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Hello, it’s Jennifer from Sea Lemon. I want to thank all of you guys for suggesting and commenting on my last video going over disk binding it was more of a disc binding video for beginners like an introduction that I shared based on my experience my first experience with disc binding I am still using that DIY notebook that I showed in that video I love it it has made my world so much more organized and I just really like this type of binding so I wanted to do a little haul and show you some supplies that I got I still have not made new covers for my notebook and they are still kind of coming off this was my first attempt at covers for this system and I do want to make tutorials for you guys in the future on different DIY cover methods you guys had so many good suggestions in that video four different cover methods to try and I kind of wanted to try them all so I got kind of wanted to try them all so I got notebook plus some extras to kind of experiment with and figure out different cover methods and make those tutorials for you guys if you want to know more about any of the supplies that I show in this video check the video description below I will put all of the info down there again you guys shared so much good information on that last video and I will continue to go back and look at the comments there but if you have anything more to share feel free to share it in the comments below okay first thing I got which I just got today it just arrived through the mail today is this lamina-tor and I have not tried it out yet this is my very first lamina-tor ever it can fit paper up to 9 inches wide and I guess the length is just dependent on the pouches that you get you’re kind of limited to the size of laminated pouches that come for the lamina-tor I wanted a thick laminate so that I can try some DIY covers with it and I plan on experimenting with some of my patterned paper I honestly don’t know how those are going to turn out I’ve never tried anything like that before but I think it will come out good because a lot of you have suggested this I might try some dividers with this as well with some patterned paper maybe I don’t know yet after reading some of the reviews online it seems like once you get a lamina-tor you just want to laminate everything so who knows I might become a crazy lamina-tor lady after this next I got some place mats yes place mats these have nothing to do with disc binding but based on some of your suggestions I thought it was a really good idea to try these for covers and maybe some dividers and some of you have suggested that if you go to the dollar store you can find really thin cutting boards there which can act as place mats and it’s really inexpensive and I got these two place-mats these were kind of the more appealing patterns that I could find I’m going to experiment with them and I’ll see how that goes another thing I’m going to try for DIY covers are these poly vinyl tab dividers which already have the punched holes on them and these really make great dividers if you have this size of notebook but I just wanted them for the punched part I wanted the thick poly vinyl material which is sturdy and doesn’t rip on the disc and I’m planning on sandwiching that in between two pieces of chipboard to see if I can make a hardcover out of that and maybe wrap the chipboard in paper I don’t know if this is going to work yet I’m going to try it out and glue it to the dividers and they also come in top bound iPhone so I could try that as well but since these were already small and a little bit cheaper I’m going to experiment with these and I do like that they came in different colors so if I wrap my chipboard in a different color paper that kind of matches the top portion that could look really well I don’t know again I don’t know if this is going to work this is all kind of in my head now onto some discs that I found and I’m planning on archiving my sketches and notes in my current notebook into a more archival book and I wanted some larger rings so that I can have a year’s worth of pages so I got these heart-shaped happy planner rings they’re ex pander rings and they’re one inch and 3/4 and I thought these would work well for archiving my notebook because they’re a little bit larger I thought the heart in the middle was cute and I wanted to see if they would work with the arc punch that I have and turns out all of the Rings and disks work with the different brands of punches they’re just slightly a little bit different like the whole will have just a little bit more room on another brands disc but they still work and the note book still turns and works like a notebook shed regardless of what brand you use all disc binding kind of Wiggles a little it’s kind of like a spiral bound notebook that always Wiggles a little so you’re always going to have a little bit of room around the holes no matter what so just a little bit more doesn’t really bother me I also wanted to try these Leveler Circa discs and they have a really cool feature which has a pen holder in the middle and it’s a really nice constructed disc it has a little rubber thing for the pen holder I experimented with this on my notepad here that I’m showing you I wanted to try it on this rather than take apart my whole notebook and you can just stick your pen right through and it really does hold your pen well your pen isn’t going anywhere if you’re using these but I will say that it is a little pricey these rings are one-and-a-half inch so they’re slightly smaller than the happy planner ones that I just showed you this is my first circa brand disc and I noticed that they are slightly shaped differently there’s kind of a point at the end of them if that makes sense but they still work in the arc punch that I use I’m kind of surprised that there aren’t more colors and different designs of these discs available after shopping for this system I just didn’t really see a whole lot there’s kind of like the basic colors but this has a lot more room to have more design and just different colors available that might be another thing I experiment with in the future I also got some extra little goodies for my notebook and I already have these flags that I use I haven’t gone through mall yet there are a lot that come in this little snap-on thing that I got I still using them and I use them to kind of like bookmark my pages throughout my notebook and kind of act as dividers so I can find things easier so I’m all good on little flags don’t need any more of those but I saw these happy planner snap in tabs that I thought could come in handy they seem pretty useful for things that you don’t want to punch holes in this is just an old business card of mine and it’s a really thick paper so it’s not something I would necessarily punch a hole through if you have like pieces of inspiration that you want to stick into your notebook anywhere and be able to take them out of the notebook that could really be useful if you guys have been following my channel for a long time you know that I have a lot of notebook and sketchbook tutorials and I have a lot on different closures that you can add and that’s another thing I want to try on these discs bound notebooks is just like an elastic closure I know you can find them for sale they’re usually just like bands that you can wrap around I think that’s something I can definitely DIY so I want to try that with some different elastic let me know if that’s something that you guys like to add to your covers as well also if you guys like these haul type videos let me know in the comments below or hit that like button so that I know that you like these and if you are new here make sure you’re subscribed to my channel sea lemon so you don’t miss any DIY videos I would love for you to join the sea subs so make sure you’re the sea subs so make sure you’re haul which is all about different pens right here and if you want to see my previous disc binding tutorial check out this video right here and make sure you’re following me on my social links I love connecting with you guys over there all of these links will be in the video description below and I will see you guys next time


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