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What is up guys it’s Vanessa coming at you with another video now this one is the eBay activewear haul alright guys so I feel like I would consider myself an athletic apparel connoisseur and on my search for affordable clothing for you all because I know can’t afford Lulu Nike and some of these other crazy Instagram prices so in that search I ventured off into eBay I did the eBay thing and yeah I’m not really sure what I was thinking but it was a frickin disaster it was just bad. So if you guys like videos like this don’t forget to give the video a huge thumbs up it does help me out tons don’t forget to subscribe on your way out let’s just jump right into it I’ve searched for affordable gym clothing on eBay and I’m not sure if it was a good idea okay so the first pair of leggings that we have actually super popular on Instagram a while ago I saw every single fitspo wearing these things and I was like hell yeah I’m going to wear them too girl all my muscles to be showing so these retail for $5.99 and they came straight from Hong Kong so first impressions. not good to say the very least they are like I can’t even explain I mean they’re definitely not squat proof I could not like what I can see you I can see you. You see me? can you guys see my face well I can see right through these things so pretty sure design was just off like they were just really bad the waist was super super loose and the leg part was super super tight which was really weird for $5.99 I mean I wasn’t expecting miracles trust me I kind of knew what I was getting myself into when I found these things these are like really bad guys like Jesus this was just horrible and it just smell bad too made in China eighty-eight percent polyester 12% elastin why does it feel like this I mean a lot of things are made of this stuff and it does not feel like it says hand wash only don’t put these in with your regular clothes do not soap or bleach dry in shade…okay do not dry clean and do not tumble dry do not iron so you can’t do anything to these okay guys don’t clean them. Don’t wear them just don’t do nothing yeah the model looked real cute in them but I don’t know guys I mean look at this I got muscles can you see that you see the muscles right there and then these bad boys I really thought I was gonna be making all kinds of gains with these things on I was going to go in there and squat and show everybody what’s good you see these muscles you see them extracting and doing their thing and get in that Oh what is happening oh no I think the paint is rubbing off on my hands yeah I can’t go to the gym and these I’m gonna look like a fool they were falling off of my butt how can that be possible they’re a large how are you gonna fall off my butt and your you when I go like this it feels sharp this is not good I don’t know what’s happening yeah No. all right next victim so these are the green kind of leggings these are extra large which I had to get apparently because the sizing is crazy army green and these are the what are they called the women’s sports yoga workout gym fitness leggings pants jumpsuit athletic clothes for $7.99 and then the girl a girl looked really good on these I was like okay these might really work and it was bad apparently according to the sizing the crotch area I apparently I can’t fit the crotch area which was bad the length was weird hip area obviously no and then the waist I do so the sizing and these is really off they are not squat proof whatsoever can you see me can you see my hand is kind of I mean these are super cute online I really thought these were might’ve work but they feel exactly like those muscle legging and then this little part right here the little design is like a plastic it’s so weird to me and then it just it’s literally a piece of plastic like this looks like some your kids arts and crafts went all kinds of wrong like who the heck the girls on the Internet look so good in these. I was like hell yeah girl then I got these and I was like hell no how the heck I put these things on and I was just confined in the crotch like I was just like I couldn’t even move my hips 95% polyester 5% spandex clearly because my crotch don’t fit in it and it’s made in China how am I supposed to squat in these? I’m gonna rip rip a hole right through them like yes just not good and then this part this part was like super tight on my thigh I thought I was going to suffocate and then it was like loose at the bottom this made absolutely no sense to me we’re just we’re just given up on them and this is an extra-large and I couldn’t fit into this my crotch area hit but whatever you want to call it did not fit in these I was like what the hell oh uh yeah and they’re like really weird it’s just off these were just no. Cue Pokemon anthem. okay now lets stop let’s get serious now. Now moving along to my favorite pair okay guys were these pokemon inspired one as a 90’s kid I lived for Pokemon guys Pokemon that is my stuff right there so when Pokemon go came out I was all over it okay until after they start bringing in to like second generation Pokemon I was like no we’re not having that. These were actually $10 and 44 cents and these are called the yoga sport leggings fitness running three-quarter printed casual gym stretch trouser and the girl on line looks super cute in them so yeah I wanted to invoke my inner ash ketchum and these just weren’t going to do that I can’t go play pokemon go in these how can I do that I can’t be flashing everybody the goods when they’re trying to catch their charizards and their Pikachu’s that’s just not gonna work guys it’s just not it does they really said you can go bowling in these they literally said sport bowling camping and hiking cycling fitness and yoga golf gymnastics running tennis I don’t know who the hell is going to be bowling in these things with what the? how you gonna bowl in this? How are you going to bowling in this? Can someone please explain? you can see my face I feel like how are you going to bowl in these? um the waistband was really weird it was it’s like like what the hell what is this you might as well not even have a waistband in there this is like a thread your hold it like how look at Pidgeotto. Look at Pidgeotto! Come on man Bulbasaur they had all the epic all the main pokémon and they just did them dirty they really did them dirty. is that suppose to be ghastly or hunter who the heck I don’t know I think thats ghastly Last time I checked ghastly had eye pupils but yeah look guys they didn’t put pupils on ghastly and last time I checked he had pupils who else is on here? you now though I mean the staple the part with the pokeballs on a butt like whoa I mean these are humongous I super freakin stretchy super long I’m probably going to wear these as like lounge pants at home because I’m about that life got that fist action right there so obviously not squat proof whatsoever no tummy control because how the hell I don’t know what kind of waistband is going to give you this kind of tummy control this one certainly does not these are just regular pants I don’t know what kind of fitness you’re supposed to be doing these both my hands and then you can see can you see you see me the whole the closest thing I can wear this as a scarf to go pokemon hunting that’s closest is going to get. Cause ain’t no one going to take me serious if I have these babies on ok it’s. These I actually got because they looked really similar to the gymshark flex leggings but honey they are not even close these won’t hold a candle to those I will tell you and I’m not even a fan of the flex so that says something nine dollars in 92 cents and they are a large I did get these in a large the yoga sports legging grey fitness running casual gym holiday stretch trousers I don’t know what kind of holidays you’re going to be celebrating in these babys but I would not recommend the girl definitely looks ten times different than I did for sure these again are advertised as for bowling can be in hiking cycling fitness and yoga golf gymnastics running and tennis let’s just say I don’t think Serina is going to be tennesing in these at all I would not look at this they were 100% not squat proof again just like the Pokemon one you see me staring at you right now so these are just bad again this little waistband that is literally pointless and useless it was a complete and utter fail these are just no bueno huh like guys this was just bad. I really thought I was going to find some gymshark better than flex dupes and hell no these are not going to do it I could not believe my eyes like what the hell girl on the internet looks fantabulous but we all know what that means is there a hole in these already the contours are cute we’ve got this like honeycomb like this honeycomb kind of thing going on these look like space pants from the future. Peekaboo. you could play you can play peek-a-boo with a baby using these things and you can still see them I don’t know how the heck people are selling these kinds of things on eBay but why like why who is buying this? you’ve been warned a tried guys I tried to go to go with ebay try to find things that were affordable trust me I tried and this was just No no. no bueno okay guys don’t even do it don’t even go there your girl Vanessa took an L for you you’re welcome I don’t even know what to do with them I think I mean the Pokemon ones are just going to be here for recreational purposes but everything else No. I hope you guys like videos like this if you guys did don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up also don’t forget to subscribe on your way out and yeah I’ll see you guys in the next one. Peace.


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