DIY Spiral Gallium Fidget Spinner

MUSIC I my last video where I showed you how to make a fidget spinner out of gallium I set up a poll to ask if you would like me to make more and there was an overwhelming majority that said yes So this week I am going to put out a number of videos showing you how to make different designs. Today were are going to be making a spiral effect. (this “trend” is dead) Start by taking some plasticine… Take off a piece that we will be using later.. Then push it out flat. Onto a tray. Next take a mug with nice flat bottom like this. And push it down onto the plastercine. You can fold up any plasticine around it to make a lip. Then remove the mug. For a bearing I bought these skateboard wheel bearings cheaply from the internet. (Silence) And we need to place one in the centre of our mould. If you like you can use a ruler to make sure it is central. Once your happy with that take the other piece of plasticine and roll it out into at nice long worm Try to make sure it is a nice consistent diameter. Then you can fold it around itself and chop it into two. Take one length and starting from the outside edge. carefully spiral it across the mould until you get to the bearing like this. Then take your other length of plastercine and do the same again starting from the other side. Try to make it as symmetrical as possible. Next we need to take some gallium. I’ve got these blocks left over from a previous project, And melt then in some nice warm water. When it’s all liquid suck it up I a syringe. And remove any water. Then it’s ready for you to pour into the mould. (music in the background) Pretty cool huh? To make it stronger I decided to remove these bits of plastercine so the gallium forms a ring around the bearing. Leave it to cool do down so it goes hard again, Then carefully remove it. If you like you cold leave the plastercine in place, Or go ahead and remove it. And there’s our gallium fidget spinner complete. If you want to you could remove the bearings centre caps from another spinner and fit them to yours. This one is actually really well balanced and it looks really cool. It feels pretty heavy and really solid. If you get it too warm it will melt again so do be careful. i hope you’ve been enjoying waching this video there will be more coming soon and want to lean about gallium look at my other vids 😀 Stay Safe, Have Fun and as always Thanks for watching! aww, it stopped spinning
(thanks for reading this subtitles!)


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