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Everybody is talking about this digital marketing online marketing, internet marketing thing these state and honestly every other person is claiming to be a digital marketer but give me a high five if you are still wondering what exactly people do in digital marketing in today’s video i am going to try to sort it out or just give you an idea about what all is included in digital marketing if you don’t know me already i am manpreet, a digital marketer i have been working in this field for over 5 years now learning every single technology one by one and making myself better every single day. So, if you’re watching me for the first time please follow me and continue watching this video this question is asked so many times to me so i really made this map out here to try and explain what all is included in digital marketing it’s basically the process of marketing where you use digital media to further your message finding people who want to listen to your message sending them your message and making sure those people are converting into your clients all of it is a part of digital marketing i think one thing that’s on the top of the list is SEO, the process where you try to optimize your website make changes to your website or webpage to make it rank better or in the first 3 positions because those are the only ones that better in the google search result for a specific keyword so finding out what keywords you want to rank for what keywords are going to bring business what keywords are going to bring you good traffic optimizing your website to rank in the top 3 search results is the process of SEO now SEO is further of several types for example there is national SEO and then there is local SEO where you try to optimize your website so that the local searchers get to see your product there are so many search engines out there amazon is a very popular search engine right now you tube is a very big search engine so amazon SEO is another field you tube SEO is another field there is also quora SEO there is also pinterest SEO. These are basically the optimisations you do to your content to make it pop up at the top when somebody is searching for a business like you there is also something called image SEO when you optimise the images so that they pop up at the top of search results. apart from this, there’s another term you would often hear while discussing SEO is ORM online reputation management is basically the process of getting more reviews for your brand… maintaining your branding and ensuring that there is a positive online presence of your brand apart from this there are three main types of SEO which is how you do SEO technical SEO where you make technical changes to your website to make sure your website is ideally optimised for search engine rankings on page SEO – the overall copy of the web page and the meta data those are some specific actions an SEO, a search engine optimiser takes to make sure the search engine knows about your website very well and then lastly is off page SEO making sure authority websites are talking about you making sure your presence is not just on your brand website but also on the entire internet, on the relevant places on the internet relevancy is the biggest thing in digital marketing second field in digital marketing is social media marketing there’s facebook, twitter instagram, now there is tiktok and even youtube is a social media but it’s a more advance form of social media because you do its SEO as well but other than that pinterest is there, linkedin is there, to me i think snapchat is not relevant at least not for the brands that i manage and stuff like that but yes managing these social media profiles making sure they’re well optimised making sure you are posting regular content over there maintaining an organic engagement on these platforms is what social media marketing is all about the 3rd thing paid advertising because a lot of social media marketing is now paid but there are also paid methods you can use to promote your message for example facebook ads and instagram ads these are two of the best paid advertising methods right now. Now, facebook and instagram ads are run from the same ad manager and there are so many options you have on how you can run your ads what audience you can choose or what ad formats you can choose and then there is google ads which was the thing a few years back now also google ads is a very good platform to run your ads but the cost to run those ads has become a little higher than usual there can be search ads the ads which you see when you search for something on the google search engine there can be display ads which you see on several websites that are part of google ads program google adsense program actually you can also run shopping ads remarketing/retargeting ads which are available both with facebook ads and also with google ads basically if somebody has visited your website you can reshow your ads or reshow whatever they have browsed, once again to these people. all of this automated there are also bing ads if you want to run your ads on bing search engine there are also quora ads there are also linkedin ads but linkedin ads are very expensive but when i say expensive it’s very relative so marketing is a lot about setting up the stuff and then seeing how you can approve it making sure you’re getting those numbers those sales so normal marketing is very different from sales in the you know normal offline world but in the digital world marketer is very much responsible for getting the leads or if the marketer is working with an e-commerce brand the marketer is responsible for getting that final purchase as well also doing the sales! Lines are really blurred here which reminds me i also forget e-commerce SEO which is the most challenging digital marketing thing i have done is my life moving on there is a very important field of marketing which is called content marketing writing the right kind of content for your brand is a part of content marketing now content marketing as a whole which includes stuff like creating the content of different forms images infographics, videos, podcasts, and now Alexa skills also… distributing all of this content that you create that is content marketing okay you have to work really hard on creating authority content and distributing it and really build your brand and, it takes a lot of time but for me i think content marketing and being great at content marketing is vey important for a digital marketer because think about it! anything you do SEO, paid ads social media marketing you are creating some sort of content so for me content marketing is at the top when it comes to the skills i wanna have from myself because i know anything else i do this skill is going to be involved another type of digital marketing is E-mail marketing basically all those promotional e-mails you get from the brands and even those e-mails like thank you for purchasing this product could you please review it, hey you forgot this product in the cart, do you wanna buy it? We are running out a stock bla bla bla.. all those e-mails are a part of e-mail marketing there is a digital marketer sitting who is thinking about all the e-mails they can send you to get you to buy the product or to get you to sign up for something to get you to stay in touch with a brand if i have to divide what are the things involved in e-mail marketing it begins with a building a list making sure you have people to email to you have to make people want to sign up your email newsletter or to your email list and then, comes actual email content creation that’s the step two of email marketing and the step 3 is optimisation watching the data and improving your emails is email optimisation and optimisation like I said is something which happens through out the marketing processes in fact there is a very specific field called conversion optimisation where a specialist comes in and he focuses just on improving the conversions you’re getting once you’ve already gotten your basic SEO process, email marketing process , content marketing process social media marketing process, paid advertising process set up you are gonna start working on your optimisation another thing which is very important in a digital marketer’s life and in a digital marketer’s job profile is analytics you can analyse everything really everything it all depends on the tools you’re using and how advance you want to get with it setting all of these up properly is a little bit complicated but once you have this setup your life is so much easier there’s also app marketing so if you do not have a website but you have it app the strategies are a little bit different i think the best thing about digital marketing and it may also be worst thing for people who are just beginning to learn is that everything is connected if you’re doing app marketing, in some way or another you have to implement all of these technologies… all of these processes that i have discussed if you ask me manpreet which is the top digital marketing trend right now it’s the influencer marketing when was the last time you visited buzzfeed? did you see some ads over there those ads are running because of a digital marketer so native advertising is basically the processes of running your ads on a specific website like buzzfeed etc it’s very easy to start running ads on facebook , instagram, anybody can do it really but running the ads that actually get conversion that’s the job of a real marketer and not anybody can do it you have to learn the basic processes of marketing, the basic psychology of marketing. It wasn’t really possible to cover it all in one video this is just what came to my mind in like a few minutes on what all i do or i have done in my life but yes that is it for this week’s video i’ll try to pickup the why’s what’s and how’s of each of the processes and make a video about it if you want to watch those videos please make sure you follow me and also comment down below with a ‘yes.’ thank you so much for watching this video this is manpreet signing off i’ll be back with another video very soon

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