DIY Craft Table With Storage Pottery Barn Knock Off: $1100 Savings!

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this month’s co-host is Ashleigh Lauren she has an unbelievable DIY and decor
channel she has amazing taste and she’s really fun to watch to boot! so if
you’re not familiar with Ashleigh’s channel I’ll put her link below and you
can pop on over after you watch my episode and then after hers we’ve got a
playlist full of amazingly talented women and I’d invite you to check out
their channels and episodes as well now you’re gonna want to stick with me to
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with me. I promised to share with you a dirty little secret all right don’t judge
I didn’t even clean up for you but I wanted to be real and authentic with you
and really illustrate why I really need to redo this room this room you can see
is right at the top of our stairs it’s the loft room it’s meant to be used
as a family room and it’s gonna be my craft room slash workspace and you are
going to be seeing a lot of my tutorials in this room right now this is what
it looks like! (laughing) look my new Cricut machine is on the floor that is bad that’s not
where it should be going I’ve got stacks of books a desk that I never use it’s
just not functional I think it was built for a kid do you still love me? so we’re
gonna build the Pottery Barn craft table we’re gonna build it right here and I’ve
got some tips and tricks so let’s get started we are gonna start out by
building these cubby organizers I got mine from Target you can find them at
Walmart you can really find them all over and if you’re lucky you can find
one already pre-built maybe like on the Facebook marketplace or something like
that if you’re lucky enough for that you can skip a bunch of these steps I’m
gonna build these for you show you how it’s done show you that we can do it and
then I’ll also provide some links below if you need to locate some for this
project so on the Pottery Barn version I noticed that really all the base was was
2: 36 by 36 inch shelves with cubby space I’m like that’s easy so this bottom part
we’re just gonna put together with pre-built stuff and then we’re gonna
take a trip to Home Depot and get a couple of supplies for the tabletop PS I
love knocking off things because I love being able to get that designer look for
less and not forking over all the cash I am always looking for things to knock
off things that you want to see me do so hit me up in the comment section below
with certain brands and items that you want to see me knock off and I’ll see
what I can do okay so we’re gonna break this out of
the box and put it together now…. ssshhh! we’re going to actually follow the
directions they make them for a reason so we’re really going to go step by step
through those instructions and we’re gonna build a shelf so our two shelves are done the first
one took a little bit longer but it was really not that long and then the second
one went in probably half the time because we knew what we were doing that
time around now I used a drill in the instructions that said to go ahead and
use a Philips screwdriver you can do what you want but using the drill
definitely made the job go much faster so now it’s time to build our top for a
craft table and for that we’re gonna need to take a trip to Home Depot so a
couple of months ago I said to my husband I really need a track to be able
to pick up some of the supplies I need at the home-improvement store and so my
husband and being the awesome guy that he is he totally agreed but of course he
had to put his own spin on it so I am driving a Dodge Viper truck
it’s the fastest production truck that they make so if I am ever in a real
hurry to go to the home-improvement store I am golden so thanks honey! I always get distracted look! Christmas trees! They also have Halloween stuff so
from Halloween to Christmas they got you covered all right here is the section
that we need I am needing some sort of plywood I’m kind of thinking MDF but I
got to see what they’ve got here okay so I know that this is a girls can
use power tools challenge but I am gonna have them cut down my sheets because I
don’t have a table saw and we’re still using power tools in this but if you
don’t have a table saw go ahead and have them cut it down or if you’re just
nervous have them make some cuts for you all
right I am back from the home-improvement store and this is where
you are going to have some decisions to make for yourself I am trying to knock
off the Bedford project table as closely as possible and I’ve thought about a lot
of different ways how to go to about this and so I have a plan if you want to
build just these cubby shelves and slap a piece of wood on top of it screw it
down, paint it and call it a day this would be sufficient to do some crafting
on so that’s gonna be your call but again we are trying to knock off the
Pottery Barn version and we’re gonna get that as close as possible also the way
that we’re gonna go about it is gonna make it a little bit more stable a
little bit more sturdy and that’s never a bad thing what we’re gonna do is we’ve
got to make this top a little bit thicker a little bit more stable and
then as you can see I’ve got some panels on the inside what it came with for the
Cubbies were five of these cardboard pieces that they fold it in half and
there’s one for every other one you don’t have to put anything on the back
if you don’t want to but it does leave an unfinished edge on the inside and I’m
not okay with that and plus the original version also hasn’t that back entirely
filled in so I just picked up some inexpensive plywood at the store it was
like eleven dollars for a huge sheet I’ve got tons of leftovers from both the
MDF and the thinner veneer so if you’re doing this project with me hang on to
those pieces because you know I’m gonna do something with the scraps before I
attach them I am gonna paint at least one side of them because these white
shelves are already painted and so we’re gonna take care of that prior to
attaching them in order to make our table more sturdy I’m using some two by
fours to build kind of like a frame and I’m not doing it upright but I’m doing
it flat now because we don’t want to see butt
joints we are going to be doing some miter cuts remember if you’re working
with a saw make sure you cover your eyes with some protective eyewear make sure
you’re calm cool and collected it’s not that hard we can do this! after you know
that your first cut is great then you can go ahead and use that as your
pattern for your next one makes the job quicker and then you know that they’re
precise and that they’re gonna match up so I’ve got my frame clamped to the
table topper we’re gonna screw it to the top from the underside the way we’re
gonna do this is we’re going to pre-drill for our screws and then what
we’re gonna do is take a larger screw and we’re going to just screw in just a
hair just so we can countersink our screws screws all right so we’ll put in our
larger bit and then we’ll go right where we pre-drilled those holes and
just barely go down just so you can countersink the screw perfect you don’t
have to do much just enough to get it down a little bit because the last thing
we want is for our screw to go all the way through definitely what we don’t
want to do all right perfect so we’ve got the frame screwed on and
now we can flip it over see how it looks and then we’re gonna do some spackling
just to make sure it’s nice and smooth we’ll sand that down then we’ll paint
it up and then we’ll attach it to the bottom shelves alright so everything is
now painted and now it’s time for finishing touches
so I’ve pre painted the back so now we’re gonna nail them on you could just
take a hammer and nails and use the nails that came in with the shelves I’ve
got a nail gun and it just always makes the job so much easier so I’m going to
be using this and so just make sure that everything is lined up and looking good I love my nail gun because this is gonna
be easy (Dramatic opera singing) alright so you can see that I have everything flipped over and I’ve
created about an inch lip all the way around so now we’re going to pre-drill
some holes into our shelves so that we can put screws right into the top
because this is kind of slippery surface this laminate we’re going to use some
painters tape just so that it has something to grip to as well as prevent
some of that chipping that can happen so the final step is just to install two
support brackets on either side this is something that’s on the original and
just will add a little bit of more stability between the two bookcases so
I’m just going to actually just drive some screws into them on either side and
then we’ll do some touch-up paint and I’ll do the reveal all right our craft table is done and I
am sitting on it just to show you how sturdy it is so this is something that
you can do even if you’re a beginner it just takes some simple skills that
hopefully you gained by watching this tutorial so you could go and buy the
Pottery Barn one for $1,300 or you could build this one for around one hundred
and twenty dollars and save over 90% and keep a little cash to yourself but I am
extremely happy with this one now you’ll have to let me know in the comment
section below if you want to see some more tutorials about my craft room I’ve
got some ideas for organization over here and then of course we’re gonna get
a wall unit behind me so that there will be plenty of places to store my crafting
supplies now that you’ve watched my episode make sure you pop on over to
Ashleigh’s channel and check out her episode and then also buzz through the
playlist of all the amazing and talented ladies so I promised you some
announcements the first announcement is is this is my last girls can use power
tools challenge for 2019 it will be coming back in January 2020 so don’t
despair if you really like this challenge we will be back so watch for
that coming up on November 4th 2 p.m. Eastern
I am teaming up with Jennifer from a little bit of common crazy to host an
open collaboration called the ultimate Christmas wreath playlist I did this in
the fall and it was an absolute blast so if you would like to participate in that
with us check my community page for details also coming up starting next
week is going to be Christmas tutorials galore so I hope you enjoy those and if
there’s anything you’d like to see me do Christmas wise pop it in the comment
section below I’d love to know I’m always looking for ideas I read all of
your comments and I really take them to heart so if you’ve got an idea for me
for a knockoff or anything and let me know also let me know what you think of
this knockoff do you think I did a good job
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