Dollar Store Shopping For A Cruise

hey cruisers we are road trippin to
Dollar Tree we live in a rural area in California so we have basically nothing
where we live the long haul but we decided to make a little event out of it
because we’ve been so encouraged by you guys to do this and you’ve given it tons
of ideas of things to look for at Dollar Tree for a crew so we’re going to go
check it out we’re going to see what we can find special shout out and thanks to
all the people who were on our livestream musical beanie unboxing gave
me ideas of things to buy or look for at Dollar Tree for the cruise so we are
going to go and look for all of those things we’re going to look for pop-up
campers maybe some magnets I love the shower cap shoe cover idea and I don’t know what else we’re just going to wing it
hopefully it’s not crowded because it is a weekend and just how it is this is the
time that we had to go so let’s go check it out and the next time you see me log
in behind the wheel probably going to be on our embarkation Day to our Alaskan
group so be sure to follow us on Christian TV to see how we put all of
our Dollar Tree signs into action see ya but you know what they say about
shopping on empty stomach so we have stopped on our favorite roadside seafood
restaurant for a cup out er shrimp salad and a little nutrition and they’re also
testing out a new camera and you might be you at the Dollar Tree we arrived at the Dollar Tree and now
I’m going to tell you my dirty little secret that’s not really dirty but it’s
the secret I’ve never been to a Dollar Tree I’ve been to Dollar Stores
like one dollar only stores but I’ve never been to an actual Dollar Tree go
check it out you guys Oh we’ve decided to go file by Isle we’re
inside the store and it’s a really nice and not non crowded and I’ve already
found two things that I think are awesome for a cruise the first one is
these giant sticky notes check these out they’re like extra super big am i wrong
are these not giant sticky notes these are really close I’m getting these I
have their little baskets with things and then I saw something else over here
to that one of our subscribers suggested NS these dry erase boards down here you
see these they have this cute pink one right here I don’t use magnetic though I
don’t think I wanted a spell let’s see if this one is magnetic oh
this one comes with magnets see there’s a couple in the back so I’m going to get
one of those perfect so there’s more and more and more birthday decorations over
here check this out these little banners can be used if you have somebody in your
stateroom celebrating a birthday they have so much cute stuff you guys for
grownups and kids and I found this cute thing that my video crews just TV
they’re these coordinated paper cutouts that have absolutely nothing to do with
the cruise and I really like them because they’re foamy related right
right I found some of the tea lights that our subscribers suggested to us so
if you’re sailing in an inside cabin you can light up these little bad boys and
get a little ambience in your room and we just going to think they have any
more of these over here I swear oh they do they have some of these fun ones
these are like flickering effect I don’t know if I would want a flickering effect
in my stateroom but that’s kind of cool they also have proper night lights if
you wanted to do a nightlight in your room and you had an extra plug you could
do one of these if you were in an inside cabin just that you didn’t stub your toe
or whatever so on our last cruise on carnival miracle they had this crazy
deck party where they had all kinds of glow sticks and glow wands and they ran
out of them my son was all bummed so now I’m always thinking about getting him
some glow sticks and sneaking them in the suitcase hopefully he can’t hear me
right now and taking them along so it’s getting kind of a fun thing it looks
like they have bracelets necklaces and just plain old glow sticks
I found travel-size combs and brushes in this section now I know these aren’t
very fancy but they have a ton of different choices if you’re trying to
kind of downsize your comb or your brush for a cruise I guess you could get
something like this there there okay they also have a ton of different hair
accessories over here loads of headbands loads of rubber bands Clips all that
kind of stuff and you could definitely not worry about them getting salty and
messed up in the pool if you wanted to go with something kind of cheap kind of
cool cool you don’t need 36 of them but if you do need some clothespins to keep
your curtains close to your room they do have packs them it’s a cooler tip is
that they have these giant jumbo plastic closed sins but guess what these two
double as you guys these could double as tell eclipse right super super cool so
these are awesome a little bit big for packing that I like that they have kind
of a sturdy look and I might actually get a set yeah I’m going to get a set
boom okay over to this side this is like the packing Grand Poobah area over here
I think it was Pete and Kathy that told us to look for hampers they have them
they have popup hampers in white and it looks like maybe here they also have
mesh laundry bags here and they have a laundry bag that you could pack if you
wanted to but then I found this really cool suit storage bag and it’s so
lightweight you guys it’s like a poncho and you could use this to take your suit
jacket your dress clothes and it says that it it guards against dust moths and
mildew which I guess really isn’t a factor on a cruise but this could be a
really nice lightweight option they also have vacuum storage bags I don’t know
how you get the air out of these but you probably just roll them to get the air
out so cool stuff fun packing essentials we have finally found samples aisles so
this looks like it’s basically the Travel aisle they have every kind of
razor you could ever imagine well I shouldn’t say that every kind of
disposable cheapo razor but what do you expect it’s a dollar store right and
they have single bars of soap which we actually do take on every cruise every
kind of soap you could possibly imagine which is great and then switching over
to the other side you guys check out all of this travel science
medication that they have this is a place to come to stock your medicine bag
for a cruise in my medicine bag I have pain reliever heartburn medication I
have children’s allergy I have cold medicine cough drops I have probably
half of the stuff in my medicine bag that’s here and these are really good
deals they actually have brand name halls cough drops and I don’t know about
you but we actually always take cough drops on a cruise so I’m probably going
to grab a couple of these H that’s pretty cool
one thing I like to is that they have a lot of smaller bottles of things this is
a pretty nice sized bottle of medication that you could pack if you’re traveling
with a child knowing that they really don’t have good supplies for kids okay
come on down here I want to show you the toothpaste and the toothbrushes they
have all kinds of normal sized toothbrushes and toothpaste but then we
have those sort of hard to find middle sized toothpaste you know you either
have normal size like you know big things with toothpaste or you have
travel size these little guys are 1.15 ounces and I find it’ll actually last a
whole cruise so this is going in my bag Oh over here I just found some makeup
wipes check this out they have makeup light wipes cotton swabs and it looks
like they even have some cheap oh sorry so I’m going to have some cheapo little
makeup bags that you could get if you needed something like that but these are
a pack of 30 for a dollar is a really really good deal for makeup wipes I
think I pay five dollars for my Neutrogena brand at home so it might be
nice to have on hand score caught me by surprise that they actually have
antibacterial hand wipes up here you guys check it out they have canisters
individual packets which is the type I’m going to get and then a whole bunch of
different types of liquid hand sanitizers they have giant package
travel packs forty counts of the antibacterial hand wipes and then over
here they have even another type of the same kind of wipes these are little
packs of ten counts so we’ll give you to try and let you guys know what we think
about them they also have Purell hand sanitizing hand sanitizing wipes which
are great which we’ve used before and they have a whole bunch of different
types of lint rollers which I know some of our
subscribers like to pack here’s another lint roller I don’t usually pack these
but I think it’s a great idea another tip that we got from someone who was on
our live stream today was these shower caps you guys for putting your shoes in
so I’m going to grab some of these and try to pack my shoes in them for our
Alaska cruise and my personal favorite which might make me weirdo I’m a light
sensitive sleeper as you guys know they have eye masks sleep mask so again these
are a little bit on the cheapo side but I’m not complaining
not sure this is the most efficient place to buy these but they do have
carabiner clips to packs and it looks like a couple of different colors and of
course they have these giant mega carabiners which you could use if you
needed to attach something really big to your backpack but these aren’t bad at
two for a dollar I also saw something else over here that I wanted to show you
guys where did it go oh it was these bungee cords some people use bungee
cords on a cruise for things like attaching one piece of luggage to
another or tying back the drapes in their cabin we don’t usually pack
them but they do have them and there are six mini bungee cords in here so pretty
good deal let you think honey that’s a good deal six are you looking at it like
I want them a suction oh yeah okay my husband just spotted these suction cup
hooks these could probably go in your shower and if you had a little clip you
could hang like your washcloth or if you had a hole in your toiletry item you
could pop it on there I guess you could also put these on the back of your
bathroom door and make another like place to hang your toiletry bag or a
sweater or robe or a nightgown or whatever Chronicle good catch honey I
found these little pouches that you could conceivably store your receipts
and things like that in and they come in some really cute colors their little
file folders I think these are really nice I think this might be something
that I’ll consider looks like this set has little separator so you could put
like your bar receipts your activity receipts things like that in there
that’s really cute and clever also lately we’ve discovered using folders on
a cruise I bought something similar to this for my next cruise to kind of keep
on my paperwork in so these are nice cheap
and tons of options you a lot of different directions with it okay over
here they have sharpies for a dollar and that
is a really good deal I can tell you it’s a good deal because I was just at
Rite Aid this morning and I bought a sharpie for 229 or $2.99 so they have
these I use sharpies on a cruise quite a bit to write sticky notes to my family
and things like that those are cool they have tons and tons of different pens and
accessories things like that and more notepad type items over here office
supplies they also have all you guys check this out they have magnetic clips
that you could put on your wall as you know stateroom walls are magnetic so
this could be kind of cool I don’t feel like they’re super strong magnetic hooks
but they might be worth trying for the price I’m not a big crossword lover but
I’ve seen tons of people doing their morning crosswords over breakfast into
buffet they have every type of crossword you could ever imagine and they have
lots and lots of coloring books and things like that for kids and the thing
I would not have expected to see here is an actual full-size book section you may
have like fiction books they have cookbooks they have paperbacks I’m sure
this isn’t like new release stuff but it’s decent tons and tons of crayons for
kids I’m even seeing mini puzzles all of this stuff will be really packable super
cute things for kids never even thought about them love it alright what do you
guys think of my eighth item little Dollar Tree haul did I do well make sure
that you leave your favorite Dollar Tree haul tips in the comments below thank
you so much for coming along with this if you’re thinking about doing this
thing of a Dollar Tree in area make sure that you go into it with low
expectations on what you need to find maybe just go in thinking and look for
some little treasures for your cruise but no expectations I think that is the
key to success thanks for watching and until next time get in gear and get
shopping bye on our that is oh hello on our last
cruise included miracle


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