Does Affiliate Marketing Work? (The Truth) For 2020

Hi it’s Jaffer here welcome back to
my channel and if you are new make sure you subscribe let me ask you a question my friend
does affiliate marketing work or doesn’t or does it just work for some
people and doesn’t work for the other well I’m gonna answer this question in
this video so make sure you continue watching now before I give you my answer
I’m gonna basically teach you something that would literally give you the proof
of whether you can do affiliate marketing or you can not so let’s dive
into it so here I’m gonna I’m gonna talk to you in the real world and then I’m
gonna go in the digital world where you can do a affiliate marketing so look in the real
world we have a vehicle a car and we have an engine and fuel alright so let
me ask you a question do you drive a car or you don’t and if you do were
you born like this driving a car naturally driving a car or did you have to
learn how to drive a car and of course you had to learn right and look
let me ask another question here if you are driving a car if you have this skill
alright and whatever car you are driving okay if I give you another kind
of car alright may be different different model may be or different size
whatever it is different color are you able to drive the car I give you of
course you do course you’re able to do that all right
you can basically drive any car in this world because it’s a skill and you have
acquired this skill and mastered it alright and you can basically drive any
car because of that skill same thing with affiliate marketing my friends look
the car in affiliate marketing is the product is the product you are promoting
okay and look the car cannot move without an
engine and the engine will never ever work without fuel alright so you
need an engine all right and the engine is basically company alright the company and why I tell you this
because look there are some people solo vendors who can create any product and
publish it on maybe Clickbank or any other marketplaces alright
somebody who is working from their mom’s basement can basically create a product
and publish it on ClickBank alright and you as an affiliate marketer can go
there and start promoting that product and look I do not recommend it to do that
at all I repeat I do not recommend to do that why? because look most to those
publishers they have no skills when doing literally anything or creating
that product alright so if you are going to invest in
something you wanna make sure you are investing something good that would
literally last for you long term alright and you want to have long-term success
success that would last hopefully forever with you alright and if you
build your business around kind of garbage product alright you will not
have that long-term success so make sure the product you are promoting there is a
company behind it alright not just a solo vendor that’s one! that’s why I tell
you the company is very very important make sense and look the fuel in a
affiliate marketing or in literally any business is traffic my friend look
if you have any or if you have the best product ever let’s go to the car here
for a second if you have a car if you have the best car let’s say you have a Lamborghini
for example with the best engine and the car has no fuel you cannot go
literally you cannot go anywhere with that car it’s useless
alright same thing with your business if you have the best product with the
best company and you have no traffic you have no business my friend traffic
is basically the blood of your business period my friend you can look you can
with this with this affiliate marketing model it’s a business model and look
it’s learnable and you can learn it if you don’t know how to do that you can
learn it just the way you learned how to drive a car you can learn how to promote and make
money with affiliate marketing simple easy in fact law in my opinion affiliate
marketing is basically the easiest way to be involved with entrepreneurship alright it’s in fact it’s the cheapest business model to get started with make
sense and look I’m gonna teach you how to do affiliate marketing in this channel to
a certain level but look if you wanna learn it to the Z alright literally from
A to Z and master this affiliate marketing skill I will leave you a link
in the description you can check out if you’re interested to learn more about
this and by the way give me like in this
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