DIY Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

hello friends I’m a mom of two who had a
full-time job planning fun events for kids and now I stay at home with my 11
year old son and my two year old daughter on this channel you will find
lots of DIY party ideas but today we’re going to be talking about unique
creative Halloween costume ideas for your kids I do have one other video
specifically on toddler Halloween costumes from Pottery Barn Kids Target
and Walmart three different price ranges I will put a link to that video in the
description box down below because Halloween may seem like a long ways off
now is the time to plan for Halloween costumes before the stores loose stock
and all the materials and all the costumes so let’s jump into today’s
video here we go all right so I’m gonna be looking at my phone and I’m only
showing you images of what I’m talking about I’m actually looking at country I will post their website down in the description box and they
have some really cute DIY ideas for kids that are super creative on the website
they list 95 I’m not gonna be talking about all 95 of them I’m probably gonna
aim for around 15 and we’ll discuss them and see what we think about them is a
DIY and gingham which costume which is our classic right for little kids
I feel like boys and girls can both pull off the witch like you just need a broom
and a bucket and a cute little dress put your child’s hair in pigtails and you’ve
got the cutest little witch costume outfit idea ever
I think the gingham print is cute it’s on-trend feel like you could also do
like a flannel but to flannel like utano on a witch or tulle you know every
little girl loves a good tool dress mmm a strawberry costume I’m not so sure
about this one what do you how do you feel about a
strawberry costume I feel like that’s like a spring thing I mean it’s a cute
idea nobody else is gonna be a strawberry I bet you it’s
cute I’m not crazy about the strawberry a DIY yarn costume no thank you
no that’s boring please do not dress your child in a DIY yarn costume please don’t do that don’t dress them as a ball of yarn
homemade librarian costume I feel like this is for like the
teenager or the tween who is kind of aging out of Halloween and needs
something to wear but doesn’t want to look – like they’re in like they’re at a
Halloween costume trick-or-treating maybe they could pull off a Halloween a
librarian costume what do you guys think homemade Planet costumes okay I like
this one this is really cool but it looks very awkward for kids
it’s got like hula hoops around the poor children and some kind of bars with
strings and almost looks like these strings are getting close to wrapping
around their neck so I like the idea of Planet costume I’m just not sure this is
the right way to do that oh my goodness baby gumball machine Hallloween costume I
love this one this is adorable looks like they just go to a ton of
pom-poms on like a snow hat and all that dress is so cute just a red dress oh
that would be super easy to make okay I love this one it’s super cute I love
this one this gets my approval a stamp of approval
Olaf okay yes Olaf is gonna be popular you know I’ve already made some Olaf
frozen movie themed party ideas if you haven’t seen that video I will link it
the playlist in the description box below I think it will be already be out
by the time I film this yeah this Olaf is cute it looks like it’s just like a
white hoodie with some felt black buttons down oh you could do googly eyes
at the top oh this is cute pipe cleaners and they’ve got like a carrot nose looks
like we’re in those photo props I can actually have one of those yes
Olaf Halloween costume this gives Shawn’s approval my approval on the
state of Liberty Halloween costume I’m like that’s out right to be the Statue
of Liberty Halloween costume I mean it’s just like a sheet that’s draped around
with some kind of styrofoam I don’t know I’m not crazy about that one moving on
and yes pac-man Halloween costume although this one looks complicated for
me but yes I love this idea the pac-man cost you but fruit chopping yes pac-man
all day anybody else love pac man when they were
when they were kids I feel like pac-man is still trending in and right yeah I
think but what do I know I’m a mom
DIY don’t a Halloween costume yes what is up with this year in Donuts I really
need to film a doughnut party idea because doughnuts are super popular
isn’t there some kind of a rapper that has like doughnut socks you might know
what I’m talking about I don’t know how you would make this oh it looks like
it’s just like a round pool float now that’s cute with sprinkles
you know I love sprinkles okay yes approve approved approved football field
Halloween costume yes I feel like these popular footballs always in I have not
partial sports I’m not a sports game person I would never dress my child up
at a football game but that’s just me you may think differently but this is
cute for a football team costume okay oh my goodness okay I take it back
I take back what I said previously about strawberry and Halloween costumes and
this one is adorable when you put a red tulle skirt with it for a toddler yes
please all day yes please stick figure Halloween costume okay I feel like this
is something my son would do just on a whim as a a prank for me this is so cute
it’s an all-white costume with black like electrical tape and a paper plate
yes please this is my kind of DIY costume something so simple that my 11
year old can do it yes thank you Oh Care Bears Halloween costumes anybody
else watch the new Care Bears the show on Netflix
it’s so cute no so this is adorable I would be a Care Bear I’m pretty sure I
was a Care Bear multiple times when I was a kid growing up Care Bears yes
please I’m gonna go a little bit faster on these because these are hilarious
these are getting good yarn Halloween costume for kids again what is what is
wrong with you people that you’re dressing your kids up as yarn I mean if
you’re gonna use yarn go ahead make your child like Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy
don’t just what what is this looks like a toilet paper this is not I don’t like
this I don’t like this no no to yarn costumes
Flamingo kids costume and I mean I guess so maybe like I would go more
horse like unicorn or nor narwhal flamingos I mean they’re kind of stinky
Grandma and Grandpa Halloween costume okay yes this is cute for like the 100th
day of school but for Halloween don’t do this your kids
don’t give them a walker they’re gonna be there soon enough as it is they don’t
need to be old now don’t do it cat Halloween costume classic
cheeseburger costume I mean my son goes around the housing cheeseburger not sure
where that’s from pretty sure that’s another youtuber that says cheeseburger
which is highly annoying so I’m saying no to the cheeseburger costume Ace
Ventura pet detective costume I’m sorry but do kids nowadays even know anything
about that movie um half DIY change me into turtle costume half that’s been
done we’re over a teenager Ninja Turtles for now we’re over them we moved on to
Captain Marvel Belle from Beauty the beast classics but this looks complicated
cowboy cowgirl costumes always in homemade the lemon-lime Halloween
costumes no I mean yes this is like a project that I would do involving white
tape and a t-shirt dress but no I mean this is for like the last minute mom
that literally forgot that it was Halloween this would be good for that
homemade Madeleine Halloween costume dude little girls watch that I mean this
costume is adorable but is that a thing that kids to watch they still watch
Madeleine out of line no one okay okay okay
stop everything yes I am all about this chip and Joanna Gaines costumes yes like
the easiest thing ever it looks like a flannel shirt jeans and loafers for the
boy and the little girl has on a green not trench coat but one of those cargo
jackets a little shirt jeans and boots yes please chip but I’m all about this
and again this is like an outfit you could just pull together
I’m very last minute I’m loving that that’s genius Harry Potter baby thoughts
– love it love it love it lumberjack lumberjack or hipster I mean
it’s basically a hipster costume with an axe while we’re at it if we’re
gonna do hipster we might as well do vsco girl this goes our costumes I want
to see that for kids I want to see the scrunchie in little kids hair I’m going
to see the oversized t-shirt see I’m carrying a hydro flask I want to
see them wearing Crocs yes visco Girl Halloween costume and
don’t do that on my list that makes me a thing you haven’t seen my little girl
slumber party video where have you been I’m gonna pop it right here because you
need to go watches hilarious jane goodall i think it’s always really cool
to see kids dress up as an inspirational person in history or like a book so I’m
all about Jane Goodall they have 95 costumes on this website again I will
leave the link to this website in the description box down below
thumbs up is the best compliment you can give me subscribe if you want to hang
out with me more because I’m gonna be posting more Halloween and fall ideas on
this channel here and I will see you in my next video thanks for watching


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