Earn $90,000 From A Single Click | Scam Or Real?

What is up jet-setters? Now, I am going to go
over $90,000 from one click. Is that a real thing that can happen? Scam or not?
And I’m going to look into this one affiliate program which claims you can
make 90,000 from one click. Let’s check it out in this thing. So, is it really
possible to make $90,000 from just one click online? Now, in this video, I’m going to
go into one online income source that claims that you can make as much as
ninety thousand dollars from a single click and I’ll analyze whether this is a
scam or whether this is real and how it would feasibly be possible for someone
to do this, if it is possible. Whoo! We ain’t talking about no small money here.
I love this money gun. So, we’re talking about $90,000. That’s like 10 racks of
these right here. And that’s a lot of money. And to say you can make that from
a single click, I’m going to analyze this affiliate program which claims to be
able to make you $90,000 in commissions from just one click. Now,
we’re talking about big money here. Okay? We’re talking about massive money. And
there’s only one place that this sort of money is actually even possible. Now, the
only place that you can possibly earn commission’s that are this large is from
an industry called the financial services industry or the investment
industry. And this is actually a space I got my start in because I was getting
people to… I was basically promoting gold investment companies. And I was helping
people find out about these companies and invest in the one that I believed
and most. The one I recommended which was regal assets.
Now, with this program which is regal assets program, you can make 3%
commission for any investment. So, in order to make $90,000, I’ve done
the math. You’d need to make a 3 million-dollar sale. Now, how do you find
people that have that sort of money? Is that even legit? Can that even possibly
happen and an affiliate like me or you get paid for that? I’m going to check it out
in this video. Now, let’s go on my computer real quick and see for
ourselves inside this affiliate program. So, first off, I just went to regal assets
site here just to show you what it looks like. This is an investment company. This
is a company that helps people take money that they have invested in their
retirement account and move that money into alternative assets such as precious
metals or crypto currencies as you can see right here. Now, a lot of people these
days are actually looking to diversify their portfolio out of stocks or crypto
currencies and metals. So it seems like a fairly legitimate thing that people
would be interested in doing and there’s a lot of money moving around in that
space. In fact, trillions of dollars is changing hands each year in the
investment space. You can get 3% of that. So, let’s check this out. Now, their
affiliate program is called RA wealth partners. Which stands for Regal Assets
wealth partners. And you can look right here where you can sign up to be an
affiliate partner in the investment space. Now, this is not an easy program to
promote because you have to be very targeted. You have to target people who
have lots of money in their retirement accounts or in their investment accounts
to actually make money with this program. And you know RA Wealth Partners
actually outlines who are their affiliates. Who are the people earning
these commissions from referring investments around? These they say online
marketers, sales experts, wealth managers, financial planners, offline marketers
which means you’re sending letters in the mail or hedge fund managers. So,
really you have to… You have to have some skills. You have to know what you’re
doing. This is not just a business opportunity for somebody who has
no experience in the game. If you are just starting as an affiliate marketer,
you’re probably not going to do very well in figuring out how to target these very
wealthy people who have lots of money in their retirement accounts and are
looking to move it around into precious metals or crypto. And here we see the
actual stats. We have 3% of sales right here. The average amount of money that is
moved over into regal assets crypto and metals accounts is $65,000. And the
average Commission right here is $1,950.
That’s about $2,000 right there. And that’s money you can make for just one
sale. That’s one click. That’s one lead. All it takes is one
person to fill out this form right here requesting a free crypto and metal kit.
That’s all you need, is one click one lead to fill out their information and
their sales staff or their investment advisors follow up with you know the
person who entered in their information and they help them move their money over
into you know, crypto or metals. And you earn your 3% Commission. Pretty cool. So,
one click earns you $2,000. But how do you get $90,000 in commissions? So now,
right here just to give you an idea of the scale of money that’s in the
financial markets. And I’m going to go into a few different techniques to help you
right after I show you this next thing which will blow your mind. And if it
doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what to say to you. But I’m going to show you a
few techniques to target people to put your links in front of people who have a
lot of money to invest. But first let’s look at these numbers. Business referred
over 300 million dollars of business has been referred to regal
assets. Regal assets is one of the fastest growing companies in the country.
And it’s because they are one of the only investment companies in this 27 trillion dollar space that accepts affiliate marketers. And because of this,
they have been on a skyrocket journey taking over the affiliate marketing
space and getting lots and lots and lots of investment at a fraction of the cost
that these big companies are because they’re paying for TV advertisement and
other inefficient forms of advertising. But you’re going to want to check this out
because this is what’s exciting. Look at this. On my screen right here,
here’s an example of a sale that resulted in a 90-thousand dollar
commission. This is a real check that regal assets received for three million
dollars in investment. That’s a 90 thousand dollar commission right there.
One click, one lead. $90,000. Now, this is not possible in any
other affiliate program that I’ve ever heard of. I mean frankly, this commission
you receive that in one day is obscene. It’s unbelievable. If you mind is blown
right now, go in the comments and please just type in mind-blown because I mean,
I’ve seen people talk about $100 a day, $1,000 a day.
But $90,000 in one click is now possible. We can get it, okay? I
want to make this clear. We can get it. And we can get it right now because
there’s an affiliate program that allows us to make this sort of income from this.
So, just go in the comments and type in mind-blown and sub this channel.
Subscribe, click like and make sure you enable notifications if you are getting
massive value. Because I’m about to go into a few ways that you can actually
get these sorts of results. How you might be able to target these people, what the
demographics are right now. So, let’s get into it. But first make sure you sub if
you want to check out more content like this to make money online, okay? Now, here
I am in the regal assets wealth partners Affiliate Center. And what you’ll see
is, what’s really cool about this program is that they have a mentorship program.
So, when you sign up, you’re actually going to be able to get additional
training from me or the other mentors in this program. And as you’ll see, some of
my students have made a lot of money. You know, here’s here’s one of my students
which made $287,000 Here’s another student
of mine which made $77,000. That’s a lot of money. And you’ll see there’s a lot of marketing tools available to affiliates.
So, you’ll see here landing pages. They give you all sorts of different landing
pages. We can say gold scam or you know will debt sink the ship, right? So, you
have different landing pages which you can use to advertise, which is really
helpful. And in addition to that, you have… Here’s the crypto landing page. So, all
major Kryptos now available in your IRA. People, this is revolutionary. This is
like revolutionising the financial system. I mean it’s 2 trends, right? It’s
like investment. You can make commissions for marketing an investment program
tapping into a 27 trillion dollar industry. And you’re getting to
take advantage of crypto. In the crypto trend which you know I’m not big into
crypto investing but I believe that this is a marketplace that is not going away.
You know, you see Facebook’s Libre coin and all this stuff happening. It’s
definitely something that is going to happen no matter what and you can be a
part of it. Take a zero risk and just by marketing this program. So now, how do you
market this program? Well, they actually give you some information in here. And
you can check out the top 20 performing keywords here. Getting a blog
ranked in Google search is a really good way to reach this demographic, right?
People are searching for gold 401k rollover. Gold investment companies.
Invest in Bitcoin. Investing in Bitcoin. How to invest in cryptocurrency. You can
create videos or articles or posts about these sorts of topics and try to rank in
Google. There’s a many other methods but this is just one method that you could
use to in front of these people to get these
huge Commission’s. Now, let’s check out the data profile analysis and understand
a little bit about who these people are. Regal Assets has done a very good job of
putting together information about their customer base. So, one thing you’ll notice
here is the customer base is predominantly older. It’s 55 and up. So
we’ll see right here, we have 55 to 75 plus years old. So, people over the age of
55 are the ones that have money in their retirement accounts or in their
investment accounts which really makes sense and that’s who we’re targeting.
Look, young people are not the ones that have you know the big money where you
can make $90,000 from a single Commission. And if we look here,
you know, these are… These are generally speaking… You know, they’re not goober
rich people. So they’re making between 60 to 200 thousand dollars per year, okay? So,
we have this kind of mix of people. Kind of in the upper middle class right there,
okay? And if we go down further, we can see you know, the audience is primarily
Caucasian. Primarily suburban and also let’s look down here. And we see the
audience is primarily Republican. So, this gives us a better idea of who we’re
advertising to. And there’s a lot more information in here but I’m not gonna go
too much deeper into here because I don’t have a lot of time. But I hope this
has educated you a little bit about how you can make massive commissions from
one single click by tapping into this market. Now, if you want to get started
with this affiliate program, you could actually click the link below this video
in the description and sign up for regal assets wealth partners. They just
launched the program or they relaunched the program, so to speak. And this was the
program which I actually used to quit my job back in 2012. Which is kind of nuts
that they relaunched this affiliate program. And now other people have the
opportunity to take part in it. So, I encourage you.
Check it out. If you’re looking for big commissions tap it a huge source of
wealth, go where the money is at.


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