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welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer
Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects and I’m
very excited to share my latest embroidery slash DIY project with you
and this is my first time doing shoes yes
shoes now I know lots of you out there are really into shoes I would say my
interest level and shoes is probably like a 5 or a 6 I don’t own that many
pairs I don’t have a closet full I’m a pretty simple gal I normally wear
flip-flops or those shower slides inside the house so I saw these shoes at Target
and I just thought they were very interesting very cool-looking and I’ve
been thinking about a project I could do using this freestanding lace butterfly
embroidery software shout out to my friends at Nancy’s Notions for sending
this my way because I’ve been using the heck out of this thing
I mean I’ve been making butterflies day and night you guys for real so what I do
is I go to the embroidery machine I get started out of design I kind of watch it
I’ve been using my thread direct or – and links to everything are below in the
description box so I’ve been using that I kind of let it sit I sort of keep an
eye on it and then I usually do something else I might be on the
computer doing something editing watching you know Amazon Prime who knows
but it’s a good project where you can keep an eye on it but also you can start
be multitasking so I mean literally I’ve kind of gone nuts in fact I was trying
to figure out what to do with all the extra butterflies so I’ve made a few
really cool hair clips using these blank ones that I got from Walmart literally
Walmart this is actually a super easy craft project you just take the blank
hair clip take some quick grip glue this stuff works great and it still gives you
a few seconds to set it so if you don’t get it perfectly straight onto the
barrette you can still have a few seconds to sort of play with it it stays
pretty well I haven’t really had any issues and then you can clip
your hair Alec I did with this one so I might make a few of these for some
friends with kids I mean you don’t have to be a kid to wear them clearly I’m not
but that doesn’t stop me anyways but anyways back to the main project I saw
these shoes on targets website and I thought these would be perfect to
embellish so I made all different kinds of butterflies and I used the smaller
ones because I noticed some of the bigger designs they would be a little
bit overwhelming on a shoe like this so I picked some of the smaller designs and
then I made this more applique patch version and I decided I was gonna do it
on the outside of each one of the shoes these butterflies took me several hours
to make and then I decided I was of course going to embellish them with some
rhinestone flatback crystals so I used my crystal ninja pickup tool which I’ve
been using more and more lately which is great because I bought that thing a few
years ago and I wanted to make sure I was getting enough use out of it and I
feel like I definitely am okay so the original plan was to hand sew all the
butterflies on to the shoes but then after doing the hair clips I realized
that the glue is pretty strong so I felt comfortable with using it to do all of
the butterfly embellishments plus it was a coarse way faster and I feel like
they’re pretty secure plus it’s not like you’re sitting there tugging the life
out of a pair of shoes like really who does that thinking about this project I
also didn’t want the shoes to be too matchy-matchy so while I did these
purple side butterflies the same I wanted to make the other butterfly
embellishments a little bit different just so you know hey I did not buy these
at the store this is a custom creation yes you heard it custom I think they
turned out really well and I also decided to place the butterflies in
different directions on the shoes and I think these turned out really fun and I
feel like these are totally wearable I think if you’re going out for like a fun
night out or even something a little dressy I think these shoes would really
jazz up kind of a simple outfit like if you’re wearing all black or if you’re
wearing like jeans and a shirt like these shoes are like a major
conversation starter so I am glad that I did the butterflies in
different color combinations just to kind of make them meet make each one
unique I used all the crystals I think they turned out super cute okay so now’s
the time where I am going to take you outside where I decided to try to get
some video of me wearing the shoes but it’s Florida super hot it was like 95
degrees outside psych I made it outside for about 10 minutes and I hope I got
some okay shots of this because it was super sunny out so I kept getting a lot
of shadows so here you go okay I am so excited about these shoes I think they
turned out super cute plus I’ve been watching some Taylor Swift music videos
and she has a lot of butterflies in these videos like I love the music video
me if you haven’t seen it check it out the fashion is amazing and I feel like
this style would really fit into something like that so I’m kind of I
feel like I’m kind of channeling Taylor Swift here’s something I’ve been
realizing about having an embroidery machine is that the possibilities are
really endless you can do just about anything especially with these
freestanding lace designs I think these totally rock and I am so
so glad that Nancy’s notions sent me this butterfly embroidery design
software because I have been absolutely loving it and I keep thinking of more
crafts and projects and DIYs and even sewing projects that I can do with these
you can literally embellish anything with the butterflies they are so
freaking cute if you are in the market for some good free-standing lace designs
and you have or thinking about getting an embroidery machine you know don’t
even don’t even think about it just just get this thing and if you’d like to see
more videos about embroidery machines maybe you’re new to them you don’t
really know what they are I have a whole series on mine I have the Brother pe-8
it’s a great pretty entry mid entry level machine it’s pretty reasonably
priced as far as embroidery machines go and I just love it but thank you guys so
much for watching and I will see you guys next time here at the Sewing Report
I’m Jennifer Moore

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