Don’t Start A Business Until You Watch This

So, you see the lifestyle of successful
entrepreneurs? You see the exotic cars we drive; our fancy houses or
mansions; the world travels; the jet skiing. You know, all the cool stuff. A lot
of the cash. You know, that we do. But in reality, not everybody is meant to be an
entrepreneur. Basically, don’t start a business until
you watch this video and I’m going to go over the five most common things you
need to understand which may mean you’re not ready to start a business. “I’m going to
start a business and make a lot of money!” Probably not, okay? Most people don’t make
any money starting a business. It’s a risk. And as I said before, you see all of
the money we’re making. I make about a million dollars a month in my business.
You see all of our nice houses. I own one and a half acres in Malibu, you know? I’m
putting another vacation house soon. So, and you see all of the lifestyle. All the
world travels that entrepreneurs do and it might be appealing. And you might
think to yourself, “I want to start a business too.”
That’s what I want in my life. But in reality, being a business owner, being an
entrepreneur, working for yourself is not for everyone, okay? And here are the 5
reasons why you probably shouldn’t start a business or it may mean you’re not
ready yet. And just to give you a higher level overview of this is most people
have a poor mindset. And you’re never going to make money or get rich with a
poor mindset. Most people have been taught by the media, by social media, by
their parents, by education system to have a poor mindset. So keep in mind
these reasons why not just start a business. They may be things you need to
change mentally. So, the first thing is not something you change mentally. But
it’s a symptom of it is if you have no money, okay? If you have no money then you
need to get a job, you need to do work. You need to do whatever you can and
saving up that money. Learn skills. And you can start a business on the side but
starting a business is risky. It is not guaranteed money. Being an entrepreneur
is not a pyramid scheme. And you need money to either be able to afford food
or to before at a place to live or to invest in business tools or trainings or
education or seminars or whatever you’re going to do to advance in whatever
business you start. So, if you don’t have any money, learn skills it’s very easy to
make $100,000 a year in today’s day and age. You can go online and you can learn
programming for free or you can go out and just sell some stuff. Very easy. Not
hard to do and it’s free. Next thing. The second reason you shouldn’t start a
business is if you don’t understand the industry. Now, in my training course, I
teach affiliate marketing and there’s a lot of words that are involved in
affiliate marketing that’s why I have a training course because you can’t just
expect… You know, if you don’t understand what an affiliate network and an
affiliate program is and what EPC means and what an offer is and what a pub or
an affiliate or an affiliate manager is or all these different terms what an ad
campaign is, all these things, then you’re probably going to miss out on a lot of
the conversations people are having about affiliate marketing. You’re not
going to understand the industry enough to know what to fix. And that’s why you
know I have a training course in it because it does take knowledge and there
is individual language for every industry. So, you need to understand the
language of the industry. You need to know what people are talking about. If
you’re doing drop shipping, you need to know what does drop shipping even mean.
What is the difference between drop shipping and just fulfilling the product
yourself? So, you need to understand those
terminologies to help you move forward, learn in advance. Now, the third reason
not to start a business is a really big one and it’s a stamina/ mindset one
and what it is is if you have no stamina. Okay? And this is possibly one of the
most common mistakes I see is people start businesses but
aren’t even willing to do the business and fail for 3 months. Most people, they
just want to snap their fingers and instantly have hundred-dollar bills in
their hands. Now, the reality is that businesses generally take time to get
started and understand everything really start making that money. And you can’t
just snap your fingers and expect to have something. And if you’re a
first-time business owner, you need to have stamina. You need to be able to work
in the same business failing over and over again poor you for 3 months. And
if you’re not willing to do that then you’re not willing to start a business.
And if you just put this in comparison, failing at starting a business for 3
months is easy work compared to you know, my grandparents fought Nazis in World
War II. You know, they did like get shot at every day. This is easy. We’re sitting
in air conditioning rooms tapping on computers eating Cheetos. Don’t worry if
your business doesn’t make money for 3 months. You got to have stamina if
you want to be able to start a business. Now, a fourth reason not to start a
business is if you want more free time. You’re not going to get free time running
your own business. In fact, you know, having a business is like having a child.
It’s something you’ve got a nurture. It’s something we have emotionally difficult
times with and emotionally great times with and it’s something that takes time
even when you don’t feel like giving time if your baby’s crying. Just because
you’re hungover, just because you’re you know you don’t want to feel like it or
just because you’re feeling lazy and you you know you want to go hang out with
your friends. You still have to take care of your baby. You can’t just leave it and
a business is like a baby because when you first have your baby, it takes the
most amount of time and effort. You’ve got to be willing to put in that time and
effort. But the great thing about children is once they’ve grown up and
once they’re older, they just do things on their own and they work for
themselves and they do their own thing and you get to enjoy that pleasure of
being a father or a mother without having to pay for everything for them
and without having to do all of that little work. You just get to enjoy your
time with them. And the fifth reason not to start a business is if you
know how to market or if you don’t want to market. All transactions happen from
either sales or marketing and sales is you know actually talking to people,
person to person you know in meetings. Whereas marketing as leveraged form as a
communication like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google, right? So, that’s what you
want to use. In today’s day and age, people spend more time in increasingly
large amounts of time on you know, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram you
know LinkedIn, etc. So, you need to understand how to leverage those
platforms to get people interested and purchasing whatever product it is that
you are trying to get people to buy. So, whether you’re doing e-commerce or
affiliate marketing or software or apps or whatever it is, you know or even just
you know client work you know, be tabbies type agency stuff. You still need to know
how to market and reach people through these social mediums. So, if you don’t
know how to market, better start learning. And with that side note, make sure to
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