hello This is Sarah Joubert here again. It is so
good to have you back on my channel as we’ve been talking about goal setting.
lately I’ve spoken to many people and listen to what they’re to say. There are an
image that come to mind; It’s a plane taking off but the plane is not taking
off! What is happening, is people are shooting for the moon and coming down
with a crash, very disappointed and frustrated as they followed the steps
step by step. Now I noticed there’s many people on YouTube that say it’s because
the goal with too big. That is not true. It’s not because your goal is too big it
is because you didn’t do the first steps that was NOT indicated. What we do is
when we have set our goals, 10 year,s 5 years, 2 years then we normally go
and scribble down the plan of action and the first year I’ve got this lots of
tasks to do that you think that will bring in to your goal. Only this is not
what you should do because in the first year you should focus on becoming the
person that you need to be in order to attract that goal. You should work on your
skills and you should work on your attitude or frequency so that you can
attract the right things to which you goal. What does a pilot do before they eat
takes off with his own plane? He first have to hand in his flight schedule. Now
you’ve got that because you just the 10-year goal settings if you didn’t, you
can find the link below and download it for you and then the second thing they
do is they have a checklist before they even get into the plane. Now if you’ve not
done your checklist, what do I mean with it? That’s the thing things you must do to become that person as I said, that reach this goal.
Now even if you do this, I’m sure the one thing that is not on the list is you as Jim
Rohn would have said. What do I mean with that?
What is the skills you need to accomplish this task? Are you skilled up
for it? In the first year you must get all the skills that you can to
qualify you for this and secondly you must work on your
attitude or frequency. And if you don’t know what that is, the link is also below of
my previous video ‘expose the missing link in goal setting’. That handle this
setting; how it worked to adjust the frequency to make you the person that
you should become. You must have total believe that you’re going to reach
this goal, but you must not think that you know how to do it. Even if you have
now clue now you will see in your second year, you will have things on you
to-do lists that you don’t even know exist now. Because your frequency will
be so tuned into your goal that it will attract these things to you and
expose themselves to you and you will then go ahead and do them. And you
will go towards your goal. Now I hope this helped you a lot and please like my
video subscribe to the page and I’ll see you next week ciao for now

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