Do Amazon Super URL Still Work In 2019

hey everyone welcome back to my channel
so the question is do Amazon super URL still work in 2019 as like yourselves
when I first started out I wasn’t too sure what URL to use but after much
research and testing on my own products I found the ultimate URL what you can
even do of it is put your Facebook pixel into it and track page views for
retargeting later on if it’s a sort of content you’re interested in please
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that’s the yarosh room that I’ve been using to great effect really and this is
the landing page for it so just type in pics if I dot me you’ll find it I’m
gonna put a link below anyway so to make it easy for you and is is $1.00 to do a
30-day trial so like I normally say is if you were doing launch you could sign
up to this and do your launch and then cancel it but what it’s got is it’s
literally you can create the link add your pixel to it and then you can share
the link and out you don’t necessarily have to use it on a Facebook ad you
could share this with maybe someone on Instagram or someone that is promoting
your product for you that’s another way of launching of course as well but
anyway I tell you what I’m just gonna jump in I’ll show you the dashboard and
you can a little peek around in it toast my – but I’ll just set this up for demo
purposes and literally the way you set it up is start on the left hand side and
work your way down I’m gonna go through setting up and I’ll go Fredy a bit
adding your pixel to it and adding a product just so you know how to use it
anyway so if you’re going to create a campaign and then just create know they
go new one that I do for now and you can add some notes here if you wanted but
call it whatever you want maybe call it the product name but I’m just going to
call it new one for now so we create that campaign they go that’s created
and then we need to go to add your tracking code and this is a pixel but
you can also add Google Analytics and other tracking codes as well but for the
purpose of this I’m just going to show you how to add the pixel so if you go to
your facebook business account and grab your pixel I’m already in my face of
business account but if you actually go down to there and go to pixel you’ll
notice once you add it once you go into your face of business account and go
into it you’ll find that quite easy so pixel and then you need to set your
pixel what I’ve just go up this our install pixel you’ll go there and
there’d be nothing there so actually a prompt you straightway to create a pixel
and you can name it whatever you want so if you just go manually install pixel
code yourself and then the one you want is this code here so copy that code and
if we go back to pixel by me literally just control V put that code in there
and add the code and that’s it really just go back to Facebook click continue
don’t worry about doing this stuff just hit cancel it’s fine
and that’s your code add it in there so then we need to do is create natural
link so here you go these are all the different URLs that they actually do on
this site one I use and I’ve had success with is the supreme URL now they do have
quite a lot of love URLs there’s some other ones are really good here there is
there’s one where is it where you can actually do two products I haven’t
tested that yet but I want to I want to test that because I think that’s going
to be quite beneficial especially where you get on the bottom your page will get
suggested products and if you had two products that were similar and you could
sell them both as a like a bundled product together I’m able to run a
discount on both of them there’s a URL on here that you can actually sell them
both and then obviously what that’s going to do is make the prompt prompt
when you’re listing to have the suggestive product as your other product
so but anyway for this we’re going to go supreme URL
so again you’ve got a different marketplaces here so we’ll just do just
do United Kingdom for now fur because I’m a United Kingdom so again here if
you just called it it’s got tested one earlier so Powerbank
I would just use a power bank for now we’ll just call it I will just call it
the product name so we just need to go and grab a product from Amazon again
we’re just gonna do power brick so just choose any one let’s just choose don’t
click once on a sponsor that has to be nice so let’s click on it go go
anchor so what we need to do from here is we need to grab the Aisin so if we
just grab the icin from up here then go back to pixel find me
you enter your icing in there for it and then the keyword now that means to be
what keyword you’re trying to rank for I would check this in obviously I use
helium 10 there’s other keyword tools that you can use to make sure it’s your
main keyword or maybe you’re trying to rank for a lower-level keyword but
anyway just going to put for purposes of this Powerbank imma call that name main
keyword you have also got DDR compliance here which is which is good which it
will what it will do when it when it goes through the link to be compliant
with GDR period it’s got to be it’s got to come up asking do you want to track
or can we track your cookies is that okay I’m just gonna leave that off it
for now anyway so down here you want to put down tracking codes or pixel so
we’re adding a pixel and then select the campaign that we’ve already just set up
to put it into the campaign and then that’s everything done and then generate
link so it’s done the link now so this is the link that you get so you just
copy the link and we’re just going to put it unless you put that in to a new
page just paste that in obviously this would be as if you were coming for a
Facebook ad or whatever link you’re pressing then we’re gonna see do you see
a few seconds oh guys pics funny and then it goes
straight to the page what it’s doing in a background as it’s it’s as if you have
used the keyword power bank to search various product so it’s as if someone’s
gone for Amazon typed in power bank and then they come into his product page and
then obviously they’re buying the product which is the main reason why
it’s helping you to rank for this keyword you can actually see it up here
it’s put the power bank keyword in it because you can see that you’ve searched
for it if you’ve done exactly the same thing for a listing you’d see the same
the same way it would come up there so that’s obviously really good if you want
to try and rank for a product or keyword sorry and I’m I find it’s quite good for
tracking as well so if you go back up to my campaigns or dashboard you’ll have
your campaign and then links but on here you go look one link click to link list
date I don’t know why screw because I clicking it earlier but so you’re you’re
actually getting stats in here as well the amount a link so the main thing I
find this really good for is you can actually pair this up with your Facebook
analytics and see to make sure what is actually being clipped but what you’re
also gonna get in facebook is you’re going to get pageviews so it’s actually
going to show up when you’re running a Facebook ad it’s gonna sharp as you’re
getting pageviews because before you’d get absolutely nothing you run a you’d
run something directly to Amazon and you wouldn’t even know if they viewed the
page you did just know they click the link and that is it but on here you’re
actually going to get the pageviews come back why this is really good really
beneficial to you is you can then it create look-alike audience off of this
audience or sorry great an audience off this audience and retarget them if you
one main main reason for that is people sometimes need up to seven touch points
to make a purchase now if you don’t know what a touch point is it can be as
simple as seen and add a couple of times there are other touch points but it’s a
bit like you’ve probably been surfing around the internet before I’m sure and
you go oh my god I think that company that company must be doing really well
or they’re getting really really big they are that come
but most likely it’s just because you keep seeing their ad I know I have
myself years ago used to say to people I look at that company have you seen that
company on the internet but it’s not it’s because they’re retargeting you
because you’ve been on their web page but now you can do exactly the same with
your listing but anyway I really hope you found some value in that and I
really hope that’s that’s helped you out because I think this is a great this is
a great tool to be using but anyway if you have like that please like and
subscribe and it obviously helped me out and help me make some more videos for
you which helps you out anyway I’ll see you on the next one


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