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– Hey guys, it’s Mindy and Brooklyn. – Hey guys. – From Cute Girls Hairstyles. And today we’re gonna
be doing a Fab or Fail. And we’re going to be
demoing the Split-Ender. Now, we’ve had like a million
people request that we do this because, I think this machine
is a little terrifying for the general public because it actually cuts your hair. And so, everyone wants
somebody else to try it first before they actually
try on their own hair. – Me. – Yeah, Brooklyn is gonna
be the victim today. So, we’re gonna tell you whether it works, give it a fab or a fail. But before we do that, don’t forget that Kamri has officially started
her Kamri Noel channel. If you want to see some
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information button right there and don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel. Let’s go. Okay, this is what it
looks like when it comes. It comes with the actual Split-Ender, a hair clip, a comb and a little brush to clean up the dirty ends
when you’re done using it. And the instructions say Split-Ender will only work on clean, dry hair. It’s not intended for daily use, just for damaged hair ends only. And you’re supposed to comb your hair free of tangles before using. So, we’re gonna go ahead and unpackage. Maybe. Okay, so here is the actual Split-Ender. Can you get that out? Here’s the little comb they sent and the clip and the brush, which are
really in there tight. Okay, now the Split-Ender itself has this little comby part right here that you put the hair
through when it’s unlocked. See, that’s where you put
the hair in and close it. Has the blades inside
and this little thing to catch all the loose ends of hair. Then it has a directional
switch right here. You can change, left or right. And a lock button on the bottom. See, you can lock it. So that you can’t get your hair in there. Somebody couldn’t
accidentally cut their hair. It says on the direction,
it’s really important to remember the direction
that you’re going. It always wants you to have it pointing towards the arrow, towards the ground. So, if I’m holding it like this, then I would be flipping
it to this direction, the blades. And if I were holding it like this, then I would need to flip to it this way, so the arrow shows towards the ground. First, the direction say to separate off a small section of hair. Brooklyn obviously doesn’t have thin hair, so we’re going to pull some
of hers up and out of the way to create a little bit thinner sections. And then it says to make sure that they’re nice and
smooth and combed out. So, if you have curly hair, my recommendation would be blow dry and probably straighten your
hair before you use this. We have her hair all ready now. I just divide up a little smaller section, right here to the side. Like this. And then I’m gonna get
the Split-Ender ready. Now, I’m gonna be going like this, so I wanna make sure the
directional button is going down. I need to unlock it, so
that I can put her hair in. And just so you know, in the
spirit of full disclosure, I have tried this on my own
hair just before filming this, just to make sure I wasn’t
going to chop her hair off. – Yeah, I was scared. – She was like, you
can’t do this on my hair. – I was like, you better
not chop my hair off. – So, we know it’s not gonna
chop hair at this point. We’re just gonna trim it. So, we’re gonna put her hair in to the middle of the Split-Ender. Remember my direction is pointing down. Like this. And then squeeze it. And let it all the way down to the hair. And you can go over it,
even more than once, if you feel like you didn’t
get a good pass the first time. Like that. Now, we’re gonna get another section and continue to do the same thing. So, if your hair isn’t already smooth, then you wanna just comb it out beforehand ’cause you really want to
make sure the Split-Ender, at least on the direction it says that it just runs very
smoothly through the hair. Which it is on Brooklyn’s. Okay, so that layer’s done and we’re gonna just move up her hair. Okay, this is our last
strand and I wanted Brooklyn to really feel the texture of her ends. Her hair is colored so, she has like a little
bit of damage on her ends so I want her to feel it,
really get a feel for it. And then I’m gonna run it
through the Split-Ender and see if she can tell the difference. – Okay. – Okay. I’m just gonna run it through and it does say on the package you can run it through a couple of times. So, I do one full strand
and then I cut like, twice just over the ends. So, there is that same piece Brooks. Feel it and see if you
notice any difference. – Feels a lot smoother. – Okay, I can see some hair in there and now it’s time to
see if it really worked and how much it cut off. So, we’re going to open this top part and then I’m going to, it has a little top, a little
trap door thing right here. So, I’ll try to brush the blades off hair. Okay, so you can see
after all that running that’s pretty much it for her hair. And it really literally is just like, the bottom, maybe eight or one
fourth of her hair strands. It’s just the tinniest, tinniest ends. – It’s like this big. – Yeah, it’s not very big at all. So, definitely didn’t have
a scary haircut moment here. We just barely trimmed up the ends. Okay, so here’s my conclusion
about the Split-Ender. I definitely think that it worked. It wasn’t as terrifying
as we thought it might be. – It made my ends smoother. – It definitely made her
ends smoother and feel better but it’s not gonna replace, like if your hair is really damaged, like up two or three
inches, it’s not gonna work ’cause you just need to go get a haircut. So, I think this would
be great for in between your regular hair trims, if you’re trying to keep your hair healthy and you’re just noticing a few
split ends, from heat damage. Definitely think it would work then. The trickiest part for me actually, in using the machine was
putting it back together. Like, after I cleaned it out, putting it back together was a little… – Difficult? – It was weird to snap it in. But other than that, I’m
definitely gonna give it a fab. What do you? – Me too, ’cause I can feel
the difference in my hair a little bit, so I’m
gonna give it a fab too. – Definitely, so it gets
a double fab, thumbs up. Now, don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel if you love these kinds of videos. Don’t forget that you can
find more of us and Kamri over right here in the information button and we will see you guys next week. Bye guys. – Bye.


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