For today’s cook I am dry-aging this
Wagyu Picanha. This is one of the best meats I’ve ever eaten in my life,
and dry-aging should be one of the most amazing experience ever. I know you can’t
see the marbling on this but it is a marbling score number five and he comes
from Australia. A wagyu picanha is a lot larger than a regular picanha, let me show
it to you. For comparison this is a normal standard prime picanha, if I put
one next to the other you can see the difference between them and I’m super
excited to dry-aged this one today. Talking about dry aging I am using the
UMAI dry bags. Even though I just call it a bag this is not a bag, it is a membrane
that sticks to the meat allowing bad stuff to go out and
canceling anything from coming in. These bags are amazing because it allows you
to dry aged at home without any special equipment. They come in several different
sizes and for today this size is perfect for me. Let me show you the process the
most important thing when dry aging is to keep everything clean, for that reason
I like to use aluminum foil instead of my cutting board. Notice that I also have
gloves. You must keep everything clean. One of
the critical parts on dry aging with UMAI bags is that you want to keep the
meat wet. I know you will have the urge to dry it with a paper towel but if you
do that the meat will not stick to the bag, and it is very important not to dry
it. Once open quickly transfer into the UMAI bag, push it to the side and using
UMAI dry special fabric seal it with your vacuum sealer. It is important to
seal it twice. It does not matter what you do you will not be able to suck all
the out. Last time I dry aged a picanha it was so flat that it was almost
unrecognizable so for this one I am trying something new. In order to keep
its shape as much as possible I decided to tressing it with butchers twine. My
theory is that this will allow the picanha to dry age in the same shape
it’s in right now, and once I cut it into steaks it will not look so thin. Once I
was finished tying it up this is what it looked like. Now that I have my Wagyu picanha ready
there is nothing else to do but put it on my regular refrigerator so that I can
dry aged it for 35 days. Once the 35 days were up I quickly removed it and this is what I got. As you can see my tying method worked perfectly. And as expected the UMAI bags did its job. Then I quickly removed all the butcher’s twine open up
the bag and as expected everything worked out exactly as planned. A
perfectly shaped Wagyu picanha. For comparison I put another wagyu
picanha right next to each other. As you can see it maintained its shape.
Last time I dry aged the pacaya it was so flat it was almost like a skirt steak.
But tying it up worked perfectly and it kept its shape and height. As a matter of fact,
if I put one next to the other the dry-aged picanha is even taller than the
regular one there’s only one mistake that I did with this picanha, I did not
mark which way the grain was going so I have no idea if I’m gonna cut this right.
Remember when you’re cutting picanha you always want to cut it with the grain so
your final cuts are against the grain. Then I quickly opened it up and I was
rewarded with these beautiful steaks. Check it out! To see how different it really is a
dry-aged picanha from a real wagyu picanha I’m also preparing this one which is not
dry-aged for our comparison. I just quickly cleaned it up and cut it into
beautiful steaks. One of the biggest disappointment for me on this dry-aged
experiment was that the pellicle penetrated deeply into the meat so I had
to do quite a bit of trimming and ultimately what that meant is that there
will be no extra fat on top of the picanha. I know there’s enough
intramuscular fat already but at the same time there will be no fat cap. I
know what you’re thinking the pellicle and brown part must be removed trust me
they do not taste great. As you can see I lost that fat cap. I still have some
brown spots on the Wagyu picanha which should be removed but I’m happy with
that and I’m gonna leave it as is. Now that we have both picahnas ready for
comparison one not dry-aged and the other one dry aged for 35 days it is
time to cook them. I’m gonna be cooking them using the reversed seared method. To
ensure I keep all of them at the same exact temperature I’m using my wireless
thermometers. Keeping it traditional I am only seasoning them with salt and
nothing else. Now that I have the queen of all meats ready I am going to be
cooking it until I reach an internal temperature of a hundred and fifteen
degrees Fahrenheit. Once that’s done I’m gonna remove my thermometers and sear
them off. But I say now it is enough talking and it is time to cook them so
let’s do it. Alright everybody we have our beautiful
picanhas over here Angel what do you think about that. I mean you’re gonna go
picanha versus New York Strip? What are you talking about? What are you talking
about they are both picanhas. No, no that’s New York strip bro. Why are you saying that my brother? There’s no fat!
What do you mean? That has to be a New York stirp. Yeah well. It’s too small to be a…. There
is no fat, there is no fat you’re right. It might be a New York Strip I don’t know
obviously you have no idea what’s going on. It’s picanha? It is picanha. Oh. Yeah I know what
you’re thinking all right. But anyway let’s give this a try. Are you
ready to try it? I don’t know, I don’t know if I am. Very good so we have two beautiful steaks here. I want to find out
which one is best. That one is for you and then this one is
for me. Cheers buddy let me know how you like it. Cheers everybody! Cheers! Yes your highness how did they say Game
of Thrones Angel? You still chewing bro. You enjoying it? Chew it quickly Angel? No You gotta make it last. Wow
they say my lady I guess I don’t know. Are you guys a big game of Thrones fan I
hope so. If you are put it on the comments down below. Anyway. Everybody is a Game of
Thrones fan. I agree with you. There’s like two people in the whole world that aren’t. Angel what do you think about the steak? That is picanha? That is
picanha it is the queen of all meats it tastes incredible pretty much.. Super juicy. The best meat in the world can we say that the best meat in the world
nothing bad wrong. It’s just like Games of Thrones the best show in the world. That’s right. All right we’re gonna go
for the second one but we have to wait for the airplane yeah. Are you ready for
the second one Angel? Are you ready for the second one? Let’s go for the New York
Strip. It’s not New York Strip bro. Whatever it is. All right let’s go for it. Perfectly cooked as well, a perfect
doneness so that we can measure the difference between the steak, enough
talking. Ready? Cheers! Oh that’s good. Wow! That’s good. That’s the best New York Strip in the world. Oh that’s good
completely different flavor, you agree? Stop eating bro we have to describe the
flavor to the audience they wanna know what it tastes like. I just told them. Everything that you
expected it might be everybody it is. Very concentrated flavor, do you agree?
Very, very concentrated. Very. Extremely beefy. Tenderness level all the way up,
all right. And it’s still juicy. It is juicy. Angel they are both picanhas. No bro. It is bro they are
both picanhas. They’re the exact same picanha. One has fat and the other one
doesn’t have fat. But this one right here was dry aged. So we dry aged. Oh so you
have to get rid of the fat. Yes exactly because the fat was really short. So you had no choice. But most important this is a Wagyu picanha so we got wagyu picanha and
wagyu picanha dry aged. Ah well I mean… Right? Exactly so. You can’t go wrong with that.
You can’t go wrong with wagyu picanha first of all okay but at the same time there is no fat on this one
right here. But it tastes so good there’s no fat so I’m a little torn about it you
know. What do you think Angel I’m gonna go for the regular one. Forget the fat bro. The fat is not not important come on Angel. Forget it.
Mm-hmm that’s the best New York Strip in the world forget about it. It’s not New
York Strip bro. Let me see let me go back to the non-dry age. Try the other one just to be
sure. I’m gonna try one last time to let you guys know if it’s worth it or not. Forget it bro.
forget the fat. Forget the fat? It’s wagyu right? It is wagyu.
Probably has enough fat in between. You’re right has enough fat in between but at
the same time it’s picanha it’s tradition Angel we have to have the fat.
So I’m really torn. Before you dry age, cut the fat off, and then put the fat back on after, and that’s it. huh? That’s a good one. Get the fat freeze the fat after the fat is
frozen then you go ahead you dry age it then you glue it back on. There you go. You
know that’s actually possible, you know that? I just had a really good piece. But instead of we would have to use a meat glue to glue it back on so you don’t
want me glue right. Exactly. All right everybody if you ask
me Guga which one do you prefer best, I think the dry aged wagyu picanha is
better at the same time This one here is better it has the fat I don’t know what
do you think Angel? I think you gotta tell them like it is Tell them, how do you tell them? Forget the fat! Don’t forget the fat the fat is
amazing I pick this one here keep the fat. No, no stop it. Yes the fat, listen to me
everybody, you need the fat all right the fat you can’t live without the fat. You, you
pick this one all right Angel will pick the dry-aged, I will pick this one
because the fat is incredible. I want to know in the comments down below what you
guys think. Make sure you put it down below for me, would you dry aged a picanha,
a Wagyu picanha? Would you think it’s worth it losing the fat over it. It does
have a unique flavor it has like a more beefy flavor it’s
juicy it’s tender it has a very strong pronounced dry aged flavor. You see that? You see what’s going on right there? This one is amazing it has this, that, a little bit of this and this and this and this… But you can not…This one has some fat. You cannot live without the fat
everybody that’s the result that’s the fact. Look I’m gonna show you an example you have to cut a little piece you’ve got a
very small piece I just saw you cut it. No this one,
I ate the whole back end go eat the whole back end then tell me is better.
Look. Stop. Here’s the deal alright. Stop it! You guys know the results I want
to know in the comments down below if you would do it, if you would do it let
me know I would love to understand why you would do it and I would love to
understand if you would not do it. I don’t think I’m gonna do it again cuz I like the fat. Ha, ha, ha, ha… That’s the results guys I hope you… no, no, that’s
not the result. Yes it is. No, he is lying to you. I don’t think I’m gonna do it again.
Look. I like the picanha too much Angel I need the fat. Stop it bro. It is traditional you have to have fat on the picanha. Look let me show you what’s about to happen. What’s about to happen? I just cut
a few I’m gonna eat maybe two of them. I go for this one maybe one more time. Look you see. A-ha yea. It’s good, its not… it’s good but there’s no fat! You have one right there why didn’t you go for that one? Hold on, I have an idea Angel. What if we do this. We got the fat.. It’s perfect now! You try that! Mmm that’s what’s missing Angel do
that combination watch. Go for it. You tell me which one is better now. Now you
tell me. Every time you cook dry aged wagyu picanha you need to cook a regular wagyu picanha, so you can take the fat off of it. Tell me. Isn’t it better?
It is better with a piece of fat on it everybody. That’s the results if you’re
gonna dry aged it buy two of them so that you can have the same experience. Guys I
hope you enjoyed this video. If you do enjoy make sure you give it a thumbs up.
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Remember if you’re interested in anything I use, everything is always in
the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys
on the next one take care everybody bye-bye. To be honest you have almost
none left over here already anyway I know the family wants to try it
we got to give it to the family see you on the next one everybody
take care, bye bye.


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