Digital marketing trends 2017 || desktops vs laptops vs mobile vs tablets devices comparison

Digital Marketing is standard concept of learning as well as Online earning today’s if we have a good knowledge of Digital marketing concept than than we have great opportunity to make money online Various Examples Of digital Marketing learning and earning ways Like: YouTube Channel, Social Media, Earning with Website or Blog. In INDIA video watching ratio is approx. 10 times from last couple of years. Internet data rate is very cheap now a days it’s positive sign for Digital Marketer lest compare Desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets an all other types of devices 51.4% percent of internet visitors are from mobile devices now a days 43.4% percent of Internet Visitors are comes from Laptops and desktops devices now a days in 2017 4.9 % percent of inter visitors market is from tablet devices according to survey 2017 rest of 0.13% percent of internet visitors are coming from all other devices


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