Double your YouTube Income with this Simple Technique

– In this video, we’re talking about how you can double your
YouTube income overnight. I teamed up with my buddy, Armando. He has an awesome tech
and filmmaking channel and he’s got one small change that will drastically
improve the amount of money that you’re bringing in
from your affiliate links. Hey guys, if you’re new to this channel, my mane is Jeven Dovey. I do filmmaking tutorials,
I do product reviews, I also do a lot of YouTube training. So make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on those bell notifications so you don’t miss one of these tutorials. So this video’s really cool because this is an idea
that I actually learned from Armando when I first met him. When you meet other YouTubers and you start working together, there are things that you’re
doing that other people might not be doing and
it’s really interesting when something just, like, clicks and he has a technique on how he brings in more income through
his affiliate links. It’s really cool what he’s doing and it’s something that
I’ve actually implemented to my channel and I’ve
seen a massive growth in the amount of money that’s coming in through my affiliate links. So before we get into this technique, I just wanna introduce Armando and what his channel’s all about. – Hey guys! My name is Armando Ferreira. I run a YouTube channel called Mondo Bytes where we talk about
filmmaking, tips and tricks, a little bit of gear, and sometimes even dabble into technology. In order to understand how
affiliate marketing works, I think it’s important
to go over the basics and that’s something that Jeven
will talk about right now. – So let’s talk about
affiliate marketing in general. So, what it is is basically you are promoting other people’s products and when you do, you get a kickback. It’s super simple. And the way it works here on YouTube is that you use links. So, in my description, you’ll
see some affiliate links. So if I’m talking about products, say I’m talking about the
camera I’m shooting on. I’m shooting on the GH5S right now. What I would do is go in the description and put a link to this camera and when you click on that link, I then get a kickback. So it might be, like, 10% or 5% or 2%, depending on whatever
the company’s deal is, you get a percentage of the sale. So because you’re driving
traffic to the website, you get a kickback and
this is a massive way that you earn money here on YouTube and it’s something that
you should incorporate, no matter what type of
channel that you’re creating, there’s opportunities
for affiliate marketing and I guarantee, any product that you use, there’s a way to make an
affiliate commission off it. So it’s something that you can integrate into everything that you’re doing because no matter what
products you’re using or what you’re talking about,
if you just mention something, well you should get kickback for that because you’re the person
who introduced the viewer on the other side of the
screen to that product. So the big one YouTubers use, in general, is Amazon affiliates, but there is a lot of other affiliate programs out there. You could have one for a
camera company, like Adorama, you could have one for Target, you could have one for Walmart. There is affiliate marketing
for any website out there. So if you drive traffic, you
should get a kickback from it. So how affiliate marketing works is that when you go to the website through my unique link in the description, there’s a cookie that is
applied to your browser and a cookie is a tracking link. So basically, if you go to a website, the cookie will stick on
your page for, say, 24 hours. So if you buy anything
within that 24 hours, I then get a kickback for
any of those purchases. This is why affiliate
marketing is so powerful. So, depending on which
program you’re apart of, it could be 24 hours,
it could be 72 hours, it just depends on how
long the cookie window is. And so what that does is it allows someone to go check out the product and then come back later and purchase it and you still make that
affiliate commission. However, beyond just putting a link down in your description, there’s
a technique that Armando uses that will increase the
amount of sales you get. So Armando, take it from here and let’s talk about Geniuslink. – So Geniuslink is a powerful tool in the sense that you can
use one affiliate link to manage multiple accounts. So let me explain that
a little bit further. So, right now, I have
different affiliate accounts from Amazon, not only from
the US, but also Canada, Denmark, Japan and a whole
bunch of other countries. The problem is, if I start to
list every affiliate account, say, for example, I
shoot with the Canon C200 and if I have one for
Canada, one for Denmark, one for Japan, it starts
to look very cluttered and also unorganized and
confusing for the audience. What if I can just put one link and depending on where they live, it will actually serve them
the correct home address. So for example, if somebody from Canada clicks on that link, it will show them the Canadian Amazon affiliate,
which is much more cleaner and also you can create,
like, custom URLs, but that’s a whole different thing. So another way that you can
optimize your affiliate links is by creating what Genius
calls a choice page, which essentially is like a landing page. So for example, you have
your Amazon affiliate, but let’s say, for example, there’s another affiliate account that is not related to Amazon. In my case, it’s B&H Photos. So I also have an affiliate
account with B&H Photos. So what you can do is you
can create this choice page and then, what it allows you to do is give your audience a choice of where they wanna buy a product. Now, what’s neat about this is, like Jeven explained
about the cookie window, is that they’re almost forced to, kinda, click on both links, depending on the text that you implement. In my case, I put something like, click here to find the lowest deal. So as an audience, as the viewership, if they’re looking at that, they’re gonna wanna click on both links and you have to understand,
like he mentioned, is some affiliate accounts
have a 24 hour cookie window, some of ’em have a 48 hour or even longer. So, the fact that they’re
clicking on multiple links, it just drops that cookie
onto their computer and now you have a better chance that you’ll be able to
generate more income. And this is something
that I’ve implemented on my channel now for over a year and it’s helped my affiliate
income grow substantially and I know that Jeven has
also been doing this now for quite some time. – So when I first met Armando, he showed me Geniuslinks
and this was really cool. We were just chatting
about YouTube in general and just, kind of, different strategies each of us were using and he
was talking about Geniuslink. So, I’m glad he turned me on to this because there’s so much more potential to earn commission sales
by using Geniuslink. Now, another tool that I
wanna bring to your attention, because we’re talking
about affiliate marketing, is So I use and it’s a great place to house all of your products in one space and you can create lists. So is basically a place where you can create, like,
playlists of products. So you can create a bucket of products and in there, you can have
all the products you use. So for example, if you go to my kit, I have my favorite filmmaking gear or I have my iPhone filmmaking gear kit. You go into that bucket
and it has every product that I would suggest you use if you’re gonna get into iPhone filmmaking or iPhone vlogging. Now what’s really cool is
that every one of these links is an affiliate link. So it’s basically a housing
of buckets of affiliate links. And so, you can set up all of your buckets and then from your YouTube channel, if you’re talking about,
say, your vlogging gear, you can send people to your
vlogging kit on and you have all your
affiliate links in one place so you don’t have to litter
your YouTube description with all of your affiliate links. Now something Armando
does and I do, as well, is I’ll put a few links in my description, some of the main things that people will be
interested in clicking on and if you wanna see the
rest of the gear that I use, go to and I
send ’em to my homepage where it houses all of my kits. So if someone wants to see
my GH5 kit or my iPhone kit or my GoPro kit, they’re all there and you can start sorting
through and click around and, you know, you can use this as another tool for affiliate marketing. Armando also uses and here’s his strategy when
he’s building out his kits. – So my strategy with Kit
is trying to build groups. So for example, I have
something like my studio setup, which encompasses camera and
gear that I use for my studio. Then I have something like my vlog setup. The idea is that if you
create these groups, somebody might be interested in looking at all those products. I even have one called
best gear under $35. So these are little
knick knacks that I found that are essential to my workflow that are under $35 and
they’re all, kind of, grouped together and that
allows me to just, kinda, place that and people can,
kinda, search for that and of course, drive affiliate income. So hopefully these tips and
tricks help you guys out and I appreciate Jeven for
having me on his channel. – Now like I said earlier in this video, there is an affiliate marketing program for everything that you do. So, any product that you talk about, anything that you talk
about in your videos that has a product is
gonna have an affiliate. So, I highly suggest signing
up for affiliate programs, incorporating it. It’s not something where
you have to be, like, super sales-y in your videos and be like, hey, buy this product, but as you talk about products
naturally and organically in your videos, people are
gonna be interested in ’em and they’ll wanna see more information and potentially, they’re
gonna wanna buy something. So you should have an affiliate link so you can capture some
additional income off of that and you should use a Geniuslink because then you can create more options for people to choose and
potentially get more sales and that’s how you can really expand how much money you’re making
off affiliate marketing and make it one of your
main income revenue streams here on the platform. All right guys, I highly
suggest going over to Armando’s channel, checking
out some of his videos. He’s got some really awesome content. And guys, that is it. I’d love to hear your thoughts
about affiliate marketing down in the comments below. Do you guys do affiliate marketing? Have you been using Geniuslink
or is this new to you? I’d love to hear from
you guys on your thoughts around Geniuslink. All right guys, I’ll
see you on the next one.

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