Digital Marketing – Work Experience

There are lots of really exciting opportunities
that our Digital Marketing graduates could embark upon once they graduate from RGU. Lots
of our existing students have gone into multiple industries such as fashion, events, tourism
and I think some of the main experiences they can receive is social media management, content
marketing, just even in-house for a brand or a business running their social media channels
it’s really a transferrable set of skills that you develop as part of this course so
that you can like Helen says go into any industry really within the digital marketing field
or even PR or even general communications as well or media design so it really opens
you up to a lot of job possibilities that are out there right now and there is a really
rich range of jobs that are available to Digital Marketing graduates right now today. Yeah
and I think when you embark on the course we’re going to give students multiple opportunities
to work with different companies on live client projects they are going to have a work experience
as well so you’ll get a real range of the different types of work that you can expect
for digital marketing and you can fit the one that you feel is right for you. The goal
of this course is so that you can feel confident going out into the working world as a digital
marketer so we do try and incorporate lots of live clients lots of real world experiences
so that you go out into the job market feeling confident with your skills.


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