Do Popups Still Work? Or Is it Bad For Your Digital Marketing Efforts? EXPLAINED

You see popups all over the web. But you know what, I bet you hate them. Hi, everyone. My name’s Neil Patel. Today I’m going to answer the question of,
do popups still work? Short answer is yes. The reason you see them even though you hate
them is because they work. People wouldn’t keep popups on the site unless
it was converting. Now, I know Google’s changed their algorithm,
in which they have stated, “If you use popups that are too intrusive, especially on mobile
devices …” And I bet eventually they’ll do this with desktop, “you’re going to lose
search traffic.” You know what, all the site that I use my
popups on, my sites, my buddies’ sites like, we still use mobile popups
and our traffic hasn’t gone down. Why? Because we don’t show the popups right when
someone comes to the site. We wait for them to be on the site for at
least 20-30 seconds, and right before they’re going to leave, that’s when we show them a
popup. In essence, it’s a last dish effort to get
them to put in their name or email or buy something. Popups still work if you use them upon someone
leaving your website. That’s called exit intent. So when someone’s leaving, that’s when you
show them a popup. You can use the tool Hellobar, which is free,, to create a exit popup. You can do popups that take up the whole screen
or part of the screen. The ones that take up the whole screen tend
to do the best. If you go to the blog and you’re
a first time visitor, if you’re not you can go visit the site in an incognito window,
you move your mouse cursor out as you’re leaving, you’ll notice there’s a popup that takes up
the whole screen. That’s called a page takeover. It converts extremely well. Why? Last ditch effort with a compelling offer. Now, if you’re going to create a popup, don’t
just create something that says, “Subscribe to my newsletter,” or, “Buy now.” You have to do something that gives value. Someone’s leaving your website because they
didn’t get what they’re looking for. So if you don’t give them something that’s
really valuable, you’re not going to get them to convert. Whether it’s a eBook or a guide, or a PDF,
or a white paper, it has to be something of value. If you’re an eCommerce company, a 10% off
coupon or a free shipping offer, right? That’s something that you can do within your
exit popup. So think about what your visitors want that
you’re not providing, and consider providing that in the exit popup, and you’ll notice
that you’ll get more sales. So they still work, use them. Don’t show them when someone first comes to
your website. Only show them when someone’s leaving your
website. That’s how you don’t hurt your Google rankings,
and at the same time, you can get more conversions.


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