Dogs Die in Hot Cars (but how quickly does a parked car heat up?) | Hot Weather Dog Care pt 1

my mouth is dry I’m feeling light-headed I’m
starting to get you know a really bad headache I’m not feeling particularly
great so I’m dr. Alex Avery from helping you and your pet live a
healthier happier life and today we’re gonna find out how hot my car gets so
it’s a lovely day it’s four o’clock in the afternoon so the heat of the sun has
really gone I’ve got my thermometer here which says it’s 27 degrees how hot does a car
get so how long can you leave your pets in the car before it gets too hot for
them well I think the answer might just surprise you but first I’ve got to get
changed right here we are now if you’re wondering why I’m wearing my fluffy onesie well you’ll just have to watch a little bit more to find out but let’s
get going I’ve got a car on air-conditioning’s running so it should
be nice and cool in there so let’s jump in and we’ll see what the temperature is okay so I’ve just turn the air
conditioning off you know imagine that you’ve just stopped at the shops you’ve
just about to hop out well we need to leave the windows open say or just maybe
open a nice opening for windows a little crack so what a couple of inches no
one’s going to get in steal the car and if we look at the thermometer it’s only
been off for a couple of minutes but let’s see if we can see what it is
so it’s up it twenty-nine thirty degrees okay so it’s twenty-nine thirty degrees
in the car what we’ll do is we’ll start my stopwatch and see how quickly it gets
hot even though there is a little bit of a gentle breeze I really just can’t feel
anything so even that these windows open and if I put my hand right there I can’t
feel any cooler air coming into the car it feels just as hot here as it does
where I’m sitting so cracking the windows is really not an effective way
of circulating that air and cooling down your car okay so we’re with three and a
half minutes in and already 35 degrees yeah seven and a half minutes in let me
just get the thermometer okay it’s coming up 40 degrees okay so I’m not the
first person to do this the first person I’m aware of was dr. any award and he
did it to really raise awareness of how hot cars gets and how quickly they can
get to that temperature I know it was then repeated by a good friend of mine
dr. Dan foster again to raise the plight of dogs who are left in cars every year
dogs are dying in cars make no mistake so I thought I’d tell you things about a
knotch and wear this ridiculous costume so this is my dog simulation maybe I’m a
Dalmatian Dalmatian today whoo and it gives a more realistic
experience of what your dog will be going through okay so we’re over eleven
and a half minutes in the temperature keeps on climbing so let’s just see what
we’ve got here so what’s that 40 44 degrees 110 111
degrees Fahrenheit say it’s getting pretty hot
just imagine how scary Oh be for your dog they’re getting really hot that body
temperatures starting to climb certainly my mouth is starting to go very dry
I’m not feeling fantastic but I know that any moment I can just open this
door and I can get out now most how scary it would be for your dog you know
they don’t know when you’re coming back they don’t know how long you’re going to
be all they know is that they’re starting to get seriously stressed out
by this heat so think again before you leave your dog in your car for any
length of time it doesn’t really have to be that hot outside either remember 27
degrees it is and there’s a gentle breeze that’s you know these open
windows are doing nothing to to circulate the air okay so we’re at 17
and a half minutes now and it is getting hotter so it’s very going what’s that
forty six and a half degrees centigrade which is 115 Fahrenheit
okay so 21 minutes in now it’s getting fairly unbearable and I said that a
little bit but it really is now so I’ve got the sweat is absolutely pouring off
me I’m drenched so that is going to be helping me lose a little bit of heat so
it’s going to be working through my clothes and evaporating and that’s going
to be helping me to to dump heat but remember again dogs can’t sweat so as
hot as I am even in this ridiculous suits with this ridiculous hood
there’s still nothing to what your dog would be going through so they would be
getting super stressed now their body temperature will be starting to climb
and why is that so bad well once the body temperature climbs past a certain
point the organs start shutting down it starts to do damage to the kidneys
damage to the liver and a dog will go into multi organ failure and happen very
quickly and once that starts man it’s difficult to it’s difficult to get your
dog to recover successfully you have to aggressively cool them down there are
only certain ways that we can do that if we just you know throw cold water over
them actually that can just make things worse
and then if you call them too long then they go hypothermic they get a low body
temperature and they’re just a mess there the organs are shutting down
all of the normal regulation that the body does is just just going haywire and
even with the best will in the world even with the best team the best
treatment they’re just as sometimes absolutely no way that we can save these
guys when they get past a certain point they are literally cooking my mouth is
dry feeling light-headed and I’m starting to get you know really bad
headache not feeling particularly great okay so my temperature my thermometer is
maxed itself out it’s hot okay so we’ve made it past the
30 minute mark I really didn’t think I’d get here so 30 minutes the cars got
ridiculously unbearably hot I feel terrible please don’t try this at home
take my word for it your car will get hot very quickly it will kill your dog
doesn’t take long and even with treatment your dog can pass away so I’m
doctor Alex from our pets health where I try and help you and your pet to live a
healthier happier life so if you want more videos a little bit like this one
I’m all about helping you keep your pet as healthy as possible then please hit
the subscribe button down below also leave a comment you surprised how what
it got how quickly it got you know I’d love to hear not to hear any experience
you’ve had just to help reinforce to people how serious this is please let me
know in the comments down below and until next time take care of yourselves
right I’m out of here nope where’s the handle oh that’s nice


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