DJI Not at NAB – New Product Coming?

DJI is not going to be a NAB we’re going to talk about what’s going on and what they have planned for the future and the
video coming up what’s going on guys I’m brick your mellow with brick your mellow
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content creator so I was a little surprised when I heard that DJI wasn’t
gonna be a NAB obviously they’ve been there the last few years and since
they’re the leader in consumer drones everyone kind of expects them to be
there and that isn’t the case this year so what’s going on so I read an article
over the weekend by drone DJ and in this article I’m gonna read what Adam Liz
Berg the corporate communications director for DJI North America said
about tGI’s plans for not being an NAB and then what’s going on okay so this is
what Adam Liz Berg told drone DJ we’ve had a traditional booth at NAB and other
large offense for the last several years but we’ve decided to refocus our
promotion strategy we’re evaluating the best way to support the professional
imaging market and our Pro customers so we’re considering alternative options
we’re going to explore other ways to reach this customer base and demonstrate
our support for them so okay so let’s break this down what’s going on so it
sounds like NAB hasn’t been the best promotional strategy for DJI if it was
they would be there so it seems like them doing their own separate launch
seems to get more attention so that’s my first takeaway from this the other
takeaway is that they’re gonna go after the pro market so remember when I had
that sort of a rumor speculation type video I don’t like to do too many of
those and I guess this one is another one but it is news that DGI is not in
nab few weeks ago I made a video about this product that DG I was coming out it
looks like a high-end video camera I suspect it will have an X 7 maybe
they’re gonna have an X 8 or some type of full frame lens on it you can see on
the side that looks like an X 7 lens and obviously that’s a crop sensor 1.5 so I
know everyone’s into full frame so I imagined
guy is trying to go towards that if it’s not still we’ll be able to shoot 4k raw
with the Apple ProRes in 6k and Sydney D and G I’m sure or something better than
that so my hunch this very well could be a possibility that video that I made a
few weeks ago now it seems more likely based on what this representative for
DJI North America said and I read another article online and I can’t seem
to find it I don’t know whether DJI said something and he deleted it but I could
have sworn that they said that they were gonna release a new product towards the
end of April maybe a few weeks after NAB I’m certain I read it last week I read
it sometime and now I cannot find it so I don’t know what happened but my gut
feeling is that DJI will release a new product this month what exactly it is I
don’t think it’s gonna be the Phantom 5 I think that’s gonna come out later I
think this will could very well be that high-end video camera or a high-end lens
that you can use with the inspired 2 and possibly with a phantom 5 at a later
point my other hunch was that a new spark
would come out but after hearing this spark is not a professional drone so
obviously that goes out the window they’re not gonna come out with that a
new ozma or Ronin now they had the Ronin s they’re not gonna come out with
something like that and the Osmo pocket is still relatively new so I don’t see
anything like that so the only options are really something like a phantom 5
which I don’t suspect everything I’ve heard is that it’s gonna come out later
so that really narrows it down to like the inspire 2 or like enterprise but
Enterprise is usually not a huge announcement that’s usually on the side
because most people don’t care about enterprise drones
so most people a can’t afford them and B they don’t do that type of work that’s
very specialized it’s a very specialized niche that narrows it down to inspired 2
or this new like high-end video camera so it’s interesting this is no April
Fool’s this is my just my opinion of course one thing I will say I’m not
really disappointed too much so that the fan of 5 hasn’t come out yet because I
want it to be really good I want DG I really to target the professional
cinematographers so if that means they got to spend some extra time to get the
interchangeable lenses and other features that they want to
on that that’s fine with me because quite honestly they made their consumer
drones so good the phantom 4 and the Mavic 2 pro are so good that I use those
for commercial work and it gets the job done I’m really happy with it I’m
pleased so they want to take their time I’m fine with that I know a lot of you
guys out there are frustrated but I think you should take a minute just to
be grateful and happy for the technology that we have I try to remind myself that
every day even though on this channel I’m always coming out with new equipment
reviews and tutorials and things like that I do appreciate the gear that I
have and the technology that we have right at this moment so that’s how I
approach it next month I am gonna be releasing my first complete tutorial
series it’s gonna be involving DJI drones I’m not gonna talk a lot about it
now but I just want to give you a heads up I’ve been working really hard behind
the scenes on this long tutorial series that’s why I haven’t been posting quite
as much lately and I’ll tell you more about it as we get closer to May as
always I do appreciate your support for this channel I hope you guys have a
great day remember Sam pretty pelant a micro Ventura


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