Digitale Marketing 17: affiliate marketing

[MUSIC] I want to mail a coconut, because I
need to send it to the vlogger, so I can sell those extra coconuts
to the followers of that vlogger. I’m going to mail it now.>>Hello, everybody, I received
a package today from I am curious what’s in it. Let’s have a look. Wow, a coconut! Super cool.>>So what exactly is affiliate marketing? It is when you use your partners,
publishers or affiliates, as they are called, to attract
attention to your product or service. And if that vlogger succeeds in generating
a sale, then I will reward him for that. And that’s how affiliate marketing works. You are using other people
to create a certain action. There are different forms
of affiliate marketing and those are mainly driven
by settling models. Because in this case we had a sale and a sale is often settled by a cost
per sale or a cost per order. And that means that the person,
the affiliate partner or publisher receives a part of the order. In this case the coconut
may cost a euro a piece and we agreed on a commission of ten percent,
so the partner receives ten cent. But there is also the principle of leads. A partner can also offer leads. A lead can contain just data, a name, an
email address and maybe a postal address, for which you then pay. Or sometimes it is a click, but that’s
not often used in affiliate marketing, because it causes a lot of risks. If a lot of clicks occur,
you’ll lose a lot of money. You mainly use clicks,
if you want to get a lot of attention, if you want to generate a very
famous product or service. Then you agree with your partners
that they get paid per click. Now how are you going
to manage all of that? How are you for
example going to carry out those payments? Well, you can do it on an independent base
and then you are in direct contact with your partners, but the most advertisers
use an affiliate network for that purpose. And such an affiliate network takes
care of the registration of all the actions between both parties and makes sure that everything gets done and
takes care of the administration. So the payment to the partner is carried
out and the advertiser gets charged. And that is of course
the easiest way to get it done. Yeah, so I have basically said everything. Let’s summarise and look back at
the whole series of videos now. We have looked into what’s the best
way to market this coconut. We’ve chosen a webshop. And we have seen that we need
to have a clear strategy to distinguish ourselves
from the competition. We have looked into how we can
establish an effective website, so that as many visitors as possible can
reach their goals by buying the coconut. We have also looked into how we can make
sure that those visitors end up on our website, how we can set up our social
media, using content marketing strategies. We have thought about the different
terms we can optimize on our website, so we can get more hits in the search
engine and also more visitors. We have thought about how we can
approach our existing users by means of email marketing, so we can stimulate
them to buy more coconuts. We have looked into the advertising
possibilities, so we can also attract new visitors who were maybe first looking
at what the competition had to offer, to have a look at what we have to offer. And finally we have looked into
how we can engage other people, partners, to sell our coconuts. [NOISE] [LAUGHTER]

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