Disc Binding for Beginners! | Sea Lemon

Hello everyone! It’s Jennifer from Sea Lemon I wanted to make a really casual vlog today and Share some thoughts with you on disc binding! I have posted some pictures on my social links of the books that I have so far. I’ve made a couple periscopes about it by the way, if you’re not following me on periscope, it’s the same thing as my twitter username if you want to follow me there. I’m pretty new to disc binding and I just wanted to test it out before I made like an official diy video on it so I wanted to share some thoughts with you on my experience so far. Ok, so if you’re asking what the heck is disc binding, um, you’re not alone. I’ve asked that too, and I didn’t really know about it, and I didn’t realize that it had been around for a while. A lot of schools use it. I kind of think it’s like if a three-ring binder had a baby with spiral binding. Then that baby would be disc binding. It has the function of spiral binding and also the function of a binder so you can open it to, uh, remove the pages. You don’t really open the binding but it just gives you that function, that you can remove the pages and switch them around if you want and then put them back together like a spiral bound book. And it’s a great solution for single sheet binding, I know a lot of you ask how can I bind single sheets, and I do have some tutorials, on stitching single sheets and some of ’em like the stab bindings, they won’t lay flat. Um, I do have one that does lay flat, but it is really time-consuming. It looks really nice once it’s done, but disc binding is another solution that you can try where your pages WILL lay flat and you don’t have to sew them together ..and you can keep them as single sheets. So for the disc binding system, I am aware of, like, three major brands that make their own system and have a punch available for sale, and have different covers, and pages that you can buy. But, as far as I understand, or what I’ve read, you can’t really, um, combine the different brands with the different punches because each machine has their own set of unique holes, like a unique die so their discs might not fit into those pages that is made by that punch.


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