Disney Character Warehouse | Quick Update | New Items | Spirit Jerseys

everybody we’re back at Sunrise Florida
Sawgrass Mills Mall to have a quick update and what they have available I’m
only going to do what is new I’m not going to go through what they have
already had so you can check my previous vlog on that from two weeks ago it is
Friday at like 8:30 in the evening so they close in an hour I don’t want to
keep them I give a huge shout-out to Taylor the theme park boy you can find
them on Instagram and his YouTube channel
I’ll link that down below to what’s available here I’m doing a pickup for a
giveaway I’m doing probably about the same time that I released this video so
keep an eye out for that I’m gonna have so much great stuff for you guys and
let’s go check it out and see what they have that’s new and if you want to see
anything that I skipped that will be in my last vlog and I’ll link that down
below as well so let’s go check it out we have the Han Solo says is that
markdown to $2.99 and the Edna mode talking figurine is
marked down to $4.99 the Lightning McQueen auto shade marked down to $4.99
I haven’t seen this here yet just but years marked down to 299 the patriotic
Mickey spirit Jersey for $9.99 and extra small and extra extra large they have
the sequins sparkle Disney spirit Jersey for $25 all
an extra large will this new world in sequins on the back the black Disneyworld spear Jersey
nothing special just black for 2499 only Spirit Jersey on
clearance for $24.99 we have one XL small medium and large have the delish
string lights for $19.99 and also the cupcake socks for 399 the candy apple
plushies are $4.99 still mostly the same things that they had on the last one if
you want to reference that for all the prices except these are new $12.99 for
these sparkly mini shoes looks like they’re mostly 9/10 they have a Dumbo
rattle for $4.99 have the magic wands for $9.99 and mostly the same kids
shirts that were here before along with the same accessories as my last blog
they have some new disney notebooks for 399 they’re cute and they have some joy
hope love magic imagine dream create inspire and believe throws for $19.99
it’s like it’s Rapunzel themed so the same Star Wars merge that was available
last time just moved to a different place and the Star Wars doggy themed
stuff with dog bowls that our 789 for same cinderella themed
merch plates glassware picture frames all of that good stuff
same price as they were before still have this guy for 14.99 apparently
someone informed me it’s a crazy alien Kitty that I don’t understand they made
it so Groot Captain Marvel figurines and her glove and those shirts super cute olaf is $14.99 with how many
freezes I don’t know he’s super cute I’d buy him for anything Olaf
kissing keychains for $2.99 a long hair don’t care for 9.99 Rapunzel shirt I’d rather be sleeping for $9.99 and a
Cinderella shirt for $12.99 she cup saucer repair service for 9.99 Jasmine soar to new heights mug for
$2.99 also the Cinderella mug for $2.99 a lot of them and The Little Mermaid mug
they have little inscriptions this says change your world on the inside for
$2.99 new mike sweatshirts for $12.99 Monday
shirt whatever that Mouse is nuts about you still have some of the purses to
match if you want to Disney bound and some other aristocrats merch that showed
up the fanny pack is still $21.99 bubble blower for a $2.99 a bin of them and the
same purses they had available are all the same prices that’s before and they
also have the lounge fly cheek up bag for $37.99 have some of the dress shop
dresses the Minnie Mouse for $24.99 also they have this other Minnie Mouse style one for $24.99 and some malnificent socks for 399 they are a boatload also a
lot of the phone cases are clearance for 99 cents and and the Tsum Tsum reign in found items lots of repeats so many of
things I saw I’m sorry I couldn’t vlog the whole
thing for you guys and they’re trying to come back on Monday
in three days and vlog the whole store again there.
well this is just more of an updates video
And grab stuff for a giveaway video people here today people that are following along and enjoy
what I’m doing I’m happy to be a part of this with you guys
and share it. have a good weekend, we’ll se you real soon.


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