Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 262

Unknown Speaker 0:01
Alright, we are live. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 262. Today is the 13th of
November. And I don’t know if anyone else knows this. But apparently there’s something
called Black Friday at the end of the month and Cyber Monday. Apparently there’s some
sales or something going on. Well, we’ve got something even better to kick it off. So make
sure you keep your eyes and ears open for that we got some good stuff coming and it’s
going to be free. We’re not going to even require an opt in but more on that later.
Let’s talk to the guys real quick and then we got a couple announcements and we will
dive into your questions. So start on my left here, Bradley, how you doing today? Unknown Speaker 0:39
Good man hanging out, working hard, instead of hardly working. Unknown Speaker 0:45
Are you going to go like a TV writing this weekend? Or is it now Unknown Speaker 0:48
I’ve got my daughter this weekend. So it’s her weekend but uh, December 6 that weekend.
I’m going for to my favorite spot Diamond Southwestern Virginia again for the weekend.
Actually I’m going on the fifth for Thursday the fifth so looking forward to that although
it may be cold it should be fun. Unknown Speaker 1:08
Nice. Nice. Marco speaking of weather How you doing man? Unknown Speaker 1:12
Man? I’m starting to get cold down here. You guys are sending your cold Unknown Speaker 1:20
it was almost 65 last night. Oh Unknown Speaker 1:24
ridiculous. Unknown Speaker 1:26
Stop it. Arctic Well, whatever whatever you want whatever you guys are doing up there
Stop it. We don’t want it. Unknown Speaker 1:33
Well, speaking of cold Chris How you doing? Like Unknown Speaker 1:38
there’s nothing to complain it’s cozy warm and that was out today and it was sunny. Unknown Speaker 1:44
Yeah, life is good man. Unknown Speaker 1:47
Awesome. Hernan and Hernan you still you’re in Miami, right for a little bit in South
Florida. Yeah, I’m still suffering there until Saturday, actually, when I’m flying back to
when Osiris Today’s be they’re going to be spending holiday season with family. But also
exciting for next week and the week after, which is going to be Black Friday, so that’s
gonna be pretty cool too. So that’ll be here. Outstanding. Yeah. Well, it’s good stuff.
And I’m happy to be here in case anyone wants to know, the weather is just fine. It’s like
70 I guess. I don’t know. It’s cloudy. So great. Anyway, Unknown Speaker 2:22
what’s that? Are you guys celebrating 11th of November as well? Unknown Speaker 2:27
Um, no, is that a thing? Unknown Speaker 2:31
I didn’t know. Like, I noticed there was were all kinds of like online sales on the 11th
of November. So I was Unknown Speaker 2:37
actually quite surprised. Unknown Speaker 2:39
1111 maybe just like making use of the numbers. You know, right. Fair enough. Well, I missed
out on that since Unknown Speaker 2:46
it’s just like every year, people start putting their Christmas trees and decorations up and
station start playing Christmas music earlier on earlier every fucking year. So I imagine
Black Friday starts getting earlier on early Every year now to so Unknown Speaker 3:02
jet rise. So real quick if you’re new to us, welcome. You’re in the right place. You didn’t
end up on the weather channel or discussion of holidays. You are in fact at Hump Day Hangouts
and we’re going to answer your digital marketing questions shortly. But just so you know, you’re
in the right place, you can always ask your questions on the page, unless of course, it’s
broken and you can’t get to the page like people were doing today. In which case come
back in a few hours after we screw up our technical issue and come back and answer your
question whether or not you can make it live you can always ask your question. We encourage
you to be here live so you can get clarification or asked or gets more information from you
as well as occasionally we do some fun stuff like giveaways. But you can always catch the
replays on YouTube and get your answers that way. Secondly, if you haven’t yet grabbed
the battle plan that is your next step, head over to battle plan dot Semantic Mastery,
calm for repeatable process, everything from new websites, age domains, YouTube channels,
whatever it is go there and past that. If you’re ready to grow your digital marketing
business then you probably want or you should want a community that includes fast access
to real world info and that’s what the mastermind is all about. You can find out more at mastermind
dot Semantic Mastery calm. And for everyone, no matter where you’re at and ourselves included,
we recommend getting stuff done right. You build a team, you build processes, you outsource
and you get it done for you. And that’s why exist you can head over there and
get our way as Dr. Stack syndication networks, press releases link building, embed all sorts
of stuff with some really, really kick ass stuff coming here in November. We week Black
Friday and then into the new year. We got some good stuff coming. Unknown Speaker 4:42
I have two public service announcements. Unknown Speaker 4:47
Adams Sorry to interrupt. Yeah, let’s do it. Black Friday will be on Wednesdays from now
on. I just determined that. And to all joking aside, we always say that be And the mastermind
has its privileges. Well, I’ve been personally working really hard and incorporating some
some really not gonna say what it is, but some just some really neat things into the
mastermind to make the user experience to and to make Pete people finding what they’re
looking for. To make that way better to improve the experience so that people can come in
and find exactly what they’re looking for where it is, you know, so whatever it is that
you’re trying to find, Mark will talk shit about Google on and I can’t remember when
Well, it’s not finished, not 100% because there is artificial intelligence involved.
And interestingly enough the world is the SEO world is an uproar because of Burt, and
we’re actually using in the Semantic Mastery mastermind so again, mastermind being a member
of the Semantic mastermind does have its privileges because you’re first to get everything that
we do business building and ideas and concepts, and all of these different things. Hey, on
tomorrow’s mastermind webinar will be talking about Bert and AI and and what it is actually,
because you see all of these discussions and all of these forums and then all these Facebook
groups, and nobody has an I’m not going to drop an F bomb here. Nobody has an effing
clue as to what it is that they’re talking. They don’t know what Bert is. And all you
have to do is go into the documentation to see what bird is and what it does. And you’ll
know that it’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Absolutely nothing because of the way
that we teach you how to do things in the Semantic Mastery Mastery. So not only does
it have its privileges in that we give you cutting it and anything that we can do to
make your Your life easier to enter to make, whether its clients whether tank, whatever
it is, it’s it’s there and we give it to people but it’s also we try to make your life easier.
We try to do all of these different things. Because you’re a member of the Semantic Mastery
mastermind, they will the membership, you know, it’s included in the membership fee,
nobody will have to pay extra for all the work that went into the back end of the mastermind
to make things so much better. So, I’m sorry, it seems like it’s a pitch fest for the mastermind.
And I should be pitching the hell out of it. Because it’s so good. We get we get testimonials
time and again, of how well our stuff works. And so yeah, we should we should be here,
tooting our own horns and singing our praises and whatever. I’m not going to go into that
anymore. Just I’m just letting people know if you’re in the Semantic Mastery mastermind,
be there tomorrow and and see just just how much we have improved the learning experience.
Let’s call it Unknown Speaker 7:58
Amen. got one more to add on to that you guys are now made a post believe on November 4
about big news for Bradley. Bradley is going to be putting together some training, we decided
based on the response. There’s still a little bit of time if you want to get down on this,
and what it is, is step by step program on how to grow, grow a massive brand using YouTube
and GDN. ads. And, you know, we just want to engage, because we have, especially Bradley
didn’t want to be putting in a lot of time and effort doing the training, you know, right
leading up into the holidays if people weren’t interested. But so far, we’ve got 71 comments,
people interested in early access at a hell of a discount. So I’m going to put the link
in if you want to get in on that. Just comment, leave a gift or a comment on the Facebook
thread and we will be in touch with you shortly. We’re going to have some information that
information about that going up. Or Don says let me in I think he got booted from the from
Hump Day Hangouts. Unknown Speaker 8:58
He’s back in Unknown Speaker 9:00
Alright, well, guys, with that said, we got anything else before we get into questions
here. Unknown Speaker 9:09
I’ll just give a little update on a couple things. Number one, we’ve got anybody that
joined local kingpin, which was the Google ads, training for using search ads for lead
generation. That’s going to be an update webinar on Monday. Because the interface has changed
so much the principles are the method is still pretty much the same, though. There’s just
some slight differences that I’m going to cover. And the interface, Google Ads interface
has changed a lot. Plus they’ve got a lot of new or improved features, such as automated
bidding strategies and things like that, that I used to suggest never to use, but they’ve
gotten so much better over the last year and a half, two years because of AI and it’s so
much better. So artificial intelligence. And so we’re going to talk about that slightly
plus any any questions that anybody has So that’ll be Monday, it’ll be probably only
about an hour long. That’s just for me to give an update and answer questions. So if
you’re in local kingpin, I encourage you to get signed up for that. Also, the Google Ads
course that Adam was just talking about, that I’m going to be starting in two weeks, I think
it’s one and I say we’re going to do that. I think Monday, the 25th is going to be the
first webinar and that’ll be about 90 minutes, maybe longer if there’s, you know, a lot of
q amp A at the end, and then December 9, and that’s going to be a two part deal. The first
one will be about YouTube ads and how to use that for branding. And for not not not so
much lead generation it will produce leads, but it’s not a direct lead generator, it it
will but it’s more about branding, and also driving relevant traffic into your digital
assets. So your entity essentially. So we’re going to talk about YouTube on the first webinar.
And then on the second webinar. Again, that’ll be December 9. We’re going to talk about using
the Google Display Network. So it’s good Google Ads training specifically for YouTube and
the Google Display Network for setting up branding campaigns which works incredibly
well for both building brand awareness but also for generating relevant targeted traffic
from specific audiences from specific geo locations if it’s for local into your entities,
your digital assets for a particular brand which is great for SEO. So it’s a way for
using Google ads to not only produce relevant traffic but improve brand awareness as well
as help the SEO that your any SEO work that you’re doing, because you’re driving relevant,
targeted traffic from known audiences and Google to your SEO as your assets that you’ve
been doing SEO work on. And that takes care of Sir art, right activity, relevance, trust
and authority. Google understands that, that’s that recognize that traffic is an activity.
It’s relevant because it’s from known audiences and specific geolocation if that’s if it’s
for local you can you can target by geolocation, and it’s also trusted, trusted and authority
trusted traffic because it’s coming from Google’s known Google’s audience buckets. And essentially,
so it’s going to be it’s very, very powerful. I’ve just been crushing it with Google ads
for clients over the last several months. And it just works really, really well. And
I’ve been using them for my own business as well. And it’s, it’s just a great, great strategy.
So that said, It’s, um, it’s going to be a pre, like right now you can get in for like,
the pre training special or whatever, where it’s, it’s a third of what it’s going to be
once once I’m done recording those webinars, it’s going to be packaged up and sold for
probably 300 bucks, or right right, right around there. So if you want to get in for
a third of that, I would recommend that you go check out the post that Adam posted, comment
on it and then get signed up. Okay. Unknown Speaker 12:50
All right. So they’re more than welcome to wait and pay us more later. Yeah, that’s fine
too. But I would suggest for people not to wait. Unknown Speaker 12:58
Alright, so can we get into it? Now, Unknown Speaker 13:01
let’s do it. Unknown Speaker 13:02
All right, we got the screen. Unknown Speaker 13:10
Okay, somebody confirm. Unknown Speaker 13:13
Good to go. Unknown Speaker 13:14
Okay, so everybody can see my humping Wednesday. mean GIFs alright. Unknown Speaker 13:24
Hump Day right, Wednesday. So, Alright, so the first questions are and it’s multiple
questions. It’s 13 pages worth of questions from Fred Wilson and Fred. Well, I appreciate
your and I really do. I appreciate your questions. That’s a bit much for Hump Day Hangouts. And
also, it’s getting a little bit into the weeds for stuff that we would typically only cover
in this much depth in mastermind, which I’m sure you’re fully aware of that, as a former
mastermind member, or an RYS Academy reloaded specifically since it’s so it pertains to
Dr. Stack stuff and kind of deep into the weeds. But with that said, Marco, how much
of this do you want to answer? Unknown Speaker 14:07
I haven’t really pre read the question. So, Unknown Speaker 14:11
yeah. So should I give you about 10 minutes to get through it? Unknown Speaker 14:14
All right. Do you have a general question that you can add the I’d be more than happy
to answer general questions, but if it’s something that’s specific, yeah, that again, membership
has its privileges and this things that I’m only answer for paying members and and I mean,
that that’s just that’s the way it should be. I’m sure that people who have paid three
$4,000 for the course would appreciate me keeping the secret sauce in where it belongs. Unknown Speaker 14:43
Yeah. And I agree and that, you know, I’ve read through the first two sections of this
three part question this three section question, and I realized that it’s, it’s a lot more
in depth than what we would typically answer on a free Hump Day hangout because it’s getting
into very specific tactics. From RYS reloaded, we would cover it also in the mastermind,
I’m sure. But this is not something that we can get that deep into it. That said, I’ll
give you kind of a general overview, and I’ll kind of answer it and let you take add to
it, Marco, and then we’ll move on to the next one. So Fred, we would welcome you back to
the mastermind at any moment. If we’re going to RYS reloaded, either one of those would
be good places to get this particular question answered. But that said, He’s talking about
his food business, his food tour business and talking about how to add additional relevancy.
He did some keyword theme research using sem rush and looking at some of the competitors
and found that there is some other keywords other than just food tour type keywords that
can help to add relevancy that are kind of associated with the food tour business, but
he hasn’t been targeting them. And so the question is would adding in some of these
other types of keyboard themes into the DR stack folders as sub folders within food tour
folders, would that help to add relevancy? And because of the association that Google’s
is showing? And so I mean, to me, you’ve already answered your question. Yes. You know, if
there’s if there’s a way to create that association, that you’re you’ve discovered by doing some
additional research, looking at competitors using some tools like sem rush and all of
that kind of stuff, then yeah, you can you can add that additional relevancy into your
drive stack. And that’s going to certainly help. Unknown Speaker 16:31
I don’t know if you want to go further than that. Marco. Unknown Speaker 16:33
Yeah. Just Just a little bit, because, I mean, I can answer this generally we go after, especially
the way that our keyword research, VA is are taught, we go after anything that Google considers
relevant. In a keyword, research cake, and we give you we give you guys whoever orders
the gig, the deep keyword research, all of that information. We do separate the movie
will give you tasks will give you silos will give you information that we feel is where
the money makers are, what the relevant keywords are, and maybe something that that that that
isn’t a money keyword, but Google still thinks that that is relevant. All of that is necessary
because what we do inside the DR stack is create relevant and push. Right? We create
a relevance push from everything that we do from the spider web silo, to the way that
the DR stack is built to the way that the G site is built to the way the inner pages
are done to the way that we mimic what’s on the website. So yes, by all means, I don’t
care. We do use sem rush for keyword relevance, but but that’s not necessarily what will target
what we do is we use Jeffrey Smith’s ultimate SEO bootcamp training. And we go according
to how he teaches what the top level categories are. Then from there, work down and create
the silos there, you will create three silos. But everything that’s relevant should be at
it. Remember, when network Empire started talking about color, current stuff, it’s not,
it’s not there. But they began talking about it. And they began explaining it more what
it was all about what it means. And really, that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying
to create all of this in a self contained Google environment for the bot to feed on,
which is, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Unknown Speaker 18:33
Yeah. And so the next question part of this, which it’s kinda interesting that you asked
this, Fred, because we covered this, our own our very own data. You know, master link builder,
was at our live event, hopefully live 2019 in Denver, just recently, and he was he was
talking about doing something similar that you’re asking about, which is adding q&a.
Questions and Answers into a doc within your dr site within your Dr. Stack and just linking
back to the source but not actually hyper linking just putting like the text based link.
So you’re providing citation, but what so you’re citing the source, right? So you’re
providing attribution, but you’re not hyper linking back. I would say that should be okay,
provided you’re not copying, you know, if you’re just copying snippets, like what is
shown in the Google search results for the q amp a section. So when you search for a
question in Google, and it brings up that featured snippet, which is a q amp a box,
right, and it’s got the drop downs, and you click the drop down, and then it shows a short
it shows the full question and then a short answer and a link back to the source where
it’s pulling that answer from that question and answer from you can embed that or you
know, kind of copy and paste that into a Google doc or something like that. And then still
late as long as you’re not expanding by going to the actual destination URL and copying
more of the content. It’s just a snippet. So it falls under the same rules of curating
content would be on a blog post in that, if you’re just highlighting, you know, reusing
republishing a short snippet from somebody else’s content, and then you’re providing
attribution citing the source, then it should be okay. Now, some people, some publishers
will still make eventually, you know, sometimes they may find it and they may request that
you unpublish it. But as far as it being a copyright infringement, as long as it’s just
a small snippet, and it’s you’re citing the source, it should, it should never be an issue.
Although like I said, out of courtesy, if anybody ever were to contact you and say Please
take this down or unpublished this, then you know, I would recommend that you just do it
to avoid any sort of, you know, some sort of stupid battle that could could ensue. Although
again, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it legally because you are citing the
source and it falls within specific brand. Members of the DMC act right there were the
digital, whatever Copyright Act. So I would just, you know, encourage you not to go any
any further than what is shown in the snippets and the featured snippets within Google search. Unknown Speaker 21:14
That said, also, Unknown Speaker 21:17
you’re asked about curating Unknown Speaker 21:20
is it cure is curating a lot of content about a topic putting it inside the Dr. Stack, then
putting links to your money site, the correct way to push relevancy for your money site?
Again, yes, you can do that. Same thing is by curating content on your money site, you
can do that. Right. So think about that. That’s what we’ve taught for years is the best way
to generate content before even money site blog posts unless you’re a subject matter
expert and you’re creating 100% original content. The problem with that is even as a as a subject
matter expert, sometimes you get you run out of ideas. But there are a ton of other subject
matter experts. I’m not talking about buying shitty content farm content, I’m talking about
locating subject Matter content written by subject matter experts pertaining to your
topic, right or your niche your industry, and then republishing, once again snippets
of it, and giving credit to where it’s, you know, citing the source giving attribution.
And in the case of curating on a blog, your money site blog, you know, we always recommend
hyper linking to the source. And just using nofollow External links, that’s what I’ve
always done. Um, but that’s very, very powerful. Because once again, you can create an original
article out of using snippets of other people’s content, where you’re just adding commentary
and opening paragraph commentary in between pieces of curated content, which doesn’t have
to be just articles, it can be videos, infographics, don’t curate images. Please don’t do that.
You can. That’s a no no, but you can curate infographics, videos, mp3, so audio files,
you know, other other articles, you can curate all that kind of stuff. And it helps because
it allows you To be able to produce content very quickly, inexpensively. And you can even
train a virtual assistant, somebody that’s not a subject matter expert how to locate
good content, and compile it in a logical fashion, and then just add commentary. So
in other words, you know, you can come up with a topic for a blog post, find supporting
articles or even differing opinion articles, right so that you can do a compare and contrast
or pros and cons or argue both sides of a topic in particular curated article, if that
makes sense. It’s very, very powerful. And it’s a great way to create co citation, which
is similar to co occurrence in that you’re linking out to other relevant sources. And
so again, we talked about all of that in content kingpin, it’s a training course that is still
100% relevant today. I still use that for all of my clients, that same exact method
for curating content for all of my clients. You can apply that to drive stack stuff to
you’re still going to build that relevancy, topical relevancy. Just make sure you’re Giving
attribution even if you’re not hyper hyper linking to it, I recommend you absolutely
always give credit where credit is due. Anybody want to comment on that? Unknown Speaker 24:10
No, I totally agree. It’s a matter of mirror right? Everything that you would do on the
money site you do on the on the dive second t site, including curating content. That’s
right. Unknown Speaker 24:23
Okay, cool. Well, the next question is from Katie. Hi, guys. How do you add schema markup
to press releases for a local business? Press advantage? Send an email with a link to Google
structured data markup helper tool to create the code but on the page, it is asking to
select a data type and then paste your URL of the page you wish to mark up. What URL
do we enter here? I don’t know. Because I don’t use that tool. I’m going to point out
another one here for you in a moment. The press release is not yet published. So it
has no URL to target the markup and the data type is to tick in and the data type to tick
is local business. Thanks know and here’s why. Because if you’re if you have your own
press advantage account, or even if you Buy him through MDYB. And we set up an organization
page or you set it up through your own account, right? So you set up an organization page,
that’s where you should have your local business markup. If it’s, you know, an organization
page for local business, you should have your local business structured data markup in the
organization page, right, which will get added to all of the press releases that get pushed
out. And some many not all, but many of the publication sites that were they get published
to will actually pick up that Jason LD code for local business markup. Okay, so you add
that to your organization page. However, I’ve got press advantage open here. Let’s see if
it hopefully it brings me into the same standby I’m gonna have to pause my screen for a moment
because it my plugin that reset my browser that Marco pointed out, a reset my Unknown Speaker 25:55
reset the tab, so give me one second while I get Unknown Speaker 25:58
what you’re looking for. Let me just tell people That if your press release gets published
and you go and look at some of the websites were able to publish, and you don’t see the
schema markup, but you you don’t see an iframe that you send out or whatever, that’s not
on us. It’s not It’s not even on on press advantage. It’s actually on that website,
not wanting, you know, stripping out all of the code. But what we want anyway, is we want
to get that in as many places as we can. And that’s why I go it goes out to the entire
publication network, but not not every website will publish whatever it is that you submitted,
just did just to make it clear to everyone because we do get support tickets about that.
And it’s like, yeah, there’s nothing that we could do. Unknown Speaker 26:45
Yeah, so to show you what I’m talking about. First of all, if we go to press advantage
for the organization, which I should I forgot I got my my ID page looped into this is going
to break the browser. Let me see if I can get to Page Source before everything down.
Um, Alright, so let’s see if it’ll pull this up. It might not. Okay, there we go. So if
we scroll down, we’ll see right here is my local business structure data markup starting
right here. From here to there. That’s my local business structure data markup, that’s
part of the organization page. Right. And so again, as Marco just mentioned, some sites
when we publish when it distributes the press releases, it has this codependent to it. You
know, it started with it with the press release, but some sites will pick it up and publish
that Jason LD code as well. What I think you’re talking about is for individual press releases,
so here I am inside the dashboard. If you scroll down now there’s a section says enter
JSON LD schema, this will be attached to the release in addition to any organization specific
schema. So that’s what I was talking about before. If it’s a local business, you want
it which is what I was showing here. You want to have local business structure data markup
on the page, right that their organization page, but then For the individual, a press
release, excuse me, you can add additional schema markup here. So what I would recommend
here and you know you can do other stuff too depends on what you’re what you’re having
published. But what I would recommend is going to and this is a tool that I use most of the
time, we’re going to have one in MGYB. here shortly, I’m not sure if it’s available yet.
But this is the one that I’ve been using for quite some time. Now. If you just go to Google
and search for schema markup generator, look for technical SEO. com or just go to technical
SEO. com and look for the schema markup generator, which is over here in the left sidebar. There’s
different types of schema markups that this tool will will generate different types of
schema. And so the very first one is article click on article and then when you look down
here, when it when it loads this page, you come down here to Article type, and there’s
actually one for news article. So select news article, and then just fill out these fields.
And here’s your schema code over here on the right hand sidebar. Once you’ve completed
all these fields, Then you just copy that, and paste that into press advantage over here.
Now again, there’s other types of schema that can be generated. So it depends on what the
article is going to be about. But just doing news article schema markup is is very, very
powerful, right to add to each individual press release. Okay, so that’s what I would
recommend. There’s other tools out there that will generate this stuff to guys, this is
just the one that I typically use. Okay. There’s a good question. Now, by the way, that said,
I gotta tease this a little bit. I’m inside my blog for that same company, I was just
sharing my real estate business. And this we’ve got coming soon. We’ve got some pretty
cool stuff coming up. And like the plugin will generate this Jeffrey Smith plugin, but
it’s the pro version, which isn’t released yet, but it’s coming soon. And it’s got all
the schema markup generator right inside WordPress for all every different type of schema, you
can think of. It’s fabulous. And so that same type that same article markup right there,
if we come down here, there’s an article type, blog posting or news article. And then I can
just fill out all this stuff. It creates the code right down here and embeds it into the
header of this particular blog post. And I can click update, and boom, that’s going to
have the same type of Article markup that we were just sharing. Pretty powerful stuff.
So be on the lookout for that guys soon, early next year. Unknown Speaker 30:28
That was a good tease. Right, guys? Unknown Speaker 30:31
Perfect. Unknown Speaker 30:33
All right. Next one is assignment. He says, We’re marrying the main website to the G site.
Can you just embed the website pages on the site pages? Or is it necessary to copy and
paste the content for each website page on to the G site pages, I just use the embeds.
I’m lazy like that, right. I work on the money site pages. That’s what I flush out with good
content. And I mirror them onto the site. And then I just and I do some other really
cool stuff. We’ve been talking about how I do silos now. locations. So there’s topical
silos and in location based silos, but I do it in a very unique way. And it works really
well, especially when you use a G site. And yeah, all I do is grab the embed or create
an iframe out of the money site pages, and embed them into the G site page, then I optimize
the title of the G site page, obviously. And then, you know, you can mirror that into a
folder inside of your folder and files inside of your drive stack. And then just smash that
shit with embeds and or links, or both. And it works really, really well hit ever remember,
that’s your SEO shield. So we do everything externally to the SEO shield, right? So that
would be the G side the drive stack and all of the tier one entity assets, which by the
way, you can you can actually take those iframe into your syndication network properties to
guys think about that. So right, there’s no reason you can’t push those embeds through
to Your syndication network properties to a good question though, Paul Thompson says,
Does proper schema markup feed the bot enough that we don’t need to worry about creating
long articles on the pages we want to rank? No, but it does. It does definitely help a
lot when Mark is probably going to be better at answering this one than me. I would still
for money sites stuff still flesh out the pages, but adding structured data, like what
I just showed with my blog, where you were, you know, again, you can add it manually now
like right now, since the pro plugins not available, this there might be other plugins
out there that do it, but I don’t know if they provide the schema code that’s 100% up
to date. I know that a lot of times they’re not updated enough. I’m not speaking bad about
anybody else’s plugin. I just haven’t used them. But you can have like a code insert
or plugin right so like. So go ad scripts header, footer and things like that header,
footer type script plugins where you can add scripts into the header, the header The head
section or foot section or body section of any individual page or post, and you can go
use schema creators like what I just shared, and create schema markup and and then put
them into each one of your posts or pages or whatever, so that you’re adding additional,
you know, schema structured data that the bots love and I mean, that’s guys, you’re
you’ll you’ll have an edge over a lot of your competitors if you do that kind of stuff.
But I would still recommend that for money site stuff, you flush the content, the content
of the page out to market would say you Unknown Speaker 33:31
Yeah, I mean that absolutely. Two things right. structured and unstructured data structured
data is for the bot feed the bot as much as you can, which is exactly what we do. And
why we use drive stacks and empty sites an iframe and everything that the entities entity
stack, and everything else that we don’t I mean that it there’s there’s a method to our
madness. Now, if you then go and you send them person to a page. And now now we’re talking
about people, we’re not talking about bots, because what’s going to happen is you’re going
to rank. And that’s going to bring your traffic onto the page. And if there’s nothing on that
page to engage the person, then we no longer care about the but now we care about that
person coming to the website and converting, finishing the action that they were set out
to do, because if that person comes on the website, and bounces, then you did you defeated
the entire purpose of creating the all of the stalking that we created in the first
place, which was to get that person onto the page that would convert them over an image
is going to convert them of an image is going to get them to push and call whatever it is
that you need done. To finish that, that then that’s what’s going to matter. So, two different
things. If you need the content to rank you have to look at the competition. If you can
rank or outrank the competition without 2000 or 3000 words of content them By all means
nobody, and nobody’s going to sit there and go through the 3000 words of content on this
is a really interested in whatever it is that you have interested in whatever it is that
you have to say. what you’re interested in, is that conversion, because that’s what centers
everything at the end. And that’s what Google is going to look at from beginning to end
is whether that task and that goal. Well, whether it was accomplished. Unknown Speaker 35:29
Awesome, thanks, Marco. So the next question was from Unknown Speaker 35:35
jack, I’m not the next question is my client is based out of Texas but operates in five
other states fully across the states not limited to anyone Metro region. What’s the best way
to set up the company GMBB page, so reviews for one state aggregate under the main company
as well. Or if that’s not possible, what would be the best way to go about setting up the
GMB either individually and each state Or globally under some other configuration? Well,
remember Google My Business is supposed to be especially now there’s another question
I see on the page here a little bit lower about what happened on November 8. And from
my understanding, which I’ve only done very, I’ve only kind of read through some comments
and stuff, is that the it was more it was basically an update to the maps algorithm
for GMB stuff. And it’s gone even more proximity based. So they’ve Google’s tightened the proximity
filter, so to speak. And so with that said, Google, my business is supposed to be for
local businesses, right? I mean, we’ve talked about setting up GM bees and you know, setting
your service area, the United States, for example, and that’s okay, but it’s not it’s
okay for like the entity but it’s not going to help you to rank anywhere in the United
States and maps. That said, you’re also in this case, you’re talking about five different
states. They’re located in Texas but they operate in five other states. So you potentially
you could have, if you have an office and in each of their other state, you could have
GMB for each office location. It’s not necessary but you can. That said if you wanted to get
reviews and let’s just say Arizona, I’m just assuming let’s just say that that’s one of
the states that you operate in. If you get reviews in Arizona, but you want them to populate
on the Texas GMB if that’s the way you have it set up. It’s not you can’t do that. If
you had a gym be in Arizona, I mean, if all you have is the one Google My Business location
in Texas, then it doesn’t matter where you get the reviews from. They’re all going to
aggregate on that one and only Google My Business location. My point that I’m trying to make
is you cannot get GMB reviews in one location and have them also populate onto another GMB
location. You can’t do that. It because each GMB entity or location is supposed to be its
own and collect its own or, you know, aggregate its own reviews. So that said, You know, I
would, I would consider what it is you’re trying to do. As far as if you have multiple
GM bees, which I’m not sure that you do, but if you do, then what I would recommend you
do is set up use some sort of review directing app. I know for contractors, one of the one
that works really well as bird I think another one might be podium, I’ve not used
that. But what are some of my contractor clients use bird I, and that works well, but it’s
like a review gate, right? So it would be an app where you send out to customers, or
clients or whatever the company or the business sends out to customers and ask for some listen
to review or at ask for a review. And then somebody leaves a review and it directs the
app can direct where the review gets published to, if that makes sense. So you have more
control over it that way and if it’s you know, below Three stars, then it can be not posted
as a review. Instead, it could be brought to, you know, sent to the customer service
team so that they can reach out and try to resolve potential issues, that kind of stuff,
I would look into something like that if you’re trying to have more control over where your
reviews are coming from and where they’re going to be posted to. Anybody want to comment
on that? Unknown Speaker 39:22
Yeah, I’m just guessing that his client and whatever it is that they’re doing that it
triggers a three pack, right? It triggers a map pack and it triggers map rankings if
that’s the case. Then get a map where in each one of the places where where your client
operate, and associate everything to the main entity, that’s how the Texas so then the AI
which is sophisticated enough to then understand once you begin associating all of these to
understand that it’s all part of the same company with the it’s a company that operates
out of Texas but has regional offices in five other states. So that if you do get a review,
for example, in Texas for company in another state, it could be taken into consideration.
I’m not saying that the AI is that sophisticated, but it could mean at some point it will be,
it will be able to understand all of these different relationships and put everything
together. And if you do a really good job in your structured data of putting all of
this together for the buck, then you won’t even have to leave it to the bot to guess
and try to understand what this is all about. You can tell it you can go with everything
in Jason LD to tell about what this is all about. Having done that, then you don’t have
to worry about reviewing everything, or aggregating everything under the the main company, it
will all be taken together because everything is associated if you’ve done your job correctly.
Now, if if it’s globally that we’re not worrying about maps, and then the reviews wouldn’t
even come into play, unless you have unless you can trigger a knowledge And that’s a totally
different story. Unknown Speaker 41:03
Yeah, and if that’s the case, if it was globally then I would just have all reviews going to
the one GMB asset, wherever the primary location is, because then then all you’re trying to
do is build the brand, not individual locations, right? So Ross says, Hey, everyone, and then
he’s got the follow up question below, which I’ll just that’s what and now come back to
Joey’s question where he says Ross is new here. What the hell happened on November 8,
lots of traffic drops and the insight and that’s what I was just talking about, as far
as I know. I’m sure Marco’s got more insight on this than I do. Because I don’t geek out
about this stuff anymore. If I don’t see major drops in my stuff, I don’t worry about it.
So but apparently the what it from what I understand it was another maps update where
it looks like they tightened the proximity filter to where it’s it’s even narrower now.
Is that correct? Marco? Unknown Speaker 41:59
That’s Absolutely correct. They tighten up on the on the proximity. And proximity is
a ranking factors, it’s we can literally call it the most important ranking factor, although
you can still overcome. That’s why we don’t usually see all of these changes in the things
that we do. Because you can overcome anything, any any part of the algorithm, you can overcome
it. And people are saying that well don’t use brute force. Don’t do this. Don’t do that.
You can totally overcome anything through what they call it in the Rocky movie, good
old fashioned blunt force trauma. And that’s just feeding the but just a whole lot of related
information, wherever it is that you that you’re trying to expand to. So even though
even if the proximity factor is the main ranking factor, there are other ranking factors that
can and do come into play, if you can overcome that one factor. So is that is that something
to just totally say, Oh my god, now I have to go get a DMB in eternity. City, not only
in the area where I am, but in the surrounding areas, it’s being able to overcome that proximity
factor. And we do it and we do a really good job of teaching that in local GSB Pro. And
and now, you know being at the location and being able to upload images and being able
to show Google that you’re actually there and that everything is actually from that
location has become more important than ever. Unknown Speaker 43:29
Yes, very good. So let’s jump back to Joey’s question. It says hi, does the size of embeds
matter? In other words, embedding a 10 by 10 GMB site is still the equivalent of embedding
a 600 by 300. So the frame could be one by 110 by 10 or 600 by 300. And you still pass
the juice Thank you. I’m size doesn’t matter. Only because if you have it too small, then
that could be considered cloaking. Am I correct in that statement? Unknown Speaker 43:58
Yeah, yeah, you could, you could be tagged For cloaking, although it’s really hard if
I mean, if you do it right there no word. Most people can’t do it right, which is why
we don’t even teach it. Unknown Speaker 44:10
Yeah. I mean, technically Yes, you can still pass the SEO with the iframe present even
if it’s a one by one pixel. Unknown Speaker 44:18
Even if it’s a zero by zero Unknown Speaker 44:19
Yeah, it technically you can absolutely do that. I wouldn’t recommend it if you know,
because if anybody manually reviews it and saw it, then they could, you know, they could
flag you for a manual action. So I Unknown Speaker 44:34
would that would be the biggest problem right with someone coming in and actually, you triggering
First of all, triggering enough red flags to trigger a manual review so that someone
from Google would actually come to your website, because you’re nobody trusts you’re not making
enough money now. Nobody. Most people are making enough money to worry Google at to
have someone waste all of their valuable resources on looking at your fucking website in the
first place. If you do get that big or if just if you just happen to get unlucky enough
to trigger a manual, and they come and see that zero by zero thing, yes, that is cloaking.
There’s no reason for you to have a zero by zero iframe one by one, unless it’s a pixel,
right? Facebook, Google, whatever, if it’s unless it’s tracking code. So they come in
and look and they see code and it looks fishy. You’re more likely to get hit with a manual
and probably D index, because I’ve seen cloaking get hit really, really hard. Unknown Speaker 45:32
Yeah, agreed. Okay, so we’ll says, Hey, Marco, have you announced the date of the four webinars
for Bert? Unknown Speaker 45:42
I guess that’s for the charity stuff. Unknown Speaker 45:45
Yeah, no, I’m still working on that. It’s not only Burt, I’m going to go into entities
and AI and NLP and what it actually is what it isn’t. We’re gonna we’re going to discuss
and talk about everything that that other People just either refused to talk about,
or they don’t know enough about it to be able to discuss it. As soon as I have it already,
I’m going to announce it. I’m going to I’m going to announce the date I’m going to give
you the donation page. And remember this all goes to a really good cause it’s getting kids
who would otherwise not be able to get an education getting them into school, so that
they can get a good a good education get trained get jobs and and, you know, have a chance
at life. Very cool. Unknown Speaker 46:32
Alright, the next one, Fred says I was worried that that might be a problem. So that’s because
I was kind of tongue in cheek picking. That is Unknown Speaker 46:42
huge, long question. He says, thanks so much for answering my 13 page of questions. It
helped a lot. Thanks, guys. You’re welcome, Fred. Fit. So what’s up? 50 says what is the
difference between q amp a and FAQ? Well, it’s, it’s kind of the same thing or it’s
very closely related. q&a is most of the time would like You can see in the SERPs is what
I was talking about earlier. But FA cues that can be a little bit more specific to an individual
like business. Right? So I mean, they’re kind of the basically the same. As far as schema
markup, it’s the same. But what I mean the difference is frequently asked questions are
should be answered by a client or business, right? Like, what are the questions that they
get? asked the most by prospects and or customers or clients? Right? And they should have answers
to that. But when it comes to q amp, a, what I’m what these, the way that I look at it
is when you go to Google and you search for question, you’ll see related questions that
get asked enough that somebody took the time to create content around answering that question,
and then marking it up correctly on their website so that they could get added to the
featured snippets in Google search. So it stands to reason that that question gets asked
enough. It might be a frequently asked question for another business that maybe your particular
client or business doesn’t get asked that much, but it’s still relevant. That makes
sense. So they’re they’re very closely related, but there is a slight difference, at least
in my opinion. Unknown Speaker 48:06
Yeah, the difference is that that QA, people should be able to either ask questions or
answer questions on the website, if they’re not able, if they’re your frequently asked
questions and your answers is there’s no way for users to engage with that. Then it’s FAQ
frequently asked questions. q amp a, again, is is is on a website where people can go
in and interact with the with the questions and the answer. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 48:38
Yeah, guys, it you know, I’ve talked about this probably in syndication Academy. Unknown Speaker 48:46
And I’ll probably I’ll just give this give another nugget away here because it works
really well. And we’re almost out of time. So anyways, those q amp a questions that you
can curate, right from Google and the beautiful thing about it is If you type in a question
about product service in an industry whatever the questions box comes up now what the drop
downs each time you click on a drop down, it brings up like three or four more questions.
So like you can just keep drilling down into that guys and and that gives you almost unlimited
content. Like Think about it. It’s it’s a content hack, right, you can grab a question
and an answer from those Question and Answer boxes that Google provides you and use that
in GMB posts for example, right, just cite the source just like I was talking about earlier
is the in the q amp a box right that the drop down. as it expands, it gives you the snippet
with the answer at least partial answer. It might not be the full answer, but it gives
a snippet and then it has the link to read more. Well, you can still use that link in
the GMB post to so you give proper credit to where it’s due. That’s a nofollow link
and a GMB post the button link Right, and a GMB post. So the button URL, the URL that
you attach to the call to action button. That is a do follow link, although I here in just
the past few days probably since November 8. Some of those are nofollow. And I think
it’s just because Google is still tinkering around in there. But those are do follow links.
So you can still link back to the answer, have a QA, write a question and answer that
you you curate it you basically are republishing from Google’s own search results, to add relevancy
to the GSB. You can do this on your your money site to and link back to the source which
is only proper and right. But then use the button URL in the GMB post the link back to
your money site, right to your page that also is about that very topic or question and answer
right so you again, you’re it’s creating co citation. It’s creating topical relevancy,
and you don’t even have to come up with the content. You can even go through and curate
groups of questions like question And then create blog posts out of those on your money
site where once again, you’re publishing the question plus the answer. You can create a
table of contents at the top of the page Marco stop me from getting too deep here. But with
a table of contents with JUMP JUMP links, anchor links, right that jump down to each
section that has a different question. It has the answer that links back out to the
source, right, but it’s a nofollow link on the blog post. And then just like a curated
post, you can inject some commentary in between that stuff, with an opening paragraph and
a closing paragraph with a call to action to contact your business or your company,
your client that you’re doing the work for, for help or services with that, you know,
for products or services that solve those problems, those questions that make sense.
So again, guys, it’s a great strategy to use those questions as a farm those questions
right mine those questions, harvest those questions or whatever you want to say from
one of those from this q&a panels that pop up in the Google search results and drill
down into them. You can get gold gold topic ideas, blog post ideas GMB post ideas from
that kind of stuff. So, Alright, last question is oh Austin Don says, which of your courses
do you teach about making it pages and mirror g sites? While the mastermind? RYS reloaded
local GMB Pro, any one of those any one of those three the mastermind local GMB pro or
RYS reloaded what it was, it’s covered in all three of those locations. So, am I missing
any here guys? Unknown Speaker 52:35
I don’t think you did. Okay. Unknown Speaker 52:38
Adam, you want to chime in? Unknown Speaker 52:40
No, just saying, Okay. Unknown Speaker 52:44
mumbling Unknown Speaker 52:45
All right, last is not really a question. It’s just a comment and then we’re going to
wrap it up guys. I’ve got a TV repairman showing up in about five minutes. Anyways, I asked
the question about GM Bs and review in one location versus all the states that clients
the Klein operates and this was that question about Texas and five additional states. We
answered previously he says no follow up question. Just wanted to say thank you for answering
it and you knocked it out of the park. I’ve wrestled with this in my head for a week and
you made it clear as day thanks again, guys for all that you do. You’re very welcome.
That’s what this venue is for. Unknown Speaker 53:19
Anything else guys? Unknown Speaker 53:22
No, not unless another question popped up now. Unknown Speaker 53:25
on the page, I think you just scroll over Bradley, but last call for everybody. Head
over there. Just follow the instructions on Facebook get early access to the YouTube and
UTM course Bradley’s going to be put together here over the holidays and save a bundle but
like they said to if you want to wait a little bit and pay us three times too much more.
So okay with that. Unknown Speaker 53:44
And let’s Unknown Speaker 53:46
go ahead. I was gonna say I actually prefer that. But, you know, I want you guys to save
that additional $200 to spend it on your family’s at Christmas. So Unknown Speaker 53:57
and stop by the mastermind tomorrow. The webinar, because we’re going to show how much we’ve
improved the user experience. Want to show how easy it is to find the information now
before it was just okay, how do I get through five years of information? Yeah, because we
have five years worth of videos in there in the archives, right? So just the latest videos.
It’s everything since we started. As I did you get through all that, well, now we made
it really simple for you to get through it. Unknown Speaker 54:24
That’s been a long time coming. Unknown Speaker 54:27
There’s just so much damn content, so much video based content and long mastermind webinars.
It’s been hard to, for people to find stuff and that’s a problem we’ve been dealing with
for a long time. And we Marco has been working on it in the background for since I think
January of this year, maybe maybe February, but it’s been a long time. And now it’s it’s
here. It’s ready. So it’s it’s awesome. It’s a big, big improvement. So, all right, everybody,
thanks for being here. We’ll see some of you tomorrow, the rest of you next week. Awesome.
Bye, everyone. Bye, everyone. Transcribed by

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