DirecTV Now / Roku vs Apple TV

DirecTV Now / Roku vs Apple TV. what is up guys my name is Milan on this
video we’re gonna check out which box will work better with your activity now
Roku premiere plus or Apple TV for generation we’re gonna do a quick
comparison and see which one will have a better user experience so stay tuned
until the end of this video it is important to mention that there is going
to be a huge price difference now the Roku premier plus is gonna cost you
between $50 to $89 depending on where when you check when it comes to the
Apple TV for generation this one is gonna cost you around $150 and it is
harder to find for a cheaper price in other stores now they both gonna offer
the same functionality when it comes to Wi-Fi connection you can connect the LAN
port to both to them and the remotes are gonna be a little bit different now when
it comes to remote controls the Apple TV remote is very sleek and modern design
and the recruit control this feels a little bit more bulky but feels better
in the hand even though the Apple TV remote it’s very compact and only has
minimum buttons it comes with a track pack in the top that in my opinion is a
little bit harder to actually swipe through the channels or if you actually
tried to go through the menu well at least it would take some time getting
used to it on the other hand the Roku remote will have the physical buttons
which makes it a lot easier to navigate through the menus other than that they
both both of the remotes will give you the same functionality when it comes to
the reactivity now now let’s talk about the user functionality and response time
when you’re using the DirecTV now app we were Cooper Muir plus and the Apple TV
while using Apple TV when I’m switching through the channels I can see a way
faster response time when I’m going from one channel to the other on the other
hand when I’m using Roku premiere plus I can see a huge delay sometimes two to
three seconds for the channel to load and here’s an example so you can compare
the difference now on the other hand if I want to swipe
through the channels real fast Roku premiere plus is gonna allow me to
basically swipe through every channel real fast as fast as I can push the
button Apple TV I have to wait for the channel to kind of load before it will
allow me to go to the next channel but when I stop on both of the devices the
Apple TV loads the channel really fast and recuperar plus will give a huge
delay for the channel to low load especially when I swipe through the
channels real fast and I go through many channels and sometimes it even causes
the app to crash making me stop the application and start all over while
running this test I’m actually connecting both of the devices to my
home router using the LAN connection and I’m getting about a hundred two
megabytes per second on my download speed of course that’s gonna change as
I’m showing right now on the speeds that I’m currently getting now when it comes
to the sound and picture quality I can’t really tell the difference I think both
of them do a great job at this playing the picture the brightness the contrast
and the sound quality’s always some point I have used both of them for about
three months now and I have been alternating and I have noticed that Roku
premier plus those tend to crash more compared to the Apple TV so to wrap up
this video guys so in my opinion at the end of the day I think Apple TV is gonna
give you a better user experience of course if you actually get used to the
remote I do find it that it’s more reliable the response times it’s way
faster when I’m swiping through the channels I just get a better experience
than when I’m using Roku premier plus but again there’s gonna be a huge price
difference so that’s something for you to consider and I hope this video will
help you make that decision on your next purchase if you currently have DirecTV
now or you’re thinking about getting it so thank you for watching and make sure
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