Early Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories!

(upbeat music) – In just a little under a month we’re gonna finally see the release of the Nintendo Switch
Lite and along with it we’re gonna get a lot of releases of officially licensed
accessories designed specifically just for it. However, when it comes to
unofficial accessories, things that are just being pumped out, well, there’s quite a few
options you can already buy right now on Amazon. So we ordered a bunch of them and we’re gonna take a look at them. First off, one of the things that I immediately wanted
to kind of get a sense of is grips for the Switch Lite. Yes, we know in concept
that it’s smaller but just how much smaller is it in actuality. There’s always that idea
of reading measurements and then actually having
the thing in your hand. So, there’s a lot of
grip cases you can grab like this one right here, which gives you a sense
of that size difference when you have it side by
side with a Nintendo Switch. Now obviously, the grip case is larger than what the Switch Lite would be because the Switch Lite
has to fit inside of it so you have to kind of take a
little bit off the top there but just seeing them together like this, you get an immediate sense
of how the Switch Lite is definitely smaller all around and you get a feel for
how it’ll be in your hand with a grip case like this. Now there are a lot of
different grip case options already out there that have a lot of different specific features to balance out different aspects of the Switch. For instance, there’s
harder cases like this one that add actual grips to the Switch Lite because much like the regular Switch it still has that same flat shape that, while great for portability, isn’t necessarily great for your hands. Now this was a really popular
option for the regular Switch. There’s a lot of popular grips out there, like from Satisfye and Skull & Co. And there’s more choices coming out that give you alternative options like, the HORI Split Pad Pro which
actually replaces the Joy-Cons with full blown larger
grip style controllers. That’s not an option for
the Switch Lite however, because it is a smaller size and has Joy-Cons you cannot remove. So there’s gonna be whole
new grip cases designs like this coming out to help
fill that niche right away. Now of course all grip designs don’t need to be hard like this. A lot of the other option are
more like a gel or rubber, which is honestly a lot better
from a protection standpoint. If you drop a Switch Lite
in a hard case like that, it’s just gonna transfer
all the force from the case into the Switch unless the case
itself just totally shatters which is still not good. A gel case like this, on the other hand, is going to help absorb impact. It’s still better to not drop the Switch but this is gonna at least help alleviate some of that potential damage. Now this is designed to be a bit more of a simple straight
forward protective case but something it does offer as kind of little extra
added feature that’s neat is it has grooves right here
for fitting two switch games. So you have a way to, on the
go, hide additional games you want to use for your Switch Lite and if you ever need to switch them out you just pop it out of the
case, put them it, good to go. Obviously, a full protective carrying case is gonna give you more
cool storage than that but if you don’t like
carrying one of those around and you just want something
that’s very compact, this is a cool all-in-one solution. And then going back to that
first case we actually held up, something that this does
that the other cases don’t do is adds an actual little foldout kickstand for if you want to use the
Switch Lite in tabletop mode because unlike the regular Switch, the Switch Lite does not
have a kickstand at all. Which honestly is basically the same thing ’cause the kickstand on the
regular Switch is useless. Now this does bring up
an interesting topic too about the Switch Lite is the idea of whether or not a kickstand addition, what fell out of this? Rich, what did you buy? (laughs) – [Crew] Do you see it,
oh I see it, so don’t– – No I got it, I got it. It’s like a pin that
holds in the kickstand. So, as a great example of why
buying early cheap products isn’t always the best idea, they can fall apart right in
the middle of shooting a video. Thanks Amazon. (upbeat music) Anyways, the point isn’t that you should
necessarily grab this case, it’s just bringing up an
illustration of the idea of how necessary a
kickstand is going to be for the Switch Lite because as
Nintendo themselves have said the Switch Lite doesn’t
really have a tabletop mode. Not just because it
doesn’t have a kickstand but because of the smaller screen size. The use of something like that is a little more questionable. Now looking at all three
of these cases side by side there’s a couple different things that we can also learn about
the Switch Lite as well. As we’ve seen in photos
before, the top half has all the same kind of ports and outputs that we see on the regular Switch. There’s the game cord slot right here, place to plug in a headphone jack, vents which are more
centered on the Switch Lite, where they’re kind of a little
offset on the regular Switch. The volume button’s over
here and then power button. Where things are a little
different is on the bottom though. So you still have the main
hole for having the USB C port for charging the Switch Lite. Obviously you’re not gonna
use it for a regular dock ’cause you can’t dock it. But something interesting I noticed is the little lines right here and that caused me to look up some picture of the Switch Lite and
I realized something that I hadn’t noticed before. See on the regular Switch, the
speakers are kind of hidden on the bezel for the front screen, the right here on the bottom front. The Switch Lite doesn’t have those. The bezel is considerably smaller and instead, they’ve moved
these little speakers to now being on the
bottom lining right here. So that’s why there’s this little opening on all these different
little case designs. What’s interesting about this is that it changes the location of the speakers and I’m wondering who
much this is gonna impact how sound actually will
works on the Switch Lite. Whether or not having it through angles isn’t gonna sound as good. So, it’s gonna be really
interesting to look at when the Switch Lite is actually out. Now moving on from protective cases, something else to look
at are carrying cases, which having this one right
here that we picked up made me notice something immediately about the Switch Lite in that since it’s a smaller Switch, carrying cases for it
are going to be smaller, which also means carrying
less stuff in general. As an example, I’ve got my case that I use for my
regular Switch right here and you’ll see that we have a row of six Switch game cards right here. Now it’s a single row and
there’s other designs out there that offer multiple rows, even up to three where you can carry a
lot of games all at once. On this design, it does have double rows but it only actually fits
four games at a time. You could probably make
one that’s a little longer to fill more games, but the point is since it’s a smaller case for a smaller Switch, there’s less room to
put other things in it. This is especially a problem
for things like the AC adapter because that already barely fits in most cases for the regular Switch. It’s gonna be interesting to see how many companies
address that issue in Switch Lite case designs if you want to be able to bring that power brick along with you because that is not gonna fit
with this thing right now. Now, while all of this stuff is early release products
you can get that’s designed for the Switch Lite specifically, it’s worth noting there’s
a lot of stuff out there made for the regular Switch that will work on the
Switch Lite perfectly fine because this has nothing to do
with the size of the system. It doesn’t have to fit it
in any kind of special way. For instance, something
that every Switch needs is storage space because
there is some onboard for the Switch and Switch Lite
but it’s not really enough if you’re buying any games
that are digital only, if you ever buy DLC, it’s
just gonna fill up super fast. So something you can
grab right now in advance is a microSD card for the Switch Lite. They go on sale all the time, so if you find a great
price on a large size one that you can get, grab it
right now and have it ready for when the Switch Lite comes out. Something else that people get a little weirded out within the Switch is battery solutions ’cause
there were those issues that went on for a little bit where if you used a certain third party charger or certain third party docks,
it would break your Switch. But having external power
options for the Switch is still a really great thing to have. So if you want to be on the safer side, really good options that exist
right now that you can buy come from Anker. They’re one of the few
battery companies right now that make an officially licensed
battery bank for the Switch which doesn’t just mean
that it has Switch logos on the battery bank but it’s
actually designed to push power at the exact style that
the style takes in. So this is gonna make
sure that it’s efficient and it’s not pushing
anything overboard on it so it’s not gonna accidentally
short the Switch out. While the Switch Lite
and even the new Switch have better battery lives than
the original launch Switch, it’s still not enough if
you’re gonna be on a trip or going somewhere a lot. It’s still gonna go through
the battery really fast, especially if you’re playing
any really intensive games. So having something like
this on hand is super handy. And they also come in two different sizes. This is the smaller, more affordable one but they do have a much
larger one available if you really want to have
as much power as possible. One other accessory that’s interesting and taps in a little bit to what we were talking about earlier with the kickstand case is a charge stand. Now again, having a regular
dock for the Switch Lite doesn’t really mean anything because you can’t put it out to a TV. It won’t even fit in a regular Switch dock because of the smaller screen and having the sticks closer together. But having something that
allows you to charge it and have it in tabletop
mode simultaneously is still something people
might be interested in having. Now, this particular
charge stand is designed to have both the Switch
Lite charging in the front and a Pro Controller in the back and it brings up an interesting idea. Now like I said earlier
with the kickstand option on a Switch Lite, it’s kind of confusing ’cause the tabletop mode isn’t something that’s super appealing on a
smaller screen for multiplayer but it’s something
where it could be useful especially in a set up like this, is for those games that
you want to really play using a Pro Controller
instead of relying on the built-in controls on a Switch Lite. As we said, the regular
Switch in handheld mode is not super comfortable and I can’t imagine the
Switch Lite being any better. That kind of thin design
is great for portability but just not for your hands. And so, I can see a lot
of people wanting to use additional controllers when they can and having the option of
hooking up a Pro Controller is definitely the kind of
situation where you would use the Switch Lite in a tabletop style mode. You’re gonna want to
sit really close to it but it’s still gonna work out a lot better for a single player game
experience versus again, trying to do that kind of
multiplayer split screen thing all in one smaller screen. Worth noting too is that just
like with the regular Switch this does have the little
groove design right there. So again, the Switch Lite’s
gonna rely on that same kind of weird form of protection where it’s not gonna let you use any
USB C charge stand you have. It has to have that exact kind of grooving to make sure that it
stays in place properly and it’s fitted for the
Switch Lite specifically. Going back to something we
talked about earlier too, there’s also the idea of
grabbing a Pro Controller for your Switch Lite because again, while the Switch
Lite is cool for portability it’s not necessarily always gonna be the most comfortable option out there. So if that’s your main Switch, it’s a really good idea to have some kind of additional
controller on hand, especially for certain
more intensive games that need a proper controller. Now there are a lot of
other controllers out there designed for the Switch
but because the Switch Lite is not designed to be used with a dock, a lot of the wired ones out there are just not gonna be a good choice ’cause they don’t actually
have a convenient way to plug into the Switch Lite. So you’re gonna want to
focus on wireless ones where the Switch Pro
Controller is a great fit. Other ones that I would also really like to recommend include 8BitDo’s SN 30 Pro+ and
PowerA’s wireless controller. Going hand in hand with this, if you’re gonna be using a Pro Controller, obviously you’re not
holding the Switch Lite so you need some way to
put it in tabletop mode because there’s no kickstand on it, so a great option aside from buying a specially designed case, is just a little tablet stand like this. They’ve made a bunch of branded
ones for the regular Switch and while the Switch Lite is
a little different in shape, it’s just a little bit thinner which isn’t gonna be an issue
with something like this. As I mentioned earlier there are a lot of
other Switch accessories designed for the Switch Lite specifically that are officially licensed coming out on the same
day at the Switch Lite and a lot of them are
already up for pre-order. Nintendo themselves have recently revealed a actual folio case for the Switch Lite. So it’s not really meant
to be a full protective one but one that just blocks the screen and keeps it nice and snug so if you want to put it
in a backpack or anything, it’s not gonna get scratched
up by other things in the bag. Meanwhile, PDP had already announced a number of different
carrying cases for it. Some are designed kind of
like the one we showed earlier where it is a scaled down smaller case that will fit the Switch
Lite specifically. One of the more interesting
ideas I actually saw from them is that they unveiled a larger case design which still fits a
regular Nintendo Switch, at least they have a similar
one that’s the same dimensions, but for the Switch Lite, it just has some additional
foaming on the inside to fit the Switch Lite,
keeping it nice and snug but not giving up any of the
additional carrying space that you need for games, accessories, chargers, so on so forth. HORI has probably announced
the largest diverse array of accessories for the Switch Lite so far, including screen protectors for it because obviously, screen
protectors for the regular Switch aren’t gonna fit it, smaller screen. One of the more interesting things is they actually had a charging stand, kind of like the one we showed earlier where it’s a place you can
put the Switch Lite on it to charge it and have
it plugged into a wall, but on top of that it
actually has USB ports so you can use wired
controllers if you like. So a lot of the stuff is
already available for pre-order if you’re impatient and you just want to grab stuff right away, you can do that. I am planning on grabbing
most of this stuff and looking it all over
to really figure out what the best accessories are
to grab for the Switch Lite.


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