”Don’t Bother Me While I’m Driving” ((UBER CHRONICLES))

Busy today? I’m just on my first ride -First ride! yea Wow! I’ll be driving until maybe midnight midnight how long have you been Ubering for? Almost three month now You are new! Fresh! Eye of the tiger You’ve been living in Arizona for a long time? I just… Nine months Nine months We’ve been here for eleven months From Ohio I’m from Thailand Oh, from Thailand! Montana Oh, wait, it sounded like you said Thailand, Montana, sorry But I’m a Filipino Oh, Filipino, okay Kumasta po kayo?
How are you? Mabuti
I’m good how did you learn Tagalog? ((TAGALOG)) I’m learning Tagalog in my home, also I like talking with Fillipinos ((TAGALOG)) With your girlfriends? ((TAGALOG)) Who? Girlfriend ((TAGALOG)) No, no ((TAGALOG)) But..I think the Fillipina girls are beautiful ((TAGALOG)) I want to go to the Phillipines one day ((TAGALOG)) What do you think? how long have you been learning Tagalog for? Oh, man… ((TAGALOG)) I don’t know… A long time…off and on for a long time ((TAGALOG)) In my opinion this language is interesting ((TAGALOG)) Interesting Nobody uses that, right? ((TAGALOG)) I started learning Tagalog…when I think I was like 18-19 a long long time ago but it wasn’t like really consistent. It was like off and on..so….I learned some phrases and practiced with some Fillipinos ((TAGALOG)) Also..I have a lot of books ((TAGALOG)) You read? ((TAGALOG)) You read books? ((TAGALOG)) Yes ((TAGALOG)) I want to read – **I like to read** My second language is Chinese. I speak that fluently Oh really? Yea. I speak Chinese, Japanese. Those are my stronger languages right there Arabic? Well, yea…conversational Arabic. Korean ((TAGALOG)) A lot of languages Do you speak any other languages? I live in the southern part so..bisaya, Cebuano Man…I started learning Bisaya like a few months ago and forgot all of it Bisaya is not really hard to learn because it’s mixed with Spanish language yea Yea, it’s nice. It’s cool to learn different languages. yes very fun..laugh with the people, make friends ((TAGALOG)) A lot of people ((TAGALOG)) There’s a lot of Filipinos here in Arizona ((TAGALOG)) A lot in Ohio as well in L.A. there’s a lot of Fillipinos in California Well, California, they got everybody there they got a lot of everyone over there packed ((TAGALOG)) What’s your name? ((TAGALOG)) My name is Moses, but my nickname is Mouse ((TAGALOG)) This is a nickname You’re going to Walmart, right? Oh, I distracted you…sorry You should say ((TAGALOG)) Don’t disturb me ((TAGALOG)) Don’t disturb me pretty fun language to learn, man I was in the Middle East for a long time oh really? Yeah, near Saudi Arabia, so I learned a little bit of Arabic, Hindi and Bangladesh language ((ARABIC)) Arabic language ((HINDI)) Hindi language ((HINDI)) I learn Hindi also…so I speak a lot of it it is the home language for India, but if you go to other regions they have their own language Oh yea..they got Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada ((TAGALOG)) Nice to meet you ((ARABIC)) Nice to meet you ((HINDI)) Nice to meet you Alright, man. Take it easy ((TAGALOG)) See you later Oh shit…break my phone I don’t want to do that ((TAGALOG)) Goodbye


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