Because I didn’t we’re back on that I’m not ESPN. So it’s interesting to see how those will actually play in different subject matters when we talk about news I’d love to have my eyes on the analytics of some of the larger news outlets to sort of measure Exactly what that impact was, you know with Larry digital advertising comm we do publish a lot of news It’s absolutely we’re absolutely never the first source. That’s another thing We try to sort of add our value in the analysis of it and everything, but it goes to ask, you know What is the best answer right? It’s not always the original and it’s not always the latest chances are it’s somewhere in the middle and quite honestly with you know Competing with some monster authority sites, it becomes very difficult Because for two fold, I mean they’ve got the authority to rank and then they’ve got the You know bankroll to pay for, you know full time around the clock sort of reporting so yeah it really I think it seems that from my view push that benefit towards the larger corporation again, and Going back to just again funneling traffic to sort of larger websites and making it a little bit harder in theory, but for young I’d say for you know, less authoritative sites to rank, but It’ll definitely be interesting to see how that plays out Because it’s I feel like that’s a huge challenge to solve on Google’s part, you know ranking the best tennis shoes is a little bit maybe easier news a lot a lot of complicated factors in Sort of identifying, you know relevance not only relevance Authority and you know to your point as well, I curtsy Yeah That point Billy made about the sports being the latest news the most relevant and with something else the original might be the most relevant so bad that definitely it’s thoughts there Yeah, another another story just to keep moving on, you know rank Ranger reporting a loss of five characters in the search engine result pages Oh Does that matter? Does anybody have all their title tags, correct? Anyway, sorry Tells me nobody does Even see title tags with the Richards before I push it all down. Yeah You know, I think that’s just it’s a big it’s a trend Obviously as marketers we want to come up with the best practices and follow all these trends but am I going back and read editing all of the Tenno taxes three Four hundred page website now. I don’t know horse. Do you plan on doing that? I think ultimately title day attacks have always been one of those thing which SEO s have kind of a obsessed over and why because it’s the first thing for the web page that People see along with the actual URL or nowadays with breadcrumb schema You see abbreviated version of it converted into text and then the meta description these things do have value for Us to manipulate in the way that gets us to ring now in terms of this actually sticking to being five characters less I mean Google Expanded meta descriptions for two months and then they took it back and then they changed again and they took back in until I see it for a good solid three to six months as being yep now the best practice is to keep it to say 60 or 65 characters or it goes back to 70 or We really just look at it as like 550 pixels or whatever. I Don’t know if I really want to pay attention to it right now because I don’t know if it’s going to be valid to overhaul all these title tags Yeah. Oh Good points there. I want to jump to amp next. I’m a heart hit home with worse we did update all of our meta descriptions to include those and then after we hurt Across that way at all you handled that very well, I think Props for that. So I’m Jekyll and Hyde in general but especially with amp and SEO and as an SEO I was all going on amp when I first heard about it and then over I didn’t find numbers really supporting that that For client websites supporting amp really made a lot of sense and we seem to lose out on some conversions as well but you know the new articles that are starting to change my mind and Further integrations with like Google image and amp content Amp script being allowed. So to some some formats of JavaScript being allowed within amp pages Which I think is great for user experience and conversion optimization and that sort of thing As a whole guys. What are you doing with amp? Should we care? Should we be all in on amp and you know, follow the Google Bible for it? Or is it something that’s a little bit like we’re not really sure where this go. I Think it completely depends on the site for e-commerce for image-heavy sites for heavy blogging sites, I think all those it applies very well to Building out a good amp structure now the big thing with amp is you know, most people let’s say they’re running a wordpress site and they just Activate amp through a plug-in without doing much else that thing’s gonna look poor yes, you might get a few more impressions, but I absolutely agree with you Rick that you’re gonna get less conversions, but now we’re seeing The implementation of amp script it’s going to free more things up We’re seeing more Capabilities as people get used to what the guidelines are for amp what you can actually do I think that as long as Google is really pushing amp We’re going to meet to still cater to it for a certain group of websites Yeah Source and I we have definitely had different opinions throughout the years of amps here. I I’m with you Rick I think You know instantly we went gung-ho on it. Everything was amped up our impressions Skyrocketed and my bounce rate just went the exact same So, you know, I think There’s definitely things that’s a real answer Everyone else is writing about how awesome amp is and their traffic’s going off in life is life is so much better after amp Yeah, but the real answer is I don’t think that’s always the case. No It’s not I was just gonna say I’m reports. I think it depends on the page or on the content of the pages I’d also say that Yeah, maybe I want I was going to say if your site’s really slow You should make an amp site. But if you’re able to make an amp site, then you should just redevelop your site So, uh Contrast that what I will say though is something that we are trying and it we’re trying to because of What Google’s doing with all their display advertisements now? So Google will now display? Ads on amp pages That is a very big thing because they will also only send you to an amp landing page from those pages So that’s something that we’ve been trying to play around with is building out amp landing pages for display advertising Not only just the blog’s the blogs if you’re writing a blog about news You should absolutely have amp because you’ll never show up in the news section without it. But Your average service page am I amping everything not right now? I would be considered my landing pages just because that’s all based on a conversion rate and how fast my site loads in mobile traffic makes sense in terms of you know Even yeah with with you know amp not being fully implemented by any means on most sites, you know You you do have I guess an option for cheap inventory, you know that if that’s the direction that Google’s going with that I mean it’s gonna be cheap inventory for a while until they can either change their mind and send you to regular content or Or otherwise, it’s a good approach Sorry one no no The last thing that I would want to throw in there also is I think that as we move down in the future it’s really gonna come down to is amp gonna win out or as HTTP to going to win out that’s exactly where that’s going to give up. Hold on a second I’ve been waiting for this moment just as I can To you I Spent 20 minutes queuing that up. I had to use it at some point force gets it today. Thank you But no, seriously though, I think that amp is Has a lot of benefits and I think it’s not gonna go anywhere for publisher sites But for the average site the capabilities of HTTP who are potentially going to override Anything that you want to do with amp, it’s going to be more versatile. I know that Bruce clay is a big proponent behind HTTP 2, and I mean that guy’s been doing it for decades. He’s one of the og Godfather So I put a lot of faith in what his opinion is when it comes to this sort of thing. So I Don’t know it’s hard to say where I’ll go, but the fact that Google’s behind and it’s going to give it a much easier Like path to being successful just you look at things with like Edison versus Tesla with the AC versus DC back 120 years ago Edison won out with his current because he was a much better businessman. So one more time on that Network effects definitely come into play there. So Google keeps developing it you Gotta keep that in mind. All right, let’s wrap this in ten minutes. Let’s try to get through voice search I know there’s so much to talk about voice search one. You want to run us to maybe some of the yeah Yeah, we we brought us some stats here to cover voice search. It’s definitely a growing I guess everyday application for a lot of people and pretty much as of last year on the in the e-commerce space there are about 30 1 million people that did their shopping and research on a smart speaker and That’s up 31 percent from last year and you and as far as purchases goes 21 million of those would actually make purchase and this is according to an emarketer study and I mean assuming sole next year if last year was up 31 percent. I can only imagine they can keep going up and last year 50 percent of searches According to comScore by 2020 would be voice searches With that kind of trend in mind what what kind of I guess preparation expectations thoughts moving forward there You guys think you know the the biggest thing here, I mean, we just talked about snippets and making sure that our The information we’re providing behind the scenes. It isn’t It’s informative and correct. I think that just goes along with voice search I’m interested to see how voice search really plays in the e-commerce space. I think it will grow with the development of these at Holmes Personally, I only have like we’re havin an election Google home but neither of them have a screen so I never buy anything without a screen So that’s my opinion of the e-commerce. I think this really plays the biggest role in local. I am of The 31 I’m very interested to see you know, there’s 31 million people that did research on it 21 will actually make a purchase Is that all you come? Where does that play a role in the fact that When we’re done with this for us and I are going to happy hour and I’m asking where’s the closest happy hour news? I’m gonna go and make a couple purchases there on Friday. But you know, like does that count into this purchase cycle? So I’d be interested to hear about those stats. I think the e-commerce play is really important but as a marketer, I mean this is just if you’re not trying to Grow in voice search on a local scale. You’re you’re in trouble if you’re not trying to grow in low voice search as Just a general website. You’re gonna get a B in the long run. I don’t think people people don’t like reading nowadays We just like watching videos. I don’t think people are gonna like typing in Five years. We’re just gonna want to There’s no way that my iPhone in five years doesn’t just take whatever I say and actually correctly text it or search it. I Think we still have some of those problems which is causing some mishaps But I know I used my Google home all day every day for everything in my house. It controls my lights it controls everything so Me saying that I needed to order more toilet paper is Pretty legitimate. I I feel like I’m going to be doing that sooner rather than later To kind of follow up on what Phil is saying? Like it’s all excellent points you look at what people are doing now. It’s usually to answer a quick question. Ask what the weather is Do something in your home? but the middle thing which is where we see a lot of the stuff that’s going on with the schema is How do we take these things and expand it into? interactive experiences on a website or rather do we just remove the concept of a website altogether and just think of it as an interactive entity, so Let’s say we have a doctor We want to set up an appointment with we’re trying to find a new eye doctor We search for an eye doctor then it’s like we have these different results then you go to one of the results and then you get like a welcome sort of message from that website and that is telling people like please choose from the following in a Way, which is a little better than the prompt that you I would hope that you would get from your local CVS but imagine a time where you’ve customized the structured data to your site where it’s providing options in a natural speech pattern to make an appointment or learn more about the doctors or learn more about the procedures that they have in the conditions that they treat that to me is where we could easily see things move and ultimately for marketing That means that SEO s need to get more savvy with technical stuff and web developers need to continue to grow their skills So it’s there’s a lot of uncharted territory But I think ultimately the concept of a website and your digital presence is inevitably Not it’s not gonna look even remotely close to what it did in 2005 within the next few years Those those are all great points and I think a good theme though is just that standardization of data because for voice and Delivery of information to be really accurate to sort of take that next evolution How how can you you know, that’s at some point What is AI gonna be able to do for that versus a more standard format? You know I saw this TED talk and I’m gonna be terrible at quoting all the facts of this but the web founders or Tim berners-lee Coming up with this sort of open data project, which is not just web specific its data specific in general But it’s more of an effort to Get all data in a format where it can be queried and stored and used and you know Some of the examples I gave work you know all of these research studies and all the nitty-gritty that are behind them that just gets buried in an Institution because the institution did the research and everyone else is trying to accomplish the same thing but on the web side It’s just the simple fact of you know Search engines have played this role of trying to interpret data for all these years Once we sort of standardized all of this and I think that voice search is what’s gonna be a large part of driving this Um, I think the fact the simple fact that 50% of all searches will be voicing from you know Next year essentially is you know is going to just scream for a solution to you know, do better I love messing with my Google home. It is terrible. I actually set a timer yesterday for twenty five and a half years Which was pretty awesome So I’m hoping that that thing is still plugged in in twenty five and a half years, but you know I always like messing with it I got two little kids and they do the same thing and it messes up all the time, but it’s legit project product so that was one thing that really opened up my eyes as far as voice search and you mentioned your kids and it’s like essentially anyone who’s even If you can’t write if you’re not your literacy is not there. You can still talk and that’s that’s a whole new audience It’s gonna be added as far as search There’s gonna be kids people who actually have literacy issues is a bunch of people that are gonna be included in the internet That weren’t before and it definitely does change things. I would say. Yeah, I’d say just last name is that’s marketers. I mean Voice search is new you got a test. I know Amazon skills is something that we’ve been testing in regards to Incorporating that with our WordPress websites. There’s a lot of tools out there that will help you build a WordPress website To help you build a Amazon skill for WordPress websites we’re doing one in particular in regards to recipes right now So that you can just say hey, I need a chicken pie recipe and it’ll actually show up It’ll be our source. Once again to quote my favorite term, you know being that thought leader Continuing to kind of just row that but I really think We’ll continue to grow it and those that are testing and trying New things or just gonna be caught in the end or caught at the end One last thing Rick you up the danny devito bomb thing. All right figures ready? I think there’s a good chance. I Could see recant answer anything Look at there are stories out there of the nightmares that Apple has had in terms of developing Siri. It was the first one out there and now it’s way behind I expect that They probably won’t go with Google just because they don’t want to Give anything else the Google but it also wouldn’t surprise me if they opened it up for an auction. Where? Alexa Cortana, and Google assistant are Bidding for the rights to be the smartest and on the next iPhone Yeah, I mean I could say just from personal experience. I don’t think that product has improved In five years. No, I can’t tell you any intelligence. It still answers the same thing. I He I mean and the fact just the pure fact that it has to have an internet connection to do anything even Reasonable like I understand looking up data makes sense but I can’t tell you how many times I’m dropping a Wi-Fi and just heading out in the car somewhere and just Completely incapable of doing anything with Siri for two or three minutes and it’s not a network issue. It’s to me It’s a serious you there’s just product just isn’t good And to just kind of follow up on that ultimately you’re looking at the experience with Android and iOS They’re very very similar. But if everybody’s moving towards smart assistance Google has just they’re already digging the grave of Siri as far as I’m concerned They’re integrating it better into the operating system The next Google phone is going to have it as a standalone feature. So it’s going to be even faster. They can now do AI Run phone calls with duplex all these things Apple is not competing with on the same level anymore. So it just remains to be seen. Well, they Sacrifice their smart assistant if it means that they save hardware sales I think it’s gonna be a very real question for them sometime in the future Yeah, I think too on the business end. I remember the last Christmas they were basically giving the Google’s away I mean you could get this thing for like $12 or something Yeah but it was a Total like IBM play to like just get become the standard device in every home just like make it so insanely cheap Until like three conferences and everybody gave me a Google home I like to be spied upon I guess I don’t know. Yeah. Well, hey guys, it’s Friday and you got happy hour for stability Thank you guys for today’s business it Was great stuff over there. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to talking to you guys soon Thank you guys so much. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks


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