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Dollar Tree store battery candles emergency lights camping supplies power outages no electricity cheap easy emergency lights prepping hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I just got back from a trip to the lower 48 and I hit up the Dollar Tree store I found some great
battery-operated lights candles and a few solar lights one dollar prepping ideas items type things and fun things things that
are going to be great to use at my granny camp which is my Alaska off-grid
cabin and for prepping supplies bug out bags emergency stockpile if you’re going camping you’re planning for emergencies or looking for
solutions for battery-operated lighting you could use in a power outage if the
electricity is off or just to go camping these are some great solutions let me
take the battery operated candles from Dollar Tree out of the bag and I’ll show you what I chose I started with some old
favorites glow sticks glow sticks are great for camping emergencies prepping supplies because you can tie them to the
lines on your tent so that they show up and are illuminated in the dark you can
use them to mark trails on moonlit hikes there’s a lot of reasons to have glow
sticks besides a little bit of light in an emergency I also got more of the
solar yard lights solar garden stakes these are fantastic solar powered lights for only one dollar give off a lot of light I’ve got this solar light garden light one here I just plucked it back out of the garden it’s been out in my snowy yard since clear last year it
sat out there through the snow the wind the 40 below and it’s covered in cobwebs
and it’s still working so even though it isn’t dark very much of the time this
time of year summer in Alaska I look out and when it gets Twilight around midnight I can see these Dollar Tree solar yard lights still flickering in the yard garden so when it does get dark again these are going to
continue to work know that these solar yard lights have limited use in very low sunlit
conditions so if you’re planning on using this in the dark of winter they’re
not going to be that effective if you live anywhere like I do you may not have
enough sun light for these to charge back up don’t plan on these all year round if
you’re not familiar with these garden stake yard solar lights these have a stake you pull out put that in
the ground and then you put this on the stake when you want to decide where you
want to place it in your garden then when you want to light it twist off
the top and you can see there’s a pull tab to activate the solar light a benefit to stockpiling these solar lights from Dollar Tree and putting them away with your emergency prepping stockpile supplies is they come already fully
charged with a pull tab so when you needed it you could take the solar light out pull the tab even if it’s the night time these are going to work immediately they’re only going to work until they lose their charge and then they’ll be you need to
set them out in the Sun with the lid facing the light so that they’re going
to be recharged and ready to use again they’re only a dollar and they last a
long time so they’re one of my favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree to put around in my yard and have a stash of em in my house for lights in an emergency situation but the
new things I got from Dollar Tree were some battery-operated candles lights there’s two battery candle LED lights by Luminessence they’re the size of like an emergency candle but they’re
battery-operated the Luminessence LED emergency candles with batteries they come two in a packet but the batteries are not
included they take triple-a AAA batteries so grab a
pack of triple-a AAA batteries and you’ll have lights in an emergency shaped like a
candle these Luminessence battery candles are supposed to last 100 total hours that means 50 hours each I
also found what looks like a pillar candle Luminessence battery pillar candle from Dollar tree and this is very lightweight battery candles it
has an LED bulb also you can see on the bottom of the Luminessence battery candle there’s a little spot for a
battery and the battery is already included with the pull tab to activate
it but these are only a dollar and so I can’t imagine that it would be
worthwhile to stockpile extra batteries for these it would probably be better
investment to just buy another candle I’ve seen these before the two little
votive battery operated candles and I had a lot of success with these so I
chose to get some more Luminessence battery operated LED votive candles are supposed to last 240 hours the
pillar candle 120 hours and the LED emergency candles for 100
but that’s 100 hours for both of them so it’d be 50 hours each how long is that
really going to last will battery candles work how many days will they work for emergencies well there’s an easy way to figure it out you’re
probably not going to leave these battery candles on 24 hours a day nobody needs lights on all the time but Luminessence battery candles from Dollar Tree in a nighttime situation if you used one
of these battery candles at a time for eight hours a night they’re going to last you about 12
days the 120 hour battery candle light just this one could last you for 15 days and these battery votive candles from Dollar Tree
aren’t going to be very bright but if you use each one just one then you would
have light for 30 days this isn’t going to be a reading light a task light if but
it’s going to be a little bit of light a little bit of comfort in a power outage
or a camping situation there’s a lot of reasons we wouldn’t want to burn candles
if you’re camping with children and they’re afraid in the dark you can light
one of these in your tent or in a power outage when maybe you’ve had a
nightlight you could use one of these battery votive candles as a little bit of comfort that there is
still light and everything is okay several of these battery LED candles would be nice around your bathtub and you wouldn’t have to worry about dripping wax or anything
getting knocked over and setting your house on fire there’s a lot of reasons
to want to have battery-operated candle lights that are only a dollar from Dollar Tree I also found this little candle holder which I thought was really cute you can place a regular
candle in it or you could use one of the votives and turn it on and drop it in
there and you have a little lantern a little light it isn’t going to set
anything on fire it’s not going to get too hot especially in the summer if
you’re sweltering in the heat with the power out you don’t want to be lighting
candles because it’s going to heat things up and if you’re camping or
you’re in a tent you don’t want to have a flame in there you would like
something that’s a little bit of a light from a battery candle from Dollar tree another thing about these solar lights yard garden lights so you can see this still works it’s covered with bugs
but you can pop off the lid of these yard solar lights and you can see there’s a pull tap to light
it and there’s where the little LED bulb solar light is you could drop this lid with the solar charger light right in there into the top of the votive candle holder from Dollar Tree
and it’s going to light up the area and then you could even set this outside during
the day or leave it on your picnic table to charge back up and you have a little solar powered battery-operated
light and it doesn’t matter if it falls down in there but it seems to fit quite
nicely in there so maybe I should have got a couple of these I’m going open
these battery candles from Dollar Tree up turn them on with the batteries and then I’m going to close the door
so it’s dark in here and you can see how much light you can get from a Luminessence battery-operated candle from the Dollar Tree what’s surprising to me is how
bright the emergency sized candle lights are they’re way brighter the pillar
candle and the little votives are a flickery yellow light I bought the battery votive candles
before they were just the little white LED light they weren’t yellow and they
weren’t flickering and I thought they were really nice these are still nice
and they’d be great as a little night lights you can see that they’re really
bright all of these are pretty bright here’s the solar light you can see that they’re all working
well except for the one stake light that I got wouldn’t light right out of the
package when I pulled the tap that’s the first time that’s ever happened to me I
purchased these many times at the Dollar Tree at the 99-cent store and at Walmart
and they’ve always lit and worked as soon as you pulled the tab so that’s
the first time that ever happened you can return things to Dollar Tree and
they will exchange it for another item but they won’t give you your money back
so if you have a problem make sure you always go back and tell them about it
because you know they want to know I’m very impressed with these emergency
candle size little battery lights because there’s so much brighter than
the battery tea lights and the battery pillar candle these Luminessence LED battery emergency candle lights are definitely something that I’m going to stock up the next time I hit up the Dollar Tree and if you go to shop
for these make sure you also get a supply of the Triple A AAA batteries to use them all of the other battery candles
things work the batteries are included but these require
batteries these little battery votive candles ones are so nice though if you have a child who might be
a little nervous about sleeping in a tent or being in their room when it’s
dark and maybe the power is out even you could leave one of those by their bed or
on their dresser and they have a little bit of comfort of a light that’s
perfectly safe we never want to leave an open candle burning unattended and so
these are a wonderful way to stay safe whether you’re camping whether you’re
having an emergency situation if you’re in a power outage or electricity stops
working you have a lot of ways that you can stay safe without lighting a candle
or burning something remember to switch them off when you’re done using them so
that you make help the batteries last longer and then if you’ve been using
your solar garden light inside put it back
out in the sunshine and get it charged up again for next time
check out the emergency lights and the battery candle lights from the Dollar Tree learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel


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