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Hey guys, I’m Patch from Mobius Media Solutions
and I want to talk to you about the “Digital Marketing Trends” leading into 2017. We’re basing this video behind real
data collected from several key players in the Digital Marketing Arena, so you’re gonna
want to take some good notes. At the end of the video I’m going to give
you a summary of all of the data and show you how you can bring the highlights to your
business, so stick around… In the interest of time, I’m going to blast
through this data and link to it in the description box below so you can take a look for yourself
later. And… if you skip through the video and go
straight to the notes… don’t forget to subscribe to our channel before you leave. According to a poll taken and published by
Smart Insights, 2352 marketing agencies were asked to: “Select the marketing activity that you
think will give businesses the biggest incremental uplift in leads and sales in 2017” Overwhelmingly, two stuck out as
the clear victors. Content Marketing and the so called “Big
Data”. Content Marketing is nothing more than
creating valuable content in the form of video, or blogs, vlogs, pictograms, or social media
posts expressly designed for sharing online. “Big Data” is labeled appropriately,
because this is what we in the Digital Marketing World use to measure the market activity,
collect customer insights, and give predictive analytics on where to place our marketing
efforts. As I said, Content Marketing and “Big Data”
led the pack Coming in at 20.3% and 20.2% respectively. Followed by others like… Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing and
Social Media Marketing to round out the top 5 Founder of the Content Marketing Institute,
author and Podcast giant, Joe Pulizzi had this to say: “In almost every keynote speech I give,
I ask the audience members whether their organizations have a documented content marketing strategy. Sadly, most do not.” He went on to say: “Our research tells us
that these organizations that do have one, and that review it consistently, are more
likely to be successful. We are still too focused on individual campaigns and
talking about our products, instead of truly driving value outside the products and services
we offer.” Digital Media icon Gary Vaynerchuk, from VaynerMedia
shares this as his New Year’s Resolution to business owners and entrepreneurs. “In 2017, if you are a business or organization
of any kind that wants to be heard in the world, refocusing on the content you put out
on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Linkedin, Medium, and whatever else
has the market’s attention at the time, is a huge factor.” So this is where I start asking you questions. I can’t hear your answers, so I want you
to answer them honestly. Are you getting all you can get out of Social
Media? I bet most of you said “no”, but it doesn’t
need to remain that way. Do you happen to know where we can combine
Content Marketing, Big Data, Mobile Marketing and Social Media Marketing all in one? Its called Facebook! Facebook now offers Digital Marketing Agencies
the tools and analytics to focus in on niche markets, potential clients, and most importantly,
track the results of your marketing campaigns. Add in a 3rd party automated email tool like
Mailchimp or Constant Contact and you have the top 5 items covered from the poll I talked
about earlier. This is an absolute No-Brainer for any business! Check this out: If you are using Facebook
Advertising as part of your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy you have nowhere to go but up…
unless you are doing it wrong. OK, as promised, I want to give you a few
really helpful tools to get moving in the right direction with your new campaigns using
what the industry has learned from customer behavior over the last 3 years. Anyone in our industry, the digital marketing
industry, knows that potential customers do not want to be force fed sales pitches all
day. For them to even listen for a moment, it takes
an introduction. So offer that up to your customers free of
charge on Social Media. It’s cheap, its valuable information for
your customer, and its potential revenue for you. Posting your latest sale to unsuspecting customers
is the same as you standing on the freeway screaming at passing cars to “give you a
dollar”. It’s much easier to get them to take the
next off ramp, if you post signs for 10 miles before the exit, about this “wonderful product”
that give them 78 miles per gallon. Now, I’m not telling you to boast or brag
about your product, and don’t ever lie about the results you bring to the table either. But what I am telling you is this. If you can solve a problem for them in a meaningful
way. They will begin to listen and potentially
becoming a customer. Give them a quality product and they will
begin to respect you or your brand. Now, the first thing many business owners
want to do is throw up random before and after pictures to show how great a product looks. Or they get on Facebook and start rapid firing
content at their audience with no real strategy or effort behind their content. Other people will just jump on Facebook live
and start posting random, usually ineffective videos. Increasing quantity doesn’t necessarily
mean increased meaningful content. And that’s not the best strategy. Now, I’m not going to go into all of that
now, but for more about Video Quality vs. Video Quantity you can check out Matt Johnson’s
video right here on our channel. He breaks it down and really sheds some real
light on the value of content. Ok, back to strategy, we want use a strategy
designed to give you “a voice to listen to”. If you give a person on the street a brief
piece of helpful advice, they usually respond in a thankful way. “Hey, the ATM in the lobby has a line, but
the one on the second floor is wide open”. They usually say “Thank you” and take
your advice. You can even say something negative, if it’s
helpful, they will still probably listen. “Hey, the lady on the left is really slow,
but the lady on the right is awesome” Chances are, they are heading to the right
checkout line. If nothing else, they will pay attention to
what you have said and make their mind up as they scan for themselves. How does that relate to Content Marketing? Because its information you put out and how
you people respond to it. Are they listening? That’s the question you need to be coming
back to at every step of the way in your Digital Marketing Plan. Lets go deeper. YouTube Views and Facebook Videos are completely
dominating the industry for viewer watch times. So its increasingly important to consider
video for your Digital Marketing Campaign. High Quality Video doesn’t cost 3 arms,
6 legs and your first born anymore. But, that does not mean that any video will
do the trick either. You need to try provide quality videos that
have a plan and purpose behind them. Give some tips, or tricks, or free advice
based around your niche subject as your first touch point with your potential customer. Maybe give them a second and third video to
establish yourself as an authority figure in the industry before you ever say a thing
sales related. If you’re using Facebook to deliver this
video, you can track how many people are drawn to interact with your video. If done correctly, you may learn that few
people are watching the video, but of the ones that do, they watch the entire thing. And that may be a key indicator that the Title
may be a little off, or maybe there is something else not grabbing their attention as quickly
as it should. All of the analytics are there to help you
navigate your potential customer pool and the effectiveness of the content you are placing
in front of your audience. Don’t miss out on this in 2017. Do yourself and your company a favor. Use the results that millions and millions
of dollars that billion dollar businesses invest into market research and analytics. Use it to your advantage and see just how
far you can grow. That’s the Digital Marketing Trends for
2017. We will be posting helpful tips and digging
deeper into some high level Digital Marketing strategies, and we know it takes time for
people to find our video. I’m asking you to help us grow this new
channel. If you know some business owners and entrepreneurs
out there, please share this video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. And, feel free to weigh in down in the comments. I’m Patch, from Mobius Media Solutions,
and I will see you soon.

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