DS Domination Review | How Much Does It Cost To Get Started | Pro Elite Monopoly Genesis Affiliate

here Stacy Serrano here on here so I
just wanted to see this video they constantly get a how much money do
I need to get started in the truth is idk what 1995 all you
ds domination pro is coming up with their 1995 so that you
can receive the training so that you learn how to drop ship and
that’s pretty much it I hear too many people get too hung up
on the 90-day holding things like that you need to
selling on ebay you can you make a sale yet where you need to focus on is coming up
in 1995 you can learn the training and get your
feet wet now if you’re starting over much must
have a budget once you get the training I have ways around it so that you can
still make some sales but out having much capital maybe ten twenty dollars to
begin with but blow most important thing is that
drop shipping from amazon to ebay he foundation and then we can go from there so if
you’re looking to get started and you dropshipping with an 1885 then contact me or click on the link at
selling online WWW dot partner with Stacy Serrano
dot com and I hope to see you on the inside take
care but I

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