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here there Stacy Serrano and on here so
I wanted to see this video for anyone that’s doing a home-based business
whether BDS domination or any other business and you’re dealing with a family member
or it could even be a friend that is just
so non supportive I love what you’re doing
you know they might be saying you’re you’re doing well as parent things or they just so that maybe you’ve done so
many businesses in the past and they’re just looking at it as here
she goes again oh here he goes again what are those things you know how many
ds domination work what are those businesses go get a
real job so if you’ve heard those kinda things
from whoever it is your spouse your friend your family
member Jess learn to not take it in to let it be you know there was a time where I used
to let those have comments really gets me I
felt like I had to change their opinion I had to make them love what I was doing
ds domination pro they don’t have to love what you’re
doing you have to love what you’re doing as long as you love what you’re doing
then eventually they will start to love it
too for you even if they don’t love it they
will start to love it for you because they will see the change
in you so what’s most important when you’re
dealing with non supportive people in your life home based business them beat them n let your results change their mind don’t worry about having that you know make them see the vision and it end
don’t forces people into your business when it’s really is not for them it is
not for everyone don’t do that just let them be them and
let your results change their mind because you know what
happened for me I’ve had people that just for its wholly
against what I was doing and I never said another word to them I didn’t say I
thought they were crazy home based business tips in the world
and there isn’t anything I just said okay respect your opinion and let it go and you know a year later I be seeing
people have contacted me asking me you know what is it that you’re doing
I’m seeing all these great result in your Facebook wall I just I wanna know how can I get
working from home the same people that were you know talking to me talking me at
this business year ago so that mandated by see you
when it comes to dealing with people that are just not on your side when it
comes to your business just let them be and let your results
let your results change their mind I hope this stupid really helps you out
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