Earn $10 – $50 Online In One Hour (Easy Way To Earn Money Online)

Earn ten up to $50 in one hour.
what’s going on everyone Attan here and in today’s video I’m gonna show you
how you can earn anywhere from 10 up to 50 dollars in one hour.
it’s going to be an easy way to earn money online so to find out all the
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the end of this video because here we want to have a look at how we can earn
anywhere from 10 after 50 dollars an hour so basically I’m going to show you
you don’t need any previous experience this is worldwide opportunity they do
pay out we are PayPal also so it’s going to be an easy way actually to get stored
there to earn some money online here alright with that being said let’s get
started so I shared a few testing sites in the past but this is actually a new
site at least for me because I recently discovered it and this is test Birds
comm test Birds comm this is how it looks when you arrive to the site and
you can see here testing reality real users real devices real impacts so test
Birds crowd testing and cloud-based solutions enables you to optimize your
digital products and your customers experience now this is actually
targeting of course to the people that the companies that arrived here and
wants to use test Birds as a testing platform here let’s scroll down a little
bit to have a look here before we dive into what we are interested in and that
is of course to become a tester you can see here our real users with test Birds
you gain access to over 400,000 crowd testers worldwide choose from more than
65 different demographic criteria to find your specific target group real
devices the more devices you have actually the more chances to earn more
money here also so if I scroll down a little bit you can see here 900 thousand
devices with 400,000 testers online and let’s scroll down a little bit what we
test test objects you can see here anything from websites wearables mobile
labs games might be a new company that wants to test the new game before they
launch it and there is where you can come in of course and test that game see
if there is any bugs for example or if a it is something that you can help them
to improve so that is how it works to become a tester now you can see here
test and optimize your websites at games chat BOTS is also pretty new and the
Internet of Things applications with the help of our innovative service so I’m
going to scroll down a little bit here little faster you can see that they do
have a lot of clients that have higher test birds here they have been around
since 2011 actually I did research earlier here also so what we are
interested in is become a tester let’s have a look at here as a test bird you
will hunt for software bugs to make applications and websites more usable
exactly as we said earlier here earn money in your spare time ok you need to
fill in all the details here of course now the reason why you should be a test
bird earn money by telling us your opinion about software the payments are
proportional to the complexity of the tasks for regular usability tests you’d
earn around 20 euros of 15 pounds for example 20 euros is approximately around
22 US dollars so it’s pretty close to 20 euros here also so there’s usually a
fixed amount for your tests and additional pain payments for every bug
defect you’ll find there so if you find more bugs I definitely will pay you of
course more flexible hours when you invite the test you see all the
deadlines it’s up to you if you want to take part or not you can choose the test
during the day time or at night at your convenience here now the data privacy
your personal information is stored in a safe place or service or in Germany and
one of the strictest countries in terms of data protection which is actually
true also your personal data will never be given to third parties so the
requirements all you need is a device which allows you to go online you’re
probably using one right now desktop or a mobile device doing just fine you have
if you have an iPad it’s even better so you will have to verify your devices
there there is a FAQ section so we can have a look at that too you can see here
why do I need to fill out my profile information completely I think it’s
pretty obvious I’m not going to or even open it because of course they do need
actually to have some information about you so
what is the procedure I mean this is pretty basic stuff so you can have a
look at this for yourself here general questions when will I get my next test
well it depends of course when it is available tester and if you are located
at the right place there also now how can I refer my friends as new testers
it’s a great that you want to help the community grow a community grow I’m
sorry you can use your personal tester referral link so they do have a referral
link here also and you will actually be awarded for that okay so if I scroll
down a little bit here can I test let’s see here questions about the testing
here how do I report a bug basically there is a lot of you can see it is an
organized site because they do have a lot of frequently asked questions here
payments and legal stuff here also how much am I going to run a test Birds you
can see here they have an entry test it is actually rewarded with a welcome
bonus of five euros so it should be around five dollars here okay
usability test you will receive a fixed payment for this kind of tests a payout
can be requested after you report has been approved by our bird masters
depending on the complexity of the test the payment could be 10 euros 50 euros
or even more which means actually in US dollars it is pretty similar amounts
here so that makes it 10 up to $50 or even more okay bug tests you can see
here they pay you between 1 euro for low severity bugs and 5 euros for critical
ducks there so if you discover some critical bugs you can definitely make
more money with it and you can see here how let’s see here
how am I going to receive now they do have actually and one option is you
could go ahead via your bank account or of course which is the preferred method
PayPal here which is definitely much easier so to find out all the details as
I said earlier here all you need is actually go ahead and have a look at the
frequently asked questions if I’m under 18 yes we welcome testers of all ages
however for legal reasons we require the testers under the age of 18 have their
parents Guardian complete and sign a consent form so it is pretty unusual
actually that you can be under 18 and go ahead and get started with it so
definitely as I said have a look at it test Bert’s comm make sure you go
through the whole site here so you don’t miss out on any important information
here before you get started here as I said earlier test birth was founded in
2011 so when I did my research I found here credit cost of wealth inflator calm
you can see here how much does it pay exactly as I said most tests pay between
10 and 40 euros while professional testers earn $50 and above for more
complex tests each test takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete so there you
have it as I said there is also I think I saw something else here yes it was
from beer money forum I’m using tests were a bird for some weeks now
I finished the test on day 5 euros with it and I finished one more test that
brought me 18 euro for around one hour of work here okay so you can see it took
one hour for this guy actually to make 18 euros around 20 dollars here
alright so we have a look at its tests Bert’s calm now you’re probably not
going to get offers every single day here so
you’re not going to get rich with this and many other testing sites they are
good to make some extra money online so if you’re interested in making a full
time passive income online will the real sustainable online business
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